IP2 Justin Schainberg / SJC / Scuffed Jim Carrey / Jewmob / ReelJustin - Autistic Failed actor , Streamer, Delivery boy, CP spammer , Troll , Doxer, Woman Abuser, Harassment Coordinator, Voldermort of IP2

Linda Schainberg's Gunt

Aug 4, 2021
Saturday 25th July




Linda Schainberg's Gunt

Aug 4, 2021
This is more of a technical support type question rather than pouring shit on this garbage person - but what the FUCK is this microphone plugged into? This cunt doesn't own a computer at 34. Third world problems.


This is the microphone this lonely crusty fag has. To have it working on his iphone he needs at least a usb-to-lightning adapter. Judging from the still, STILL, DOGSHIT sound quality of his stream I'm assuming it's either not plugged in and is meant to be a gag on the 'scuffed' thing or this incompetent felcher doesn't now how to make it all work. Someone should bust in there and beat him over the head with it.

In other news Nelly has fleas. She can get the rope too as far as I'm concerned.

Justin's shithole account https://communities.win/u/RealSJC/
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Jul 25, 2020
fellow IP2 alum Based Surfer is getting cancelled over his racist rant from yesterday

Guess who's in the comments...

IP2 would like to remind everyone...
Hey go post this on Twitter where sjc commented it’s him chasing down a black girl calling them the n word over and over.

Linda Schainberg's Gunt

Aug 4, 2021
IP2 would like to remind everyone...
Hey go post this on Twitter where sjc commented it’s him chasing down a black girl calling them the n word over and over.
View attachment 2533700

There's also a shorter version of just the business end of this video here on streamable or on Easter2020's youtube channel

Can't seem to quote my own post that has the embed for some reason but here's a direct download of the same version https://no-cookie.kiwifarms.net/data/video/2481/2481234-8e1d4bf3d290ff1d69eed8333c334f76.mp4

Davenewworld_2's tweet
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Aug 4, 2021
By the way I've been using the european date format (day/month/year) for these.

Uploaded 12/06/2021 Try this out in the shower

Uploaded 02/05/2021 *untitled*

Uploaded 14/05/2021 Nelly is in danger on 5/13/21

Uploaded 12/06/2021 Singing

Uploaded 12/06/2021 My gf spitting out my air fryer meal into a napkin

Uploaded 12/06/2021 You just grab the butter and bam!

Uploaded 29/05/2021 Exposing my gf Linzee Erin Woods eating disorder to my viewers

Uploaded 29/05/2021 Dad says I can’t come back to Florida

Uploaded 29/05/2021 My own dad laughs at me

Uploaded 29/05/2021 I go so fast on my scooter

Uploaded 29/05/2021 Exposing my gf Linzee Erin Woods eating disorder to my viewers

Uploaded 21/05/2021 Exposing Linzee’s eating disorder

Uploaded 22/05/2021 #alkidavid #swissxcbd

Uploaded 21/05/2021 #alkidavid #swissxcbd (yes this is virtually the same clip that was reuploaded as the third of three videos above)

Uploaded 04/06/2021 She hurt me!

