Dramacow Joshua O'Donnell Idehen / BeninCitizen / JosDidIt / IdeheniButts - Fuckboy Britbong Musician, Sarah Butts Defense Force, Douchebag; Thinks Cuphead is Racist

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Meet Joshua Idehen, musician and spoken word poet. He's also notable for being a spastic embarrassment who gets triggered when you point out that a pedophile is a bad person.


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Private FB
WordPress (old)
WeAreBeninCity Twitter
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https://twitter.com/BeninCitizen/status/935982402241028097 (http://archive.md/tJITH)

Josh Idehen should be a familiar name if you followed the Sarah Nyberg saga. Idehen was one of the most fervent members of the Sarah Nyberg Pedophile Defense Force. We have threads on other individuals in this group of people as well.

Like MagicNanners of the Rat King, he changed his display name on twitter to be a reference to Sarah during the height of the controversy after it was revealed she was a pedophile.

Aside from Sarah he follows other notable "anti-GamerGate" hypocrites and lolcows: Brianna Wu, Graham "Glinner" Linehan, Zoe Quinn, MovieBob, and Katherine Cross. You probably get the point, massive asskisser associating with the kind of people @Jaimas is an expert on.

Even after all these years he's still doing the same shit so time for him to join the ranks of his fellow autisms who still think a hashtag is a culture war.

Dramacow Behaviour
He's notably for being a complete jerkass to people, especially rape victims if they have the wrong opinions on an autistic vidya slappy on the internet.

The Rape Victim shaming mini-saga: In which he cynically states GG only helps rape victims as a PR stunt. Claims that people use status as a rape victim to shut down criticism. Now where did I hear that one before?
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3


Some further twitter notes
Calling himself a woman, and black GGers Uncle Tom

Fond of the term "fuckboy"
Fond of "Uncle Tom" too
Uncle Tom 2: Plantation Boogaloo
I bet you thought above was a joke, no he actually says this at one point
"Acclaimed" musician getting into bitchfight over follow counts
Nobody of note cares about your side either, Iddy
Interjects into a convo one of his "harassers" was in, committing harassment
ur dad lol
Crossover with Tariq "Necrophilia is Cool" Moosa
More Goober slappies
Even more goober slappies
Slappy feat. Milo and Ian Miles Cheong
Nyberg and Moviebob supporting Sheep calling the GamerGoblin Black

His Tumblr isn't any better
Wants you to die if you pirate his music
"Save it for tissues to wipe your man tears"
Flipping off a magazine
Gee that isn't very PC Joshua
ow the edge

"What I learned in 2014"
Poem 8
Poem 11
Poem 12

And I save the best for last.
This dude wrote a GAMERGATE poem.
The game is Depression Quest
It’s a stealth game
You are in hiding.
You cannot go home.
Gamergate is a neckbeard for Ethics
Gamergate is unkillable. Because Until The End.
It has been two months.
Your sofa back home is straining to remember the curves you left when you last laid on on its belly
touch screen to block
press okay to engage with dogpile.
Dogs poop everywhere. Wish you did not pozload my neghole.
Cutscene: Your ex is in a bathroom with no light on.
He says to himself ‘I regret nothing.’
He cannot see if his reflection agree.
You are the Quinn that launched a thousand clicks
Beware the gamer bearing tweets
Touch screen to block
Press Y to wonder what you did wrong
Press X twice for answer
Cutscene: Cheshire Cat preaches to a mischief of mice on the value of vegetarianism
Cat has blood in its lips.
Mice say ’That has yesterday. He’s changed.
It has been two months.
Depression Quest is a rougelike.
The topics are procedural.
Your name is user generated.
You try to fight gamergate
Gamergate is gas. You cannot punch gas. Anyway, you miss.
You try again anyway.
'That wasn’t us.’ Gamergate responds, 'you whore.’
You cannot kill gamergate yet. It is not the end yet. Because Ethics.
Cutscene: Neckbeard army dials into battle
keyboards and shields at the ready.
The shield is an actual non-caucasian. It is not your shield.
touch screen to block
This is just a game
It has been two months
Quit: Y/N
Lol, you can’t quit.
The game is co-op
Enter Brianna.
Enter Anita
Depression Quest is the worlds first online co-op starting three female main protagonists.
You look surprised.
Side Mission: Steal all the games. All of them. Steal them and never give them back.
You do no want the side mission.
The side mission is free DLC.
The harassment is free DLC
The Doxxing is DRM
touch screen to block
You are trying to decipher a code
But I’m a nice guy You Fucking Bitch'
It’s too dangerous to go alone, take some collusion
You slept with five guys
Do a biased roll!
Y didn’t you sleep with me?
touch screen to block
Gawker flung a fireball at Gamergate
Gamergate burst into a bevy of twitter birds
so many they blotted out the sun
Its been five months
It is still a game.
Depression Quest is Depression
10/10 Objective review.
You are still in hiding.
You jacket is studded
Your humour is black
Enter dialogue tree with NBC
Choose: 'I’m still here.’
touch screen to block
touch screen to block
touch screen to block

