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JUNE 13th 2018 the truth....

Discussion in 'Amberlynn Reid' started by I Hate Myself, Jun 13, 2018.

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@emspex, @Null

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  2. Is she.... is she trying to look seductive in that thumbnail?

    ETA: OK, she unironically was.
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    #2 C3PBRO, Jun 13, 2018
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  3. Awww yea, gorl, lemme see you work that Wal-Mart scooter.
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  4. The sound the scooter makes... It's working so hard to carry her around...
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  5. The dog is too fat to hop down the ledge without hurting it's tiny chihuahua legs . Put it out of it's misery.
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    HomeAloneTwo I was saying 'Boo-Urns'

  6. She's so gorgeous you guys.

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  7. Lord help us.

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  8. Everything's fat in that house. AL is fat. The gorlfriend is fat. The dog is fat. The laptop has diabetes. The damn cocmroaches are probably taking insulin shots in the walls.
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    m0rnutz Not a furry

  9. That thumbnail is the most :horrifying::horrifying::horrifying: thing I've seen in a while, and I was around for Chantal's HD phase.
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  10. Gorl, stop minimizing things.

    "I am using a scooter. It's only been recently"

    That's the same argument an alcoholic would use (or drug addict) to continue an addiction and prevent their enablers from cutting ties.

    "Well I am drinking a lot, but it's only been recently"
    "I am doing X amount of heroin a day, but it's only been recently"

    The point is that she's heavy enough that she's unable to walk around comfortably, without getting exhausted, sore etc, while she is shopping for cloths and groceries....which in reality is not that long a period of time (I know I know, for her it is. But still.) How long before she's completely immobile?

    And she seems to think that saying "I know I'm gonna get a lot of hate for it" constantly justifies her excuses.
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  11. You think when she's bed bound in 5 years she'll look back a picture of her smirking and mean mugging the camera in a mobility scooter (at 27 mind you) with any regret?
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  12. It only took getting caught like 5 times before admitting using a scooter. Then she talked about how she's going to get hate for it... I really wouldn't care if there wasn't lying, like deceptive editing to try and hide it. She didn't have a cough all the other times she was on it. This is a play for pity now that it can't be hidden anymore.

    It's pretty gross for anyone to enjoy looking at their own face that much, and she lacks the self awareness to edit it out of the video.
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    sperginity crescent fresh
    True & Honest Fan

  13. That poor scooter, it's see some shit:

    I wish some people aka "fatties" could walk and not use those things.
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    Quijibo69 Islamic Content

  14. Looks like she's going to pile the makeup on from now on. Lots of kissy duck faces... I guess it's a little entertaining.
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  15. I’m cackling at the scooter POV. I had to stop watching at this point. We already know she’s been using it every time she goes to Walmart. Every goddamn video is at that same low angle when they go there. Don’t bullshit us. Honesty is the best policy BEFORE you start trying to deceive. After that it’s just admitting you were lying.
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    pickleniggo pickle enthusiast

  16. Anyone else clock these neck rings? I think the chokers are meant to obscure it.

    Screenshot_20180613-103958.png Screenshot_20180613-104016.png
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    #16 sperginity, Jun 13, 2018
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    sperginity crescent fresh
    True & Honest Fan

  17. They dropped $60 bucks a chinese buffet, Necky is rocking Blink 182 shirts that make her look like a sex toy shape and AL is a 27 year old in a mobility scooter.

    Kentucky ain't sending us their finest.
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  18. Their entire day;
    1. waking up at noon (:optimistic:)
    2. going to a Chinese buffet
    3. going straight from the buffet to Wal-Mart to buy stickers and whatever binge food was hidden under the sweatshop cardigans
    4. eating again at the Burger King inside the Wal-Mart for 2 hours (ETA: Amberlynn was using the scooter to hold her shopping that whole time instead of returning it so someone else could use it)
    5. heading straight from BK to a movie
    6. movie snacks and after-movie dinner is undisclosed
    And at some point during the day Becky put on this shirt, looked at herself, and decided it fits and looks good enough on her to wear around people.
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    #18 C3PBRO, Jun 13, 2018
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  19. wow the fact that she said Hereditary was just "ok" yet thought that Annabelle movie months ago was "so good" just shows how stupid she is.
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    strawberryjam spread me on toast

  20. Our gorl needs to moisturize, her face looks dry af and the make-up she's using only enhances the problem.
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