• “We paied them 1300 and i think they doxxed me”

Joshua Wise & Stephen Boyd, the Chris-Chan Extortionistsand the End of Evangelion

Discussion in 'Christian Weston Chandler' started by Null, Jul 11, 2018.

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  2. The issue for me is agency and explicitness.

    They should explicitly lay out which bills are whose, and to what degree. Then split it up. And if Chris wants to help out Barb with her half, whether out of kindness, or even necessity (because if Barb goes under, the house goes under), at least everyone involved knows where they stand.

    Barb has 2-3x the credit card debt that Chris does, for example. In the past, she's used Chris' credit card to pay down her debt. She gives him goofy explanations, with few actual numbers, about what she's paying for and why.

    It should be all out on the table.
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  3. I don't see how families divide up expenses between themselves being any one else's business. And I don't think either Chris or Barb are fit to handle their own finances, much yet the duties and stresses of living on their own. I think they should both be in homes where they can be better taken care of.

    No. No one is going to take this on. Someone will send $50 for an autographed bit of the hoard. Someone will give Chris help to get to Pony Con. Someone will send some money for a shout out video. That is what we do. It won't help what Chris is facing. Chris needs more help than fans can give him. He will soon have no family left and no where to live. That's the problem and we can't solve that for him. Focusing on trying to punish people who punished Chris is focusing on the problems of the past. It won't do anything for the problems in his future, except to further distract him and delay him getting real help.
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  4. Unless you get a motivated cop and/or prosecutor, there's not much that can be done at this point, unfortunately.

    And since most cops and law professionals despise internet-centric cases, it's gonna be a long shot finding anyone...

    Since you've acknowledged that the idea of an anti-CWCville weapon on the moon is kinda hilarious, do you have the picture they used of this moon-weapon?
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  5. The ghost of Rob hangs around this legal quagmire.
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  6. I remember a lot of trolls failing to get Chris to do certain things. Bettering his life, for instance. Wasn't there some girl who archived his videos who tried repeatedly to help him and gave up after several months? While it is possible to get Chris to do stupid things, in the end, he's always the one who chooses to do them. I'd say he's not as malleable as, say, crazy Gail.

    Edit: the girl I'm talking about went by the name Vivian G, I think.
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  7. Its never bothered me that there was troll involvement. Do people feel like movies less because the actors arenta really heros? I've been bothered by the old school trolls shitting on everybody that followed and then getting a case of trolls remorse. If Chris were smart enough he could have had a lot of "christorical figures" charged but nobody was jumping to help him then. I guess it's good he is taking action now but from the perspective of seeing somebody get burned will be funny.

    One clarification. If it's really a reverse mortgage why aren't any of Chris's "guardian angels" explaining that there is no mortgage payment? The entire point of a reverse mortgage is to fund retirement through the equity in your home. His 900 per month is going to something else.
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  8. They sound more like Bluespike wannabes than A-Logs. An A-Log (like Hirtes for example) would look at all this and laugh with glee over the idea of Chris getting blackmailed out of six grand.

    It sounds to me like Wise tried his hand at trolling Chris, was amazed it worked, and thought "Gee, how come nobody's thought about extorting the ever loving fuck out of him?"

    The answer of course is because even his most notorious trolls knew there were lines one simply didn't cross.
    Oh fuck yes. Maybe now Chris will be more open to the idea of filing a few reports.
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  9. And that's what makes this a dangerous situation. It might have been coerced, it may have been under duress, but he still punched Barb. There has to be legitimate concern about whether he could be talked into harming her in other ways. The line between neglect and abuse has now been crossed and that can't be ignored.
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  10. They're both disability. One is a welfare program. The one Chris is on is an insurance program, paid for by Bob's own employment taxes. Since Chris got on the program while Bob was still alive and he was a minor, he got grandfathered in as an adult.
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  11. Because the reverse mortgage story doesn't make sense. The house was mortgaged for $130,000 in 2009. There is no way they paid off $130,000 prior to Bob's death in 2011.

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  12. in this thread and others, some people have expressed a black and white perspective on care: either it’s in a home for either of them or it’s complete independence. I just wanted to mention that there are many, many options in between, including forms of in-home care. Of course the biggest deciding factor is money.

    Within in-home care there are a variety of options. Chris and barb don’t need 24/7 care, so a much cheaper option that is potentially covered or partially covered by a social program, is an in-home care worker a few times a week. Their job could include tasks like making sure they are keeping up with hygiene, food, help run errands, and monitor their health. I don’t know about VA, but I’m aware of independent living programs here where someone like Chris would have a roommate who is a live-In helper and gets their rent covered plus pay. There are many other options out there with a variety of care and independence levels.

    TLDR: if you don’t actually know anything, naysaying isn’t helpful
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  13. Oh please, do yourself a favour and watch the movie. They actually did a movie of the chick tract and it's beautiful.
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  14. He probably could be, yes. Things get dangerous when bad people hold control over him.

    Several "sweethearts" actually tried to help him out somewhat, not all his trolls were terrible people. But if someone got him to punch Barb, yeah, maybe we ought to be worried.
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  15. Up to a point.

    If we're talking ordinary family dynamics sure. But then there's barefoot child bride / sharia law esque shit.

    Chris is somewhere between those two situations. Not barefoot child bride, but certainly not a normal, family dynamics situation.

    Barb screeching and wrecking his room when he wouldn't sleep in her bedroom with him comes to mind.
    The people trying to better his life didn't know what they were doing. Troll manipulation of Chris got substantially better over time, but at the same time, no one wanting to better Chris managed to get his ear. Only people who wanted him to do something funny on stage.

    He's not crazy Gail because he's not schizophrenic. But that's the main distinction I can think of.

    Chris did not have free will in a meaningful sense during the trolling.
    I'm not bothered by troll involvement, per se. Troll involvement is largely necessary for internet Chris to be funny. At least to the extent that people have come to expect.

    I think I'm the only major old school troll that's still around. I presume you mean me?

    I don't critique people who troll Chris for moral reasons. Because I've trolled Chris, obviously.

    I critique their technique. They have a "hilarious" idea for what Chris should do. Instead of setting Chris up in a situation, and letting his natural humor flow. They always put the cart before the horse.
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  16. So since no one else is going to ask it, I guess I will. Does the blackmail for the forced porn watching and forced prostitution tweets have enough evidence to count as sexual battery? Chris never consented to the acts of his own will, but did so under threat. Maybe there’s a case there?

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  17. Ahem.

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  18. It doesn't matter how they got it, but if they had a video of him admitting to being a pedophile and then threatened to expose it unless given money, that's blackmail. I don't know why people think it's somehow less illegal that you did it to a mentally disabled individual. That makes it an even bigger crime, because now you're also abusing a disabled adult.
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  19. So, Bob, despite his issues, tried to provide a sort of living for Chris. Barb decides to shitcan all that and reverse mortage the fucking house based on commercials on daytime TV. Then Chris is fucked with by people who extort him for thousands.

    Jesus. I don't like Chris but fuck, that's not cool. While the extortion is bad, Barb trading in any hope of a future for more Goodwill crap is actually more insidious. I mean, it's all bad but at least Bob tried. Barb doesn't give a fuck.

    Christ. We all should have known this would happen eventually. Wrong person, right time sorta thing. Worse, when Barb dies the house goes bye and Chris has nothing to show for it.
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