IP2 Justin Schainberg / SJC / Scuffed Jim Carrey / Jewmob / ReelJustin - Autistic Failed actor , Streamer, Delivery boy, CP spammer , Troll , Doxer, Woman Abuser, Harassment Coordinator, Voldermort of IP2


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Jul 25, 2020
Justin Schainberg (better known as SJC, because of a self-claimed resemblance to Jim Carrey, hence "Scuffed Jim Carrey"), is a layabout with no professional experience in any field, who is most well known as being a livestreamer in the Cx community. Justin's real passion after acting is streaming, the window in which we see Justin document his life's misfortunes. A true clueless loser, he is a violent, unstable, narcissistic, manipulative, abusive, man-child ready to burst at a moment's notice. What makes Justin most notable is degree he goes to exact malicious efforts to attack those who are closest to him, and by extention, the community who he feels has ostracized him.
He is most notable infamous in the IP2 extention of the Cx community for spamming CP, Gore,and using doxing tactics to attempt to get the attention of potential viewers. This is a man who does not care about any consequences as long as it doesn't affect him. He likes to abuse women most notably and anyone he can take advantage of, but this often begins and ends at his significant other du jour due to his self-imposed solitude.
I'm from Hollywood Florida, I have been acting online since 2010 on a website called justin.tv then went to another site called battlecam.com which I played a charter for 4 years, In fall of 2013 I moved to LA California to host several shows for FilmOn for the past year including acting in skits, stunts, talk shows, my cooking show, musical guests. [a]
a young boy in Hollywood filled with ambition
There I am!!! In the hit new show #superstore #nbc
His latest "charter" while he moonlights as a delivery boy [didn't last either]
why women kill.jpg

[that was it honestly , hasn't done much since]​
Justin started his livestreaming "career" on sites filmon and battlecams, both own by Alki David [shady business man]. even on battlecams he was pushing the edge of what was acceptable
The toxicity of the website became SJC's brand of content . After battlecams folded under, he caught the attention of LA's King of IRL Paul Denino better known as Ice Poseidon and the toxic community that was forming as the base of his audience.

a community held together by duct tape

Cx [IP1] thanksgiving 2018​
IP2 (named after the community Ice Poseidon) is a network designed to promote streamers that are centric to the Cx community. Before the Ice Poseidon 2 Ruqqus page, and later Saidit, there was the ice poseidon forums located on Reddit. Ice eventually deleted IP1 and stopped affiliating himself with that community, citing it as 'overly toxic', so IP2 began to grow beyond Ice Poseidon's reach and began to focus on other, smaller streamers. The IP2 network as of now is purely community supported. on the .win platform. It stands to mention that SJC is fully and completely banned from even being mentioned on IP2 due to his repeated attacks and attempts to have the site taken down.
[sjc and salmon andy almost get in a fight at an event orchestrated by Ice Poseidon]
prison experiment.gif
In late june of 2020, Reddit shut down approximately 2000 subreddits that the site deemed problematic or toxic, at which point IP2 moved to Ruqqus for a short period, then Saidit. Eventually, the IP2 community violated Saidit's webhosting AUP (acceptable use policy) and was moved to the .win platform. The IP2 community is very different from other communities, it is one the most active communities when it comes to user interaction on a member to member bases. Sjc spent the majority of 2018 warring with Ganval (of dX fame, a counter-culture group diametrically opposed to the Cx community), also warring with other Cx-centric streamers such as Broke Malone, DJ Panz, and Mando, aka Salmon Andy.
SJC has routinely filed fake reports on IP2 at the National Center For Missing And Exploited Children, the FBI, and other places due to the communities' hesitancy in associating with him. He has alleged to spam CP ,DDOS attacks, racist porn, gore, in order to confuse and spread disinformation and cause chaos on a very regular basis.
Still he is considered a 'fixture' of the community in an odd way due to the sheer fact that no one can even mention his name without being reprimanded.
voldermort of ip2.png
Justin's scamming ways are exposed. [ he receives SSI i.e. govt. money ]

claims rape when being confronted , uses his autism as a scapegoat

Animal Abuse [to cheap to take his dog to the vet]

The Unlucky Ladies
It takes a certain kind of woman to be with SJC, Justin doxes of all of them in some way or another.
grope gang.gif

Justin seemingly groping an unconscious woman. He's said after the fact that it was a setup but whatever, compulsive liar.


