Justin Silverman's account of Chris at TooManyGames -


I've recently been in touch with Justin Silverman on Twitter. He approached me presumably after seeing my contributions to the CWCki.

Silverman wishes to clarify some information about TooManyGames with his own account of Chris' attendance and the meltdown. He has no intention of creating an account on the Farms or the CWCki, but is happy for me to relay his admission here:

Screenshot_20180627-234708.png Screenshot_20180627-234726.png Screenshot_20180627-234745.png Screenshot_20180627-234752.png Screenshot_20180627-234758.png Screenshot_20180627-234805.png

As seen in the conversation, Silverman attached new, unseen photos of Chris' meltdown to verify his statement:

Silverman1.jpg Silverman2.jpg

Mariposa Electrique

In 2021, Shit will hit the fan 4 Chris
True & Honest Fan
Ask what the deal was with the Facebook warning. I still think whoever said there were verbal warnings is full of shit on that account
God, will you please stop pushing and enabling that narrative. Chris screwed up, and if get can't obide by societal rules, then he needs to stay home.

I kind of knew that these people were hoping to have Fagfest 2.0, but it just didn't happen like that.
I've been telling people over and over again that Chris will never learn because he is mentally ill and has some accompanying personality disorders. Chris will be okay for a while, but, eventually hell fuck up.

Too, what I am pissed off about is these people actually invited Chris, probably in the hopes of getting some novel reaction from congoers, which would boost attendance. What do you expect? You can't take the monkey out of the cage and not expect it to fling shit.

Mr. 0

god im not good at computer how did this get here
True & Honest Fan
God, will you please stop pushing and enabling that narrative. Chris screwed up, and if get can't obide by societal rules, then he needs to stay home.
Chris is the true victim in all of this. The people at TMG were obviously trolls trying to set him up to get arrested in grand fashion and come out as the big heroes who will go down in christory as the ones who put an end to Chris once and for all.

What they didn't count on was Chris's ability to form a protective shell of autism that drew in spergs at Sonic-running speed to act as his human shields while he rolled away, collecting rings until hitting the goal post.

It's obviously not Chris's fault this happened, it's society's for being transphobic and hateful of the cultivator of the first generation of autistics, SO THERE.


From RC Enthusiast to T-Shirt Brand.
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I am so glad we fucking got this. Now we know the exact moment of when Chris went into "Hedgehog Mode"

Can you imagine? Chris in all his dainty smiles with Cryzel and Magi-Chan imagination playmates holding hands, walking around the con, searching at Game memorabillia, passing Youtube celebs, wondering who to kiss next, when out of nowhere, fatass Justin Silverman, Jab and three Jerkops with angry expressions show right up.

(:_( :briefs:

There really was no "CJ"

Holiday Special

Stir, Whip, Stir Whip
I'm glad that random mom stepped in and diffused the situation. Goes to show that Chris really needed a parent like that to help, but life screwed him over with Barb and Bob.

Idea Guy really messed him up. If he does go to Brony Con, he needs a "friend" to walk with him and take him out of the crowd every few hours to decompress.

AAA Badger

Disgusting worthless NEET
but, this person, in their autistic shell, on our carpet...was truly upsetting. I wish she get the help she needs
All the fucking feels. Sums the entire Chris experience up IMO. While Bob had good intentions and hoped for the best, both Chris' parents were completely unequipped to prepare their special needs child with...pretty much anything that could have helped him not turn out to be the ridiculous creation we all know today.

I've enjoyed the silly shit Chris has done on the internet for years, but seeing that sad helplessness in person would be so sobering.

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