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Why did Jon visit the gynecologist?

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yaniv #superanorexic
WTF. What was the motive of doing this, any idea? His fukking insanity is astounding.

I take it fatty is trying to intimidate Donald in some way, LOL. Yeah, makes perfect yaniv sense. "I openly hunted down Donald as I am in fear of my life because Donald is going to kill me, Your Honour. That's why I need a taser or two".

He sure got over his 'vicious sexual assault' sharpish.
Vajuicy? The lunacy continues. Remember, this thing is prowling amongst others with its mother in tow.

edited to add: Twitter's most experienced lawyer has now inserted itself into the mix...stand easy, petch has arrived.

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This bathroom stuff. I am in my early 50s and I literally have NO MEMORY of the bathrooms in high school. Could not tell you one single thing about them--I cannot picture them in my mind's eye--I couldn't find them if I went back to school (which is right down the street as it happens). I have no memory of ever having gone to the bathroom in high school although I must have I went there for four years. Apparently some people lie around at night fantasizing about the topic. The Weird just never ends with this one.....

.....I am a bit younger then that and I have MANY memories of the bathrooms in high school.

I don't want to show my powerlevel too much and maybe it was just that I went to a pretty ghetto high school (by Canadian standards) but the boys bathroom in my grades 8-12 high school were home to frequent smokebombings around hallow'een, drug deals, beatings, beating off, mutual beating off, hetero and homosexual blowjobs, at least one rape and (long before my time) at least one murder.

While the bathrooms in Surrey high schools in the 80s could be fairly raunchy, his story of sex in the boys room reads like the complete virginal fantasy bullshit that it is.


yaniv #superanorexic
Durex was quick to distance themselves (there's a joke in there somewhere) - shame really, a review would have been interesting. :smug:


JY can talk shit about valentines......His actions show the reality of his valentines....Talkin shit about people & startin shit with them......I'm blown away by him goin after Kari...

Also waiting to hear from the Kitty about the Strata meeting ;)
Those that always talk about it never do it.

To say that he's chronically sex starved/frustrated is an understatement. That nasty, nasty frustration oozes from every pore, an incel through and through. "Hot steamy sex" my arse.
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Short Stack
JY can talk shit about valentines......His actions show the reality of his valentines....Talkin shit about people & startin shit with them......I'm blown away by him goin after Kari...

Also waiting to hear from the Kitty about the Strata meeting ;)

@The Un-Clit My memories of school restrooms were winter with steam radiators that were pissed on to cover the smell of the smoke...So yeah...nicotine & boiled piss

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This psycho spends every minute thinking about or attempting to execute revenge on his enemies. Who fucking lives like this? If he put as much energy into working as he does into his shenanigans he would be able to afford to pay the brown people.

Attempting to frame DFS for a serious crime is my official prediction for JY's next act.

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They just can't wait to try to barge their way in and make a huge, screaming kerfuffle when they're not allowed. It's so obviously deliberate. I swear these men in dresses go through the local business listings looking for "women only" for their attention fix. Annoying real women is a side benefit, of course.

Yaniv will be one of the (if not the) first to go stomping into this gym, I'd bet a tenner on it. Go directly to court, do not pass go, collect $$$$$$ for discrimination. How dare Muslim women demand their own spaces.

Muslim women sticking together? Nope not on Yaniv's watch. And if you're Sikh, wax muh gorl dick, bigot.

Short Stack
Well, pursuing the policy in BC, it's nearly impossible to get an independent (self-housed) adult declared to be "incapable of managing his/her affairs". This usually goes through the Adult Guardianship Act, albeit sometimes the Patients Property Act is the mechanism. The Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee of British Columbia is the de facto Committee for both of those mechanisms, although there is provision for Private Committeeship, this won't be the case with Mr Yaniv.

An AIS Referral (AGA mechanism) easily takes over a year to complete, albeit the PPA process is more quickly completed. Usually less than a month, but the caveat is that the subject (the Patient) would have to be already an in-patient at a Designate Facility, which pretty much every hospital in BC has. A Psych Ward, and it's difficult to get somebody committed there for that duration unless they are presenting a Danger to Self or Others (drug addict or suicidal shite) or a senior citizen who has Dementia.

You'll get Form 1'd rather quickly in those cases, and a Certificate under the PPA is usually issued within a few months, after the 2nd or 3rd renewal. But, as he isn't a patient, and he's not in imminent danger of offing himself, a MHA detention is just not going to happen.
A person cannot be declared incapable just because they're unpopular, and rightly so... then we'd miss out on the present melt-down. He is melting down, and is presently pickling mostly all-day every-day.

If you're not in a Designated Psychiatric Facility (read Psych Ward) it's damn near impossible to lose authority over your property (legal and financial affairs, by Committee of Estate) and even harder to lose long-term authority over your person (Estate plus personal decisions, like whether chop your wee-wee off).
You will more often see people (usually addicts or geriatrics) losing temporary control over their medical decisions by way of the MHA, being pharmacologically lobotomized, and returned to their housing as a docile sheeple. After they're reprogrammed, there is less of a need for the state to exert its authority over their person.

We likely won't see anything substantive until the judiciary gets pissed off, but I don't care, as I'm just enjoying the show. When's Mr Yaniv in court again?
It's much the same in the states...If U can eat outta dumpsters & wrap Urself in a filthy blanket? U can provide for Ur needs.....

My thoughts were just contact with mental health services...I believe I read that he was in a psych ward for an observation at 1 point?..
No follow ups?
I don't see how he couldn't be on their radar, & a file on him?
All these Docs he sees & not one suggested therapy? Not even support groups?
With his taser & assault charges I'd expect the least to be anger mgt. groups court ordered?
& if so....I can see him blowing them off
All the things he claims to be are only in his mind...Activist? just retweeting shit & talking shit on twitter....Waman?...Again, only in his mind.


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So JY retweeted one of my tweets. Here is what the engagement metrics look like, I don't think 6,300 impressions seems like what someone with 140k real followers would look like.

View attachment 1145640

You tend to get more retweets / replies than he does, by the looks of it. The only people that react to any of his shit are either haters or socks.

Misaki Nakahara

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edit: WARNING! Not very romantic and 100% of readers seem to regret reading it. May even regret learning to read.

What a repulsive man. I bet he was rock hard the whole time he was typing this. He talks about sex like a high schooler who hasn't actually had sex but wants to sound cool and adult to his friends.

If you believe him his dick is currently 3 inches. Also he claims it was 7 inches before he started transitioning.

Personally it makes me happy to think all his sex change did was shrink his dick, but the truth is he probably always just had a tiny dick.

I don't personally think he's ever been on HRT because, well, just look at him