Celebrity June Shannon / Mama June - Reality TV Mother that dates Sex Offender Pedos and has Gnats Living in her Foot


Guards! To the Mathmos with this winged fruitcake.
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She looks like tumblr personified. And I think June's gonna need surgery to get rid of those chins. If she's really a size 16 now and has chins that bad losing more weight may not cut it. That's years of fat assisted gravity taking its toll.
She's going to need a full body lift after losing all she has. And she'll get it free.

I heard she gets down to a size 4. Not without skin surgery she doesn't.

Hopefully, she's learned how to eat right and can convince her daughter to do the same.


Mama, nobody sends you a turd and expects to live.
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Fuck whatever network is producing this garbage. The original show was basic trash TV but the fact mama june (shudder) has another show after being revealed to be a serial pedo lover, who brought the man who raped her oldest daughter around her youngest as soon as he got out of jail is so sick it boggles the mind. They should just leave her to rot in whatever trailer park she came from and get those kids the fuck away from her. Also, all the weight loss in the world wouldn't make this cunt the least bit more attractive, she's like a sentient yeast infection in a wig.


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Ok, so I get that TLC gives shows to shitty, horrible people all the time. I've watched multiple shows based around the lowest of the low people. Goddammit, I miss "My Strange Addiction."

But whereas Here Comes Honey Boo Boo was just exploiting the wacky, gross antics of an uneducated, redneck hick family, Mama June's new show is TLC saying "hey, fuck you common decency, we're going to continue to throw money at a woman who actively and happily endangers the lives of her children! She's a vile human and we're going to encourage that! We've got freshly lowered standards, come on back Mama June!"

It's one thing to put on a freak show. It's another thing to reward degeneracy. But then again, didn't TLC recently have a Duggar spinoff show where the rapist brother and his wife pop out kids of their very own?

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I saw an episode of Honey Boo Boo where Mama June (aka the producers of the show) managed to get Alana to have a fancy lunch meeting with Miss Georgia so they could go over how to behave like a proper pageant queen and what makes a real beauty queen a star, stuff like that. The entire time, Alana was behaving like a disgusting little cow-- farting, burping, eating her boogers, chewing with her mouth open, eating with her fingers, shit that even a normal 9 year old would cringe at-- and Miss Georgia was visibly appalled. Mama June, however, was amused and thought it was the cutest thing. She even tried to explain it away as "that's just how we do, you can't try to change us".

To me, it said a lot more about Mama June than anything else. Making her lose 100+ pounds, giving her a house in Hollywood, putting her in expensive clothing and throwing money/cameras at her is basically just putting lipstick on a pig.


When she fuck me good, I take her ass to Dorsia.
But then again, didn't TLC recently have a Duggar spinoff show where the rapist brother and his wife pop out kids of their very own?
The show features his sisters (who do nothing but get knocked up) and the molesters wife makes appearances.

I guess TLC doesn't care about kids getting molested on their dime.

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I do think Alana is an intelligent and funny kid though. Born into any other family, she'd be in GATE, playing sports, and with plans to go into a STEM field. In this family, she just has to hope she doesn't get molested and that her mom doesn't spend hundreds of thousands of TV money before she enrolls in hairdressing school.
She was a cute, wacky, funny kid. I always hated when people would make fun of her, I guess expecting more mature behavior from a 7 year old? Nothing on those TLC shows is real, but you could tell she actually had some personality; if her parents weren't such a mess and let the show blow up, she probably could have kept it going and grown into one of those C-listers whose career is just being a minor celebrity and getting on reality game shows.