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Hongourable Madisha

Happy Hongukkah
Why is that dude dressed like it's 1987?
That's a woman, the hipster outfit and noncey behaviour are misleading but she's a woman nonetheless. A rare lady nonce, she's like one of those teachers who pervs on their young students.

Discussing top and bottom surgies and telling kids to go the doctor for puberty blockers on QKS.
I finally brought myself to watch it, don't know what I expected really. There's a very telling exchange between Lindsey and her furry headmate at one point:

Lindsey: "Some people don't totally feel comfortable with their bodies."
Teddy: "Oh. Then they should watch our video about body positivity!"
Lindsey: "They definitely should, Teddy. But sometimes it's a little more complicated than that."
[Doesn't elaborate and moves swiftly on]
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