July road trip 2015 - can we crash at your house? do you live near new england? hit us up -

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rob here really quick commanders AWOL but just a quick bulletin

if you live anywhere within this area and you are willing to let the WDG team crash at your house for a day during mid to late July while we do a road trip please send an email to deaglenationofficial@gmail.com with the word "safehouse" in the subject line along with your address and phone # (so we can keep in touch and let you know when we'll be swingin by, we WILL give you several days notice!!!!!!!!!!!) we obviously won't disclose either and will in fact keep said information in a 256-bit SHA encrypted fingerprint-locked burn safe in the trunk of our vehicle and swear a vow of silence because we aren't 4chan script kiddies looking for epic wins and doxxing the people who support us and allow us to do our work. our # of people coming with us is still up in the air but it will be between 2-5 of THE WRITERS. please dont fuck with us and give us the address of a bed bath and beyond instead of your house or else we'll have to break into the bed bath and beyond and sleep in one of the bathtubs and probably get arrested and jan will have to go back to jail. if you let us stay at your house we'll give you free merch or something as a souvenir or an autograph or something like that maybe a prop from one of our videos like one of tyce's baseball cards with oregano in it and his name written on it in crayon and mispelled which if you think about it is a pretty fair trade for letting a bunch of mentally ill internet strangers stay in your house for free and having to explain to your family why there's a guy sleeping on the floor constantly murmuring racial slurs in between snoring

we are also very willing to arrange fan meets and stuff if anyones interested or if we have time. the only condition is we have to meet at a mcdonalds. this is non negotiable and is for religious reasons. we dont know if jan is coming with us yet or not for a variety of reasons but we're still in the early planning phases right now. thats it


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Every day during July I will email images of the safehouse from Payday 2 just to see how long it takes to extend my case file at the NSA headquarters by another 10 megabytes. That and dinosaurs.


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I live in Texas but I know someone that y'all know that would probably love to house you for however long.

edit: I know you said anywhere in that map area but does that include Canada? He lives not too far over the Ontario - New York border.
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im in rhode island but i dont have a place to let you stay, sry. i took a roadtrip with friends once and you should check out airbnb if you can't get enough places.

would like to meet anyone from DN, discuss and argue the best weapons and strains of weed to use in combat against obemes alphabet agency forces

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jan doesn't have what it takes to be a real man like me. also robert is an illiterate homeless man and THE WRITERS are actually a rag tag team of neo nazi terrorists from canada who will more than likely try to use a telephone pole and strap the dead corpse of tupac shakur to it during a thunder storm in order to resurrect him to help spread the word of how jan rankowski wants your money so he can afford his MUCH NEEDED surgery to help him become a wolf so he won't have to write anymore internet comedy.


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Another Texan here, if you were headed this way I'd have a few places you could crash for a night or two most likely, but as you live in the North East I can do nothing except say 'Godspeed you Black Emperor' and if you don't know that band, look them up. They're badass.
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How far south are you trying to go? Because I live at pretty much the most southern point on that map.

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if you ever come to utah i will come to mcdonalds and i will buy you all 20 piece nuggers EACH