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Y’all are attracted to me, lez be real here
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This is not how you run a whorehouse
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That song is rubbish and so is the vid, which, far from being “soft,” is nothing but women writhing and making moaning faces and rubbing all over each other, while a man uses a watermelon as a metaphor for eating women out.

Also it’s a white cis male surrounded by a harem of beautiful skinny women wriggling and pawing all over him. But naaaahhhhh you’re not a desperate fatty who gets wet when Harry sings “I want your belly” like he’s actually talking about a fat woman. You’re a strong queer womyn who is dedicated to ridding the world of the toxic male gaze, which ironically this video both lampoons and embraces at the same time.

We get it Judy, you’re straight and horny. Keep it to yourself.


Guards! To the Mathmos with this winged fruitcake.
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Animal Crossing is basically a chore simulator, so it's amuzing that a lazy ass like Jude enjoys it.

Apparently she's got a boyfriend simulator in Cloud, so now all she needs a job simulator and her life will be complete.

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She's fangirling over two white guys who are former boyband members. So queer, so subversive. Harry Styles at least is queerbaiting hardcore (but is still a straight dude), but Nick Jonas literally wore a purity ring and was in the most PG boyband ever. Jude is mentally a teenage girl, and a completely straight one, too.


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Yeah, and it was super boring. Also, she says that she’s creative, but she can’t be bothered to come up with her own ideas.
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TIL a parody of the crossing of the Delaware River means colonialism and genocide.
I tried to watch her last two saved streamed animal crossings and it put my ass to sleep. Jude needs to watch someone like TagbackTV and get some pointers on how not to suck ass. Or really any of the YT who upload AC videos. Pick any one and they are worlds better than her
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She's fangirling over two white guys who are former boyband members. So queer, so subversive. Harry Styles at least is queerbaiting hardcore (but is still a straight dude), but Nick Jonas literally wore a purity ring and was in the most PG boyband ever. Jude is mentally a teenage girl, and a completely straight one, too.
Yep, and it’s absolute insanity how these types will go to bat for each other if they’re called out for trying to use the LGBT community for brownie points in the oppression olympics. “You can’t tell someone else what their sexuality/gender/nonsense is!” But let someone try to pretend to be another race and they lose their minds. It’s just a big pile of hypocrisy.


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Jude, please, stop it with the tongue...
16 people watching her stream. Wow, how does she do it??? /s

Once again, Jude the "professional photographer" takes and posts a picture that looks bad even by the standards of ordinary people sharing cameraphone pics with friends online, but is ridiculous from a so-called professional. The toast isn't even centered in the picture, the plate is neither centered nor entirely visible...FFS, Jude.

Modern-history nerd post: Food photography on a professional level -- photographing food so it actually looks appealing and appetizing -- genuinely is more difficult than taking ordinary still-life pictures of things. If you talk to anyone who takes advertising/catalog pictures for a living, they'll confirm this: with the right lighting and equipment (plus the bare minimum awareness necessary to do things like "Remove all the background clutter before you take the picture, and make the damn bed if it's visible in the background, and center the object of the photo"), it's easy to take an attractive photo of something like "this year's Hickory Farms jam jars and cracker boxes," but much harder to take an attractive, appealing, appetizing photo of that same jam actually spread on those crackers.

This difficulty with food photography was especially true before digital cameras with lots of computerized assistance became available, and made photography overall much cheaper and easier. And before certain improvements in color film before that. If you look at old cookbooks or recipe magazines from the 1970s or earlier, with color photo illustrations, it's especially noticeable: good luck finding any photo of prepared food that actually looks appetizing. Even if you arrange food in a way that "looks nice" for real-world use -- for example, you're having a party in the 1970s, you made a bunch of deviled eggs for the refreshments table, and you take the time to attractively arrange them on a decorative platter first -- however appealing the actual eggs look to your party guests, you'll have a hell of a time using 1970s camera technology to take a good-looking picture of the eggs.

Even with today's cameras, food is often hard to photograph because many foods (especially many common "home cooking" items) break a lot of the "rules" necessary for something to be a good photography subject. Any sort of paste, pate or spread (including guacamole/mashed avocado), however tasty it might be IRL, can look in a photo too much like slime, vomit or other viscerally unpleasant things, plus there's differences in the actual shape of the spread on its surface. Many red sauces, or red jams/jellies/preserves/marmalades, can too-easily look like blood and gore, especially in a photo where the lighting, angle AND context are all different from the real thing. Chocolate/cocoa sauces, and many baked, mashed or stewed beans, can look like certain nasty digestive by-products. A hearty, delicious beef-and-veg stew, when photographed, looks like a bowl of muddy garbage. Et cetera.

One other thing I notice -- testament to Jude's bad eye for photography AND lazy/slothful lifestyle: if you DO attempt attractive-food photos, using "a real plate, preferably clean" will look much better than using "a wrinkled paper plate with crumbs and a big grease spot." And if you're eating at home, which Jude presumably is, then unless you're currently suffering a utility shortage including "no hot water or dishwasher to wash dishes," using a regular plate is cheaper AND better for the environment than using disposable plates, whether the plate is a photo prop or not.

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Today's stream was low energy and probably one of her worst overall. You could tell she was not having fun, was not enjoying it and is frustrated with her numbers.

And she literally shrieks like a like a toddler when things don't go her way and thinks it's cute. I don't get it. Did her friends in undergrad encourage this shit? Did she do it with her profs?

Actual quote: "if you have friends you love enough, to share this space with, invite them".
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