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Why did Jon visit the gynecologist?

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Apparently the last time he had sex with someone (with a pulse) was 2015 but I believe that as much as his claims of being sexually assaulted by Amy. So 5 years ago, if you believe him, and even then he had to pay for it.

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So I look forward to his sex articles, can't wait for all those handy hints and tips from our heroic stud muffin.
God I know people who have pounded over 300 women not counting the hookers --and this is the guy I want to take sex advice from? Pretty sad existence, Johnny-boy.
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Claims he's indigent and so can't pay his victims as ordered by the tribunal and needs taxpayers to pay a lawyer for him in big boy court, but his gender affirming shopping budget is robust.

Too bad he can't find a filter that will align his eyes while erasing his face.


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What's the pendant thing he's wearing around his jowls? (lol not the help I've fallen pendant), the gold one?

It must have an engraving or something on it?
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