Law Justice Ginsburg, 85, hospitalized after fracturing 3 ribs in fall (RGB Death Anticipation Thread) -


Interesting that it's TMZ who gets this
They are taking the piss if that is old footage that they are reposting right now.

I was pretty gutted when I thought that was recent footage. But if TMZ have just trolled us with posting old footage we're straight back to not knowing.

Not just trolling us, because Fox are reporting it as a new sighting:

I'm not a memer and nobody thinks I'm funny anyway, but a video/cartoon of a junkie doing "I don't have a Fake News problem, I can stop at anytime" is what I'd be doing right now.
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Humba Wumba
Well, today is the day where hopefully the truth comes out.

If the Court opens and she's already in her chair and never moves or speaks, and is still sitting there when everyone is ushered out, well......Weekend at Ruthie's indeed.
This is kind of dumb, if she was dead or something trump gets to pick another Justice, so I'm sure he has the best of the best sniffing around her house and rooting through her sewer pipes collecting samples of her shit to see if she is eating enough citrus

It's high stakes
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Praise the Machine Spirits
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CNN showing how hard it is to fool them.

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So the fucker could have ended the speculation once and for all but choose to not take a viral photo?

I know that was my thinking when I saw Bigfoot that one time.
If I remember correctly you’re not allowed cameras in the chamber, the same as with most other courts in session. She’s fine, she took about as long to recover as a person of her age in good condition should.

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