Inactive Julie Terryberry - Canadian Autist Living in a Shed II

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Gonna nip this in the bud now, We won't delete the thread if she in fact killed herself, at most a lock because a dead person has no content; after a week or two of discussion in the thread of course. We will need an actual confirmation because lolcows have faked death plenty of times while being smarter than julie.


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It's not fake, I wish you guys would believe me, I wish I could go into more details on why you should.
The reason we don't believe you is because you come here preemptively with no reason for us to believe you other than to take your word for it. You come across as trying to bait some kind of regretful or fearful response to her alleged suicide. You could have waited a bit longer for at least some article to be written, some sort of obituary, or even a Facebook post from a relative. Until any of these crop up, no one is going to take your word for it and no one will give you the response you seem to want.
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