Tracy Marie Briare is a 34 year old actress/model turned streamer who had a son from another father than Justin. Justin, years after their breakup, called cps in an attempt to get the child, Alistair (named after the occultist AlistairCrowley) taken away, due to the child getting into an accident at a grocery store in a shopping cart. in 2019, Tracy released a video exposing SJC for doxing, cheating on her, and acting as a detriment to Alistair.
Initial Statement

Laying out the facts.

you can really see the production value become scuffed down as time goes...
Neither one of them have a real job... She lives with her parents... Her parents dont like jim carrey... So its hard for him to be around.. Baby momma problems

she has no clue who shes dating.
Lauren Pigman, aka "Litty Lauren" (21) dated SJC, briefly streamed in 2019 and early 2020. Justin was verbally abusive to her and prevented her from streaming. IP2 floated rumors that Lauren was trying to be recruited by Casey Content God to be a part of an RV trip, however this was never corroborated and proven to be false. Lauren traveled with SJC and Young'sVlog, as well as NeeNee to Tijuana, where an altercation broke out between SJC and Young including a knife and a bottle. SJC was left to fend for himself and get home on his own, while Young, always a gentleman, offered Lauren a trip back to LA, promising he wouldnt leave her.

'SJC admits to doxing, swatting, and attacking lauren and her family in this call'

then | now​
Jessika Leigh Reinke "Goocheese" 29- discord user, livestreamer, alcoholic she suffered a lot of domestic violence at the hands of justin , left him but he still harasses her to this day.

Goo & Capt. Content talk about SJC

SJC threatening Goo While she is with Mando

regurlarly gets naked on her discord, and youtube streams
her name is constantly doxed in the ip2 community
SJC Punched Goocheese while driving willing to dox goo, if she doesn't get in line and behave.

Lindsay Erin Woods "Linzee" 24-simple nice girl just started streaming the most recent girlfriend, she initially ranaway from her mother's home which justin knew which gave him a lot of leeway in their relationship. suffers a lot of abuse on and offstream , still keeps in contact with justin

she runs away while Justin is at work and does a stream exposing him

Justin getting a blowjob on bitwave by Linzee


Issues with Authority
Key West, FL 2018
According to SJC, he’d lost his wallet, which contained such important items as his credit card and ID. he spoke to two police officers, to whom he claimed that his wallet had been stolen after being allegedly assaulted in a bar. escorted the officers to the bar in question, named ‘Sloppy Joe’s,’ where he claimed the altercation took place. SJC later approached a bearded individual who was waiting in line just outside of the establishment, hurling insults at the man while alleging that he had stolen his wallet.
“You couldn’t beat anybody,”

"yeah he saw it all happen" as soon as it didnt go his way "he didnt see the whole thing tho" The autism trick didn't work this time
the stream shows SJC being instructed to place his streaming equipment on the hood of a police vehicle, after which he was told that he was being arrested for disorderly conduct. SJC refuted the arrest by citing his autism, to which an officer responded, “I don’t think you have autism.” According to Justin he suffers from Autism/Asperger's but the only time it ever comes up is when he is confronted or trying to get out of trouble with the authorities. Around the time of his hollywood blvd streams he started using/abusing emergency services in an attempt to exact revenge against people. It got to the point 911 was ignoring his calls

Gets arrested for assaulting his mom [Linda] He was asked to leave his mother's residence repeatedly.

Linda is a proud trump supporter

A History of Violence
Apart from beating on women and his mother most of his violent encounters with males have hilarious outcomes . From getting punched by EBZ [ip2 streamer] for saying nigger in his presence to screaming rape and fleeing on a pedestrian that was pressing because he was harassing a woman on the streets. SJC delivers on the unexpected content.
SJC gets pressed by parents , trying to help his brother josh find his cat but ends up arguing and fighting.