Modern Era Idehen
As I said at the start of this post, he really isn't any different than he was at the start of the Autism Holy War, except now he has a blue twitter checkmark now.

He's a foreigner ranting about how bad America is from his apartment all the way across the atlantic ocean.

This one is so massively ironic I'll let it speak for itself

Still cares about Anita Sarkeesian too.

He likes Jim Sterling and shooting nazis


His new years resolution is either "don't feed the trolls" or "lock myself in the echochamber with Steve Shives", its hard to tell.

Thinks an entire political party is full of nazi sympathizers

and finally cow crossover with Maryne

I look forward to when his bandmates or some random groupie accuses him of sexual harassment.
As always, sember fidoodles cwckiforum.


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Oh fucking Christ, this incident.

I seriously cannot believe that anyone in Anti-GG unironically attempted to claim that this particular incident made Anti-GG look good. It's probably one of the most legendary occasions of Arthur Chu being an absolute motherfucker, and there's no way for he and his buddies to spin this one. Truly, Joshua is a rare breed.

All right, so for the uninitiated, the previously-mentioned rape was when a friend of Mercedes Carrera (and a fellow porn starlet), Cyrethea, was fucking raped in front of her kids and husband, who her attackers held at gunpoint. Mercedes helped start a charity drive for her, only to be attacked by the ever-so-brave Arthur Chu because Mercedes is pro-Gamergate and sympathetic GG supporters donated to said charity drive. In a very rare moment of both sides deciding "fuck this guy," Chu was fucking lambasted by his own side for this shit. Indeed, while most Anti-GGers saw this and were fucking aghast, a rare subset (read: Joshy) doubled down and refused to acknowledge any wrongdoing on Chu's part. In the end, Chu was forced to publicly apologize (with a non-apology of course) by his own side. Joshua, not burdened with such silly things as restraint, kept going anyway, claiming that GG had only supported a rape victim's charity campaign because public relations, because obviously when you think of a hashtag consumer campaign that drips with fucking anipathy and acrimony for what the fuck the mainstream press thinks, you think of someone who cares about PR.

Still, Chu started this nonsense of claiming GG supporters had "weaponized" charity, and you'd better fucking believe Anti-GG latched onto that. In truth, GG donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to various charities during its boycott campaigns, including Child's Play, UNICEF, the American Suicide Prevention Organization, and The Center for Bullying Prevention. Perhaps best-known is their original donation drive to save The Fine Young Capitalists after Zoe Quinn and Maya Kramer got the feminist group's game jam shut down and DDOSed it to prevent it from recovering. 4chan's branch of GG alone donated over $65,000, essentially making up for all the money that got pulled and quite literally saving TFYC.

It's very interesting to note that while GG donated well over half a million dollars over multiple funding drives to various charities, Anti-GG didn't chip in a red cent to any cause that wasn't themselves (including Patreons and Feminist Frequency) and their autistic orbiters.

HG 400

Jamie Walton is a good person and American hero and anyone who defames an anti sex-trafficking organisation because of their autistic video-game twitter slapfight should probably just stop, think about what they're doing, and take a step back. Into traffic.

Feline Darkmage

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I decided to check in on Jos because it's black history month and so I have a very special cap dump.

rooting for us.PNG


I think Josh would prefer to be called a nigger.



I don't know what he even means by this

Still trying to be a poet


Still mad at Gamers
fuck gamers.PNG

Wait, whats this, he's a gamer? I'm noticing a pattern here.
black woman.PNG


lol Samantha Bee

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