Snowflake Jude Valentin / Judy Valentin / MermaidQueenJude / MerQueenJude - Professional complainer, hates thin people, obese

She forgot to mention that she'd like it in Manhattan with roomates that don't make noise and preferrably queer. Bonus points for roommates who have their own car, they will be compensated with shitty photography and tarot readings.

Imagine being this bitch's roommate. I had an experience with someone VERY similar and the proximity wasn't roommates and it was more than enough for me.


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She’s one of the choosiest beggars I’ve come across. I guarantee that even if she were able to make this pipe dream a reality, I don’t think she would deal very well with the limited space. Also, many apartments have strict pet policies. If Jude were the only one in the group with a cat, she’d be expected to pay more rent in order to keep the cat. Also, Jude has no steady income and any landlord would be weary of her because of that. Until she gets a steady normie job, she cannot expect to get an apartment to share with other people. The only way this could possibly happen without a job would be Jude’s parents paying her share of the rent money.

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She's such an idiot, in so many ways, and adopting a new cat when she knew she wanted to move out is one of those ways.

Trying to find an apartment, or even a room, when you're already far from a "perfect" applicant, is hard enough. Add a pet to the mix, and it gets much, much harder. Been there, done that.

If Jude had any sense at all--well, fuck, she wouldn't be Jude, so why even go there?

Alright. Noo Yawk here. This girl is full of shit. If she really does live on Bushwick Ave, she lives within walking distance of Williamsburg, where Iowan hipsters pay $2K+ to live in 1984-looking hovels perched above their fave vegan brunch spot. People. Kill. To. Live. There. Williamsburg is where wannabe queer fat QTPOC artists live, not Manhattan. Hell, Manhattan is downright LAME in comparison. While her block may be rough (it's by the Sumner Houses), hipsters will live in fucking Crown Heights and Flatbush to be near Williamsburg. I once heard of a gender special hunting for a room in goddamn East New York, a warzone. Of course, you could live safely & happily in Bensonhurst or Bay Ridge, but they're not ~cool, you see.

To reiterate: dangerhairs will risk getting fucking raped and mugged in Canarsie just to be near where Jude lives, and she doesn't even pay rent. Mark my words, she's a con. She's not moving, ever. She's hedging her bets that her meager audience of 6-7 Nebraskan SJWs don't know jack shit about New York.

Bitch lives next to a bougie ~small plate~ breakfast joint named (I kid you not) The Awkward Scone. Enough said.

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But which situation does she have control over -- the stocking decisions of companies or her own body? Sure, you can be mad, but that isn't going to actually change anything. The fact is that it is not profitable to stock that many extremely large sizes. Most people fall within the 0 - 24 size range. Those outside that range aren't a big enough demographic to warrant taking on inventory since they won't really sell that many of them. And, let's be honest here, a lot of brands don't want very obese people in their clothing because it is almost impossible for an obese person to look good in the clothing. They especially don't want it plastered all over social media. They want the thin, beautiful people to instagram their clothing because they want people thinking that buying that clothing will make them look like (and maybe even live like) those beautiful people. When you see what a fat person looks like in the clothing -- it ruins the illusion because people will see that it isn't the clothing that makes the person after all.

The sensible thing to do is to work on what you can personally control. That means losing weight. You can still advocate for greater inclusivity if you want, but if you really want to wear cute clothing while you are still young, the only option is losing the weight.

And these girls need to realize that as you age, maintaining or losing weight is even harder. Plus, the skin doesn't bounce back as easily so you end up with more loose skin than you would if you lost the weight when you're young. If they think they have back and joint problems now -- just wait until they are 50 and the natural aches and pains of old age hit. They are going to be bedridden and in serious pain if they don't lose some weight now. That's if they even make it to 50.

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Those outside that range aren't a big enough demographic to warrant taking on inventory since they won't really sell that many of them.
I think because these FAs only surround themselves with other FAs, they think they make up a greater demographic than they do. They refuse to recognize that the average person in the states, while overweight, is not morbidly obese.

God I dont even think onision has reached this level of narc.
This is uncharted territory levels of narcissism. Imagine being so self-absorbed that you would have art on your walls of only you. Not your family. Not your friends. Not your stupid cat, but only you. That's the most meta description of an echo chamber I've ever heard of.

Also, it will never happen because Jude will never be able to move out because she's a lazy cunt who refuses to grow up and work.

Also, you can be a Leo and not be a narc fuck. It's not your legacy, you twat.

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