Inactive Julie Terryberry - Canadian Autist Living in a Shed II

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You guys can fucking piss off. Your all horrible people minus some like tattoo-mamma. yes I may have liked using Julie in a BDSM type lifestyle but we truly cared for one another. Julie messaged me two nights ago saying she would still message me and say she loves me and such and understood I may not return it. I saw the same post that tattooed mamma is showing you and I started to panic as I have not heard from Julie in well over 24 hours and now I fear its true. I am sitting here in tears because I never wanted Julie to harm herself she was getting so much better when i was with her and now shes gone. You guys are clowns and should be ashamed of yourselves. That is all I am saying on this subject. I have to go pay my respects. I will not be giving the decency of responding to any fucking bullshit responses to this
This is all very affecting, but would be much easier to believe if you hadn't blatantly lied about other stuff regarding Julie. Although if you are in fact @tattooedmomma1979, then well done you for setting up a long con.


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I have received what I consider to be corroboration. It is still possible, albeit unlikely that this is a hoax but at this point I consider it to be true.

Despite popular opinion no one here wanted this to happen and I do not consider any of us to blame.

Julie Terryberry was a troubled cam girl with deep problems. her life was a fascinating car crash that horrified and intrigued users here for months.

Had her own family paid half as much attention to her as this thread did this would not have happened. The fact that detailed pictures of her slitting her throat for attention were published and yet none of them thought to contact the police is horrible negligence. They should feel ashamed.

That said a family should be left to grieve and reflect in peace. And they do need to reflect. Deeply.

I offer the Kiwi farm's sincere condolences to her family, but i will not retract or apologise for my comments on their negligence.

i will be locking this thread as alogging of suicides is in excessively poor taste and better suited to teenagers on 4chan. There is little more to be said on the subject.

Rest In Peace Julie.

what a waste.

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