Culture Joy Behar: Don't tell Americans before you take their guns - Alex Jones was right all along, we should have listened to the modern day Bill Hicks


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What I really, really don’t like is how flagrantly the Constitution is ignored in this stuff. You want gun control, fine. I’m not one to stop you from thinking that, but we need to understand that the Constitution is the highest writ of law we have here.
I know it’s a living document and all that, but the Second hasn’t been changed in any way, shape, or form. And the fucking Supreme Court isn’t taking any of the gun cases I want, so nothing’s being done about states just ignoring the Constitution.
I bet the Constitution would suddenly be very important if it was the 19th being ignored, not the 2nd and 1st. But that’s just conjecture.

If they rule in favor of the NY State Rifle & Pistol Assn it'll be the kill shot (pun intended) for a lot of unconstitutional gun control laws not just in NY state, but around the country. Precedent and all that.


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There's no fear-mongering in saying this, every Democratic candidate has explicitly stated they're going to tighten gun regulations when they come to office. Most, if not all, support banning "assault weapons".
Thing is though that it's worth fear mongering over. Not for the guns itself, at least not me, but the fact that people want the Democrats to just one day violate the constitution for "the greater good" and see no issue in something like that.
I love to ramble on about Clown World but how long before other things get implemented "for the greater good"? Like the next time a democrat is elected 'temporarily' removing the 4 year period of a president until 'the Republican party stops being so evil' or removing the 1st amendment or whatever. Talk like this sets a bad precedent and the fact that more and more people are falling into this due to the media blowing it out of proportion and people's addiction to identity politics is a really bad sign.

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So libs, next time a conservative says they won't support any democrat because they're gun grabbers, this is why. We know this is what you want. The ACA was also celebrated by the elite for being a huge trick played on the public.

We remember this shit. We remember no democrat saying "no, that would be wrong"

Joy Behar is a spectacular moron, she says the shit the rest of the media idiots know to not say in public.

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New strategy for my upcoming entrance into the political sphere:

step 1) pretend to be ultra-woke nu-liberal millennial
step 2) get elected
step 3) ban abortion and begin statewide pro-white birth program
No no, politicians misleading their voters and going against their wishes is bad when it happens to us.

So take peoples property without a law?

So Joy wants cops to be killed for stealing?
It's worse than without a law. It's a direct violation of two of our most important constitutional rights, regardless of any law that may be passed.

If you factor in ERPO (Red Flag confiscation laws), those break a total of definitely three, and possibly four, as they allow for gun confiscation based on things you've said.

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