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JUNE 13th 2018 the truth....

Discussion in 'Amberlynn Reid' started by I Hate Myself, Jun 13, 2018.

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  1. Becky hates Amber but I don't care about her misery because she was dumb enough to become fully dependent on her girlfriend's youtube checks at her 20-something. They are spending time like mom and kid. Mom, can I get this cool sponegbob t-shirt? Sure, and we'll get pizza later and then you can play your video games! What a life.
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    another day another binge

    another day another binge I mean, GORL, who am I?!

  2. There's nothing dainty or cute about someone in their late 20s, who has eaten her mobility away, using a scooter. Yewchuub, is all she can physically do at this point. I wonder if Becky ever looks back at some of the pictures shes taken of AL, and thought...this pig here..
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  3. Shoving greasy fucking Chinese in their faces, using a scooter right after with her lame excuses.. which I'll post:

    "Just being bigger..Everything is harder for me. It's been harder for me to walk. My asthma has been worse and ever since I've been sick every time I walk, I cough a lot.. So I know I'm going to get a lot of hate for it, but ya know, I'm just being honest. Honesty is the best policy..."

    Bunch of dumb footage of Walmart and shopping no one needs to see.

    HUGE cokes for the both of them before a movie.. where they will both proceed to pig out in.

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  4. She’s so stupid to think anyone honestly thinks she had less than 2 plates of food at the Chinese buffet, because it’s “high in calories.” It really annoyed me at the end when she said “give me props guys, I reallyyy wanted McDonald’s but I didn’t give in!” Wtf, she had just ate Chinese buffet literally right before going to Walmart and we know she got some snacks to make it through the movie
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    Shallow_Hal Through the eyes of a chubby chaser

  5. Her cough is because she has 500lbs pressing down on her lungs and they cannot expel fluid and fight infections properly. This is something usually seen with morbidly obese elderly. It's only a matter of time before her next chest infection turns into pneumonia and she's in the hospital.
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  6. Anyone else genuinely curious as to what Becky was wanting edited out at the chinese restaurant? Also, her idea to start a garden is adorable :optimistic: :optimistic: :optimistic:

    If she needs a scooter to get around Walmart, how the fuck can she do literally anything related to gardening? I guess by "we should start a garden" she means "I think you should start a garden for me, Becky". The rascal POV is some hilarity my day really needed though, so thanks for that, gorl.

    I know that AL is beyond saving, but I really wish someone would smack some sense into Becky to lose the weight she's gained with Amber. She's not the sharpest knife in the drawer, no doubt, but she's sure as shit light years ahead of her gorlfriend.
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    aerostar88 all around me are millennial faces

  7. *screams* :cryblood:

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    WeightLossGoals We can get to 600 lbs and we WILL.

  8. The stickers, coloring books, and water bottles didn't fill the emptiness; maybe another glittery makeup bag will do it
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    Tammy Larsen

    Tammy Larsen Don't get your pubes in a tube

  9. Fuckity, fucking fuck! I'm getting mad on the internet. I know. This bitch is not cute. She passed cute 300 elbees ago. I can't even make it through her "content" with this HD shit because she is SO in love with herself. There is a massive difference between self confidence and delusion and our gorl is firmly on the latter side. I can't fucking stand her preening and posing and fucking duck facing. GORL, normal human sized people don't look cute doing that, you sure as fuck hell don't. A fucking Chinese buffet and you want for us to give you ass pats because you chose not to go to McDonald's where at least there is fucking portion control?? But, then your useless ass goes to Burger King within the fucking hour of leaving the buffet...and don't even try to pretend you didn't order food, bitch. We all know better. She's such a goddamn idiot. I've long since lost respect and sympathy for Becky. She deserves every bit of this. Every last miserable bit.
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    #29 Whatthefuck, Jun 13, 2018
    Last edited: Jun 13, 2018
  10. Imagining the reactions of people as these carnies shamble past, Amber still huffing and gasping from climbing onto the scooter, never fails to make me laugh.
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  11. Does she not remember she admitted to riding scooters almost 2 years ago?

    Bitch, this isn't a "recently type deal", this an always.
    Why does she insist on lying? And if she wanted to lose weight she would get her ass off of the scooter and walk. Use a damn walker if you have to, damn.
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  12. She always asks if Becky is excited to do stuff. I guess because Becky outwardly protrays that she really isn't happy.

    Getting new tires means you're an adult? lol okay.
    "Do you like adulting?" "No" "Me neither, actually." What in the hell do you do that equates to being an adult? Plus, no actual adult uses the stupid made up verb, "Adulting."

    When you order so much damn Chinese food you get TWO fortune cookies.

    Look at this shit.. .she really thinks she's the hottest bitch in the world
    look at this shit.png

    Yeah, ok Amber, you're coming clean about riding in a scooter at Walmart when you already got caught riding in one. Such a manipulative deceiver. So much for her Fitbit and getting in steps. Fucking mess.


    "That's why I'm trying to lose weight" she says as she sits her ass in a scooter instead of walking.

    The look of complete satisfaction with life:
    the look of complete satisfaction with life.png the look of complete satisfaction with life 2.png the look of complete satisfaction with life 3.png

    "Do you see yourself?" She asks Becky. "Aren't you just so cyuet" said sarcastically. You really help your girlfriend's self esteem there, Amber.

    Damn she has horrible skin! That's what happens when you're lazy and sleep in your make up, gorl!
    horrible skin.png

    Her cats aren't even outside cats and they're constantly trying to escape lol
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    Oh Hamburgers

    Oh Hamburgers Hey fellers!

  13. The whole Burger King portion pissed me off. There's Amber sitting there with a 1/2 gallon of diet soda and holding on to that scooter as if the world would end without it. You can't tell that bish couldn't walk from Walmart to Burger King (to sit no less) so that perhaps a real handicapped person could have access to the scooter. I've never witnessed someone so selfish in all my days. She walked at home just fine in her last video - so what's the problem? I would be so embarrassed.
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  14. Oh my fucking god the way she was eyefucking herself outside the restuaraunt before Becky came out. I would say it gave me cancer but I don't want to get ironic cancer like totalbiscuit so it gave me aids
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  15. So much for trimming poor Twinkie's nails
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    LightEmittingDiode Ages 16+, choking hazard, may contain nuts

  16. If I was security, Id tell her to get off the ride cart, as it's for people with disabilities.
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    HomeAloneTwo I was saying 'Boo-Urns'

  17. I'm pretty sure she's incapable of genuine regret, like most millennials. Sure she makes mistakes but it's just a part of her ~journey~ and she deserves to be ~happy~, except for all the things she can blame on her parents.
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    #37 Faggot Gift, Jun 13, 2018
    Last edited: Jun 13, 2018
  18. Gorl was huffing and puffing from trying to pose for her photo on the scooter. :cryblood:

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    liliput Spelled my goddamn username wrong.

  19. What an enthralling weight loss journy.
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    FigMePhilthy Weapons Grade Autism

  20. Okay, the definition is WAY TOO HIGH. My eyes.:cryblood:
    Also, because I love me some austistic rabbit holes, I was curious about the load limit on that car. Seems that the jury is out, and that the limits might actually be lower than advertised (generally about 850 lbs). This means that AL and Necky exceed the limit...just in the front end of the car. Then videos about the tires and alignment shot. As others in the thread have mentioned, could these two previous facts possibly be related?

    While poking around, I found this on a forum. It's not our own Hambingway, being a decade too early; still, it's depressing that there is more than one set of people in these circs out there:
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    Stephan Kang

    Stephan Kang 1337 confirmed kills.
    True & Honest Fan

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