Uploaded 03/06/2021 How I really feel about my gf

Uploaded 07/06/2021 I always win

realjustinschainberg - CQ_0i_erD4B.jpg

Uploaded 26/05/2021 #alkidavid #swissx

Uploaded 04/06/2021 Sorry Linzee you aren’t an asset, you’re only good to fuck

Uploaded 22/06/2021 Who needs utensils when you can use your hand 🍝

Uploaded 24/06/2021 Comfy bed with luxury pillows for me and Linzee

realjustinschainberg - CQfMatknHyM.jpg

Uploaded 14/06/2021 My gf is a retard

Uploaded 23/06/2021 Reeeee

Uploaded 23/06/2021 Shaving on the way to set #famoushollywoodactor

Uploaded 22/06/2021 Stop filming me

Uploaded 24/06/2021 Naughty Linzee

Uploaded 24/06/2021 👂 🔈

Uploaded 14/06/2021 Confession

Uploaded 01/07/2021 *untitled*

realjustinschainberg - CQwuRaDLgxV.jpg

Uploaded 30/06/2021 *untitled*

realjustinschainberg - CQuM-WDrvW_.jpg

Uploaded 27/06/2021 *untitled*

realjustinschainberg - CQmfYtZn1Y3.jpg

Uploaded 25/06/2021 👅

Uploaded 15/06/2021 I knew the cops were probably coming last week so I took off in my car and muted stream so I could hit Linzee more

Uploaded 31/07/2021 Finger lickin good

realjustinschainberg - CR9-AITrqC-.jpg

Uploaded 22/06/2021 *untitled*

Uploaded 22/06/2021 I’m a scary man

Uploaded 22/06/2021 🍽

Uploaded 22/06/2021 Jealous haters

Uploaded 19/08/2021 *untitled*

realjustinschainberg - CSuISi1LnyM.jpg

Uploaded 14/07/2021 👂

Uploaded 14/07/2021 *untitled*

Uploaded 20/08/2021 Why doesn’t anyone like me?

realjustinschainberg - CSwyM4EFu_R.jpg

Uploaded 13/08/2021 *untitled*

Uploaded 25/08/2021 The rage


Linda Schainberg's Gunt

Aug 4, 2021
It's Saturday night in Los Angeles and Justin is live doing his lame drinking-by-himself-at-a-bar style "IRL". The camera is focused on his face for 98% of the time except for a brief switch to the front camera to show Nelly. You could actually see the stink lines of her foul smell emanating from her coat. I've never seen anything like that before and it might be a new feature on the s21 ultra. He said that the flea collar he got Nelly takes 24/48 hours to take effect. Note I mentioned that he said she had fleas 12 days ago. The flea collar apparently cost $68 he claims. When called out he admitted it took him 12 days to buy it, because it cost $68... He was live for a grand total of 45 minutes. I'm losing track but it would appear within the first 9? days of him getting his precious s21 ultra "streaming phone" he has been live on it for a total of an hour and 19 minutes. This is not including his dorky 5 minute Instagram Live stream inside Starbucks showing the extremely fast upload he can get that he will never properly utilize.

Friday day he went live for half an hour in a junkyard looking for a replacement left mirror for his Lexus. In his own words it's been broken for "a while". I think at least two months? He said he's been pulled over about four times, seemingly they don't care. He managed to cut his finger and/or fuck one of his nails in the process of trying to pry out one of the mirrors he found with his bare hand while holding the phone with his other hand. It wasn't clear which because the picture quality was so awful and the stream would momentarily freeze every few seconds. He also managed to break one of the mirrors he was attempting to harvest in the process of doing that. He successfully removed another mirror - but after he left the junk yard he discovered it was the wrong size for his year/model of Lexus. He said he hasn't been live recently because he's been busy working on projects. Again, this stream took place in the middle of the day on a Friday.

He also went live later on Friday night for the first time on his second hand laptop. It has an i7-5600u cpu, 8gb of ram. He couldn't seem to get the 1.5" by 1.5" cam window to display without it dropping frames and freezing on and off. I daresay he is trying to use the integrated gpu. He had the camera view overlaid on this Battlefield? wallpaper desktop view with the stream chat tucked away to the side. Most of the stream was spent with him talking to Linzee and some other people on her discord on his phone although they were barely audible at best. It was unclear if his 20-30 viewer audience was meant to be able to hear these conversations or give a shit. He was fixated trying to Door Dash her donuts at 2am her time and got frustrated that the order got cancelled. He also continued to have issues with his obnoxious podcast-style microphone throughout the stream. It was a dog shit stream and he privated it.