How come he don’t go visit them no more? - YT comment
Pressing Captain Content at a Trump Rally accuses Max of chatting up his 16 year old sister [that doesn't exist], resorts to macing him

SJC Gets Pressed by Hampton Brandon's Friend

Closet fight with EBZ

Parking Lot Fight with EBZ [
EBZ maxes out SJC for saying the N word ,

SJC and Young arguing because Young supports ganval SJC grabs a knife

Skimask Andy confronts SJC , he presses , knocks phone out of selfie stick, Skimask pulls knife out

Mexican andy sits there knowing shit isn't going well then when something happens is like "chill chill chill x4" a group of people learning and being taught to film and encourage violence
Justin states he doesn't need ip2 anymore and wants to grow his "community" organically even though the only thing he does beside streaming is trolling the ip2 community , wont even clean his room rather let his dog in heat bleed, and piss everywhere.
[suffers from delusions of grandeur]
If I could describe or actually warn you of Justin in one sentence its, don't upset this autist, for he has nothing but time to waste trying to bring detriment to anyone who crosses him, or at least attempt to.
This private information is unavailable to guests due to policies enforced by third-parties.

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Blin it is good.
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Feb 25, 2019
I knew he looked familiar as soon as I saw "Battlecam" holy shit.
View attachment 2407276

It's relevant enough for me to drop a PL, but I knew him from when we both were on Alki's jewbait site. It was an experience.


Aug 5, 2019
You are doing a community service.
There are a lot of clips posted on YouTube.
One with the puppy is horrifying. At best he never trained it at worst its scared shitless of this schitzo.

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Jun 22, 2021
You are doing God's work. Dude is a fucking scumbag and I know he will be here seething when he finds out this exists. There was also a video of him groping some passed/pilled out whale's tit's floating around back in 2018 that IP1 tried using to get him removed from the Cx network after the closet stream. I've been digging for it but no luck.

Edit: found a screengrab of the video

Justin Schainberg grope gang.png

SJC's court appearance for assaulting his own mother
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Jul 25, 2020
How could you forget this gem from the Ice Poseidon Hawaii trip [pt 3]
I did include the parking lot fight that happens in the middle of the stream, it was starting to look like I was going to have to dedicate a section to EBZ v SJC scuffles alone, so I omitted it to not lose focus, but I still want it on the thread, so here it is.

I want any clips where he looks like a fool or degenerate honestly. [he has a large backlog]


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Jul 25, 2020
SJC's continued existence is all that's necessary to refute the existence of god. Also need more photos of his shit-covered mattress and general biohazard of an apartment.
Thank you for reminding me, I added pics to the OP and I'll leave the vod here, [forgot about the warzone that is his apartment]


Jun 22, 2021
I want any clips where he looks like a fool or degenerate
The Cx Prison stream in 2018 had a good amount of SJC's typical bullshit: breaking the beds, punching holes in Ice's guest house walls, screaming like a retard, throwing Ice's pet chinchilla's shit everywhere and just being a genuine nuisance

SJC attacking RV Andy aka Alchyboon and gets locked in the tard cage. Victim Andy

SJC escapes the tard cage, Cameroonian Warlord EBZ lays down the law, Justin fucking spergs

I could not get this clip to upload so here is the link to the youtube channel, SJC rambling about Tracy, Alister and the time his brother pulled a gun on Ice Poseidon during the Florida stream.

SJC has a meltdown when Tracy starts exposing him on stream. Threatens to neck sadly he didn't
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Jul 25, 2020

Justin Schainberg aka SJC spits in linzee erin woods mouth and uses her body as a foot stand

I forgot to put that one in the OP , I even DL it, but I think people get the gist of how much of a scumbag Justin really is.

SJC smoking weed in the hospital.
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Jun 23, 2021
Somewhere in one of his riot vods with Goocheese, he was going around to all the blacks in the area and convincing them that she's a racist stalker until a few start punching her in the face lol There's a lot of clips of him crying, threatening people, road rage/cross walk incidents, playing the autism card and yelling rape or accusing men of touching his penis when they try to confront him. I've always been fascinated by how much he streamed his family in the past. Broadcasting Christmases and other holidays that end in blood, tears and broken glass.

Here are 1.6k Scuffed Jim Carrey clips. Sort by "all time" if clips aren't appearing.

and a few I picked out of the pile

Shared Lyft ride with an asian couple. I think he was eventually kicked out over fart/diarrhea sounds and hentai moans.

Part 2 of shared Lyft ride

Keemstar gets a mean look from a couple of trihards



One of his biggest fans/donators from the past lol

Public Interactions






Piss Dungeon


SJC & Goocheese

Here's a theme song a fan wrote him and one of the commercials he's starred in.

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