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Law Justice Brett Kavanaugh MegathreadMegathread for Brett Kavanaugh, US Supreme Court nominee

Discussion in 'Articles & Happenings' started by xxXDxx, Jul 9, 2018.

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  1. Right? Right? I've been trying to make that point since I first heard someone do it a couple years ago. Were they not even watching the show they took it from? It would be like if they started embracing the Death Eaters from their beloved Harry Potter books.
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  2. I'm still trying to make heads or tails of this, but I have a question. Has any other Supreme Court nominee been accused of wrongdoing and been investigated by the FBI? Is that a thing that happens?
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    Lord of the Large Pants

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    God, the mainstream media is an absolute shitshow right now. This is election night on cocaine. This is GLORIOUS.
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    PantsFreeZone Smartest monkey on the spinning space rock

  4. Someone told me Ginsberg said something about stepping down rather than serving with the Kav. Fingers crossed.
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    Mr. Manchester

    Mr. Manchester Clickity Clack

  5. Where can I watch these hearings live?

    Iwasamwillbe Nuclear Chaos, Daemon Sultan, Blind Idiot God

  6. Clarence Thomas faced similar accusations with Anita Hill, who was a liar. People, of course, still believe her anyway.
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    Secret Asshole

    True & Honest Fan

  7. lol at chuckie clymer's tranny ass playing the woman card. "AS A FEMALE I..." he types with his big hairy man hands

    kavanaugh was a prep school douchebag but he grew out of it 30 years ago, unlike his detractors who kept their snobbishness, ignorance, and naked disdain for everyone below them on the social ladder (the champions of the working class sure hate the working class when they don't vote right) well into adulthood
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    #3567 Terrorist, Oct 5, 2018
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    Terrorist Osama bin Ladkin

  8. Clarence Thomas had a long investigation in relation to the Anita Hill allegations, I believe.
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    Lou Wrong

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  9. C-Span usually has a pretty good stream
  10. The lines of morality for them has been so blurred for them lately, but more one dimensional then the show.
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    The Great Chandler

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  11. As was tried to point out several times over the last couple weeks, that's not really what the FBI does.

    Every Supreme Court nomination has had multiple FBI background checks, though, and yes, some others have been accused of wrongdoing.
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  12. Not likely, but I hope this happens just to see her get absolutely slaughtered by the Twitter mob for giving Trump a third nom so easily.
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    CWCissey Charming Man
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  13. I hope because of this horseshit that Clarence Thomas retires during Trump's second term.
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  14. There was one, but I forget his name. It was a pretty big deal at the time, it was very similar to Kavanaugh, actually.

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  15. Hearings are over, its just salt.
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    LazloChalos "It rubs the autism on it's skin"

  16. Zyklon Ben (the shoa) Garrison is going to have a field day this week.
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    Ruin Mercenary Slut
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  17. Not a chance. She'll be six weeks legally dead before she gets removed from office, and only then because the puppeteers controlling her lifeless corpse couldn't come up with something strong enough to cover the foul stench.
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  18. ....Wait a fucking second.
    @lolwut, zoom in on that.


    ....Too far, man, back up a bit. Second column, two down.


    Oh my gentle Jesus.

    Dude. Avenatti. Your reputation was already in tatters and you had the nickname "Creepy Porn Lawyer" before anyone knew a fucking thing about you involving the Kavanaugh case. Your fucking client potentially perjured herself multiple times, has claims that are not verifiable and indeed, have been contradicted multiple times by both eyewitness testimony and her own fucking testimony. You are now better-known on the internet for being scammed by /pol/ than anything legitimate you've ever done legally. Most people would call your current career path stupid. Ill-advised. Retarded, even.

    Whereas most people see a simple observation, however, you see a challenge. "YOU CALL THAT RETARDED?!" You scream, subtweeting Senator Collins and trying to hold desperately onto the tattered shreds of what dignity you think you still possess. "I'LL SHOW YOU RETARDED!!"
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  20. Not likely at all, but if this is the final nail in her coffin, she better ship herself in it to New Zealand like she said.
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    Kari Kamiya

    Kari Kamiya Wearing the skin of a dead friend.

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