Two times now he's told some story about rolling over in bed and hitting his head on the brick wall. This scab is from that. I suspect if he didn't drink and take xanax before going to sleep this sort of thing wouldn't happen. Mind you it's not impossible to do that relatively harm free but he already has an autistic center of balance and co-ordination e.g. him stepping on Nelly on the regular.



Judging by the distinctive ceiling it is almost certain he was at R Bar in Koreatown. He just *had* to skip home in less than 5 minutes from there to make it even more obvious. What a spaz. Of course he went to Whispering Pines in elementary school so we can't expect great things from this doofus. I wonder how this female owned bar would feel to know someone who is infamous for abusing women live on the internet is streaming from their premises without permission? I can only wonder. This appears to be one of his regular haunts and he has most certainly streamed from here before.



*2nd edit bonus*

It would appear this is an SJC alt account on Shithole. Among the more telling details it also has uploaded two high resolution non-stream-sourced photos of Justin that are rotated to the left, just like his previous, and since banned, account was doing.

Photos rotated back by me cause why the fuck would anyone share photos in the incorrect orientation?



Justin Samuel Schainberg threatening to kill EBZ

Justin Samuel Schainberg racially abuses man in Santa Monica circa July 2021. Harasses and falsely accuses two men of being pedophiles. Acting inappropriately in front of a young child.

"you're a fucking loser. you should kill yourself in minecraft, only in minecraft though, only in minecraft. you're a fucking loser, look at you. look at you, shitskin"

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Aug 4, 2021
He's said once that's he's been "working on projects". Potentially he is doing grocery delivery overtime trying to scramble to afford back rent seeing as the moratorium on evictions in LA ends at the end of this month. I have no idea really. Lindsay keeps posting drinks and donuts on her instagram story and tagging Justin's IG in them so I guess that's what he's been spending some of his time and money on. It seems like an odd time for him to stop streaming seeing as he only just recently got his *precious* streaming phone - the absence of which was his excuse for not streaming outside (although most likely a half-truth at best), setup that entirely unnecessary podcast style microphone in his dust, dander and flea factory, and bought that ineffective 2nd hand laptop which he also said was for the purpose of desktop streams.

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Aug 4, 2021
Justin: I love you I miss you, I wanna come see you
Grandma: Ok

The time is approximately 3:10am Los Angeles Justin Schainberg time, 6:10am Florida Patricia Haugdahl time. Justin takes adderall during the day, and marijuana, then he comes home and abuses alcohol and xanax simultaneously. He will admit to adderall all the time but lies about xanax for some reason despite having a prescription. Sometimes he'll say it's melatonin, most of the time he'll pretend he doesn't take anything for his sleep.

Justin: Hello
Justin: hello
Justin: Hello! yes grandma. are you ok? I ain't tried to call you back before grandma
Grandma: I was asleep I didn't hear you-
Justin: no no before that you hung up I told you I was working cause I was just trying to focus
Grandma: I couldn't hold it it's *cutted out?*
Justin: I was, I was driving it was dangerous
Grandma: Why did you call me, are you alright?
Justin: I love you I miss you, I wanna come see you
Grandma: Ok
Justin: Do you want me to come see you?
Grandma: Where are you?
Justin: I'm in my apartment. It's 3:14 in the morning here and I'm drunk and I'm I'm with my friends on the internet.
Grandma: Ok, w-I'm I'm fine *something* I'm waiting for your mother to come
Justin: Oh what is Linda gonna do?
Grandma: I'm in my house
Justin: Wait what-what is Linda doing?
Grandma: I don't get up until 8 o'clock in the morning
Justin: no no why is Linda coming over?
Grandma: I don't know
Justin: To help you?
Grandma: You would have come to help me?
Justin: Yes
Grandma: You would have flied down here and bring (Siri?)
Justin: Yes, I'll come with Nelly
Grandma: (You tell me you got to say that more?)
Justin: No it's fine - no no no I don't have I don't have to
Grandma: Can you find a job here?
Justin: umm yes I need a car though, to work
Grandma: Yeah but I'm doing alright ok? Your mother tells me things
Justin: *clammering around*
Grandma: are you getting up now?
Justin: no I've been up all night
Grandma: I don't get up until 8 o'clock in the morning
Justin: oh I don't know what time it is
Grandma: Yeah, ok can I call you back later?
Justin: Yeah I love you Grandma
Grandma: Alright call me back later on, ok, I love you and I want to talk to you
Justin: Alright I love you too
Grandma: Ok alright goodbye, can you go back to sleep for a while? I want to go back to sleep
Justin: alright goodnight
Grandma: alright I'll talk to you later call me back. love you
Justin: I love you
Grandma: bye
*call ends*

Justin: BLARRRRRRGGHHHHH GOBBLE GOBBLE BLARRRGH I'M SUCH A FAILURE THIS IS ALL THE FAILURE COMING OUT BUBBLEBUBBLE GARGLE ARRRGGHHHHH OHHHHWHATAWORLD *SPIT* PTEW! GARRRRGGLLEE *SPIT* PTEW! PTEW! *gasp gasp* PTEW! PTEW! *sniff* *sniffchoke* *sniff* PTEW! *scratch scratch scratch inhale* .......ahem! *inhale..exhale...inhale...exhale..spit* bye bye! I don't take pills, I only take my adderall. Adderall's not bad, you take it if you're prescribed and you have to take it to function, bitch um. *swallow, gasp*

So after that Justin shambles back into the one room he lives in. He's eaten a homemade weed brownie just before the above video but he's presumably thrown it all up like the cool guy he is. Justin pulls up some bag of frozen, undoubtedly "ORGANIC", shit and declares he's hungry and that it's time to eat. He steps off camera for a split second and immediately you hear two long sniffing sounds. THIS IS THE DRUG ABUSE. He appears back in frame about 9 seconds later and declares "I knew, I knew I'd saved chips for myself. Jim knew he saved, oh shit, lets gooooo, I knew I'd saved myself a treat" *shreds bag open sideways* feeds his fucken mutt mop one. looks at the chat. rambles some dumb shit. his eyes rolls back "Bro I'm so fucked up" starts closing one eye again. blah blah blah dead open eye stare at the camera. "Why am I so fucked up? This is stupid" lays back and passes out. starts moaning extra unintelligibly after several minutes. Why won't he die guys? We almost had it boys.

Junebugoxox 24-03-2014 Disney red carpet premier for tinkerbell and the pirate fairy.jpg
Junebugoxox 14-03-2014 Red carpet fashion runway.jpg

Junebugoxox 11-03-2014 My first red carpet as a producer.jpg
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Apr 23, 2018
I'm shocked this fucking dumbass hasn't gotten knifed in the street, or at least gotten the shit kicked out of him.

Linda Schainberg's Gunt

Aug 4, 2021
Full on. Am I right in thinking the Justin-ness starts from 1:40:08 onward?

*edit* nah starts here. Odd chaptering

This is alright, I'm happy to watch it. But the guy doesn't know dick about the subject. "What is SJC even doing these days?" He looks at the SJC cam during one of his Fortnite streams and wonders why he's streaming it - it's an alternate angle to the actual Fortnite stream on the same channel, simple as that. Understandably the way this appears via vods relative to how it looks on the channel when they're live might not make that as obvious after the fact but still.

*edit 2* ok wow I never actually bothered to sit down and listen to the Tracy exposé recordings before now. Incredibly disturbing stuff and demonstrates a pattern we've seen elsewhere in his actions. Physical abuse he excuses as either a consensual sexual practice or a misguided sexual advance. Excusing other behavior as "scripted" or "acting". A lack of self-awareness of his own actions while at the same time throwing daggers at people for the same type of stuff. Also ebonic ridden speech as well as just bizarre and braindead use of pronouns such as referring to his dad or female lovers as "bro" and in the case of these recordings, referring to Tracy as "nigga" multiple times. If I never in my life have to hear him repeatedly chastising his dog "Chanel" for not urinating in the correct spot indoors while he abuses this woman again it will have been a better life. This is the type of cringe viewing that makes me want to take a shower and valium following.

Well while I'm here I may as well;

This cheesy weirdo posted this on facebook with his dad's profile tagged in it.


Followed two days later at roughly the same time in the morning with an overshare about his independent and functional younger brother who is still a close participating member of both sides of their family. None of which could be said of Justin.


There's a good amount to unpack in the above, an armchair psychologist would have a field day. The texts and video are just another example of how Justin doesn't go back and proofread his words, never reviews his streams and rarely apologizes for his behavior. All I can say is at this point I'm tired and I challenge his perspective and narrative of his relationship with his father. He says he'll share that video on youtube, instagram, everywhere - never happened. He's a complete stuttering repetitive mess throughout this. "how how how" "who who who" "gone gone gone" "this this this" "bro" x25 "boomer" x10 and the self-comforting ebonics. He also says at ~2:10 "go do weird shit with other couples and shit bro" - is this the alleged swinging I've seen mentioned in chat here and there? He says at 4:45 "in the past past 10 years I've been living I've been living west, this motherfucker hasn't called me once out of the blue"**. Also at 9:10 "I've been here 10 years, I've been living here 10 years". He's actually been living in Los Angeles for just over 8 years.

moving to LA mid august 2013.png

**And while to some degree there should be no external measure of someones actual life via their social media, I've embedded 11 interactions mostly from David towards Justin and his life on Facebook alone below. I'm sure Justin would have us believe that aside from his dad's phonecalls which are only good for "making up for lost time" this is the end all be all of their relationship.

fathers day 2017.png

superstore promo.png


tinsel town rebellion.png



red carpet.png

movie star btw.png

sorel mes yeux noirs, a certified classic.png

moving to LA mid august 2013.png

sharing his public facebook profile.png

future movie star.png

Bonus: Justin's appearence in a music video. Brought to my attention by his loving father David Schainberg.

Sorel - Mes yeux noirs

Also an old blogspot that Justin made and quickly abandoned.


Fucken whoa - called OUT! You might have thought you were slick but it actually turns out that Justin sees you all projecting your insecurities and he's sick of it. Stop now.

I can't say enough how much it skeeves me out he still refers to himself as "Jim"
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Aug 4, 2021
Sometimes when I'm feeling sad I like to watch this clip of Justin decked out in SwissX merchandise, smoking presumably SwissX, hit that disgusting tiny bubbler wrong then spit and throw up on Alki David's deck.

Justin Samuel Schainberg, son of Linda (nee Haugdahl) and David. Brother of Joshua. One half of J&J (Justin & Joshua) Smoke Shop in Florida. J&J Smoke Shop, Owned and operated by Joshua Schainberg and David Schainberg. Infamous racist streamer Justin Schainberg aka SJC aka Scuffed Justin Carrey aka Scuffed Jim Carrey aka Alki David’s rent boy aka King Troll aka Reel Justin aka RealJustin. Battlecam Alki David Thanks For The Views Jewmob Reeljustin SJC3 scuffedjustincarrey scuffed-justin-carrey Sjc daily live vlog SJC LIVE SJC DAILY Jim Carry Andy Banned from main justintheactor Tracy Marie Briare hollywont TMB tmbdramatica goocheese Jessica Reinke Jessika Leigh Reinke goo cheese Jessika Reinke Linda Schainberg Schainberg Linda Brent Hart Linda M Schainberg Linda Haugdahl Schainberg Pembroke Pines Whispering Pines Trump Donald Trump Donald J Trump Hollywood Florida Sig Haugdahl Jr. Hoppin' Rattlesnakes Rough Love Superstore hlwdgirl62 Linda Margaret Schainberg April Schindler April Caitlin Sariah Medina
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