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Why did Jon visit the gynecologist?

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Suburban Bastard

I choose you
True & Honest Fan
#1: Mom's bed while she's in her privacy bath
#2: the back of the ambulance you called because you're a lonely fat exceptional individual
#3: A court bathroom with a nonconsenting reporter
#4: In front of Donald's Jail cell
#5: On a cat corpse you mutilated
#6: A Sihk waxing salon
#7: A bathroom floor!
Don't forget in a girl's only pool with your phone out and recording.


Perc 30 Courier Service
Yaniv could have endless targets for legal shakedowns by converting to Islam. He could target this gym. He could target mosques by demanding access to their women's spaces. He could target Muslim associations (especially women's ones) by trying to join. Yaniv saying the Shahada makes endless amounts of bashing brown people for profit possible.

Sure, Yaniv hates brown people, but so do lots of Muslims, that's why in Saudi Arabia and the UAE they use Pakis and Indonesians as slaves and treat them as such.
Even if he converted, Muhammad would banish directly Yaniv to hell the same way a snub nose .38 did to John Lennon.

Itachi Uchiha

まんこ を みせて くれ
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edit: WARNING! Not very romantic and 100% of readers seem to regret reading it. May even regret learning to read.
"It kept falling out"
"when I think I got it in"

I'm getting some real little dick vibes from this.


Chins? What chins?
Apparently the last time he had sex with someone (with a pulse) was 2015 but I believe that as much as his claims of being sexually assaulted by Amy. So 5 years ago, if you believe him, and even then he had to pay for it.

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Message: A hooker",
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So I look forward to his sex articles, can't wait for all those handy hints and tips from our heroic stud muffin.
God I know people who have pounded over 300 women not counting the hookers --and this is the guy I want to take sex advice from? Pretty sad existence, Johnny-boy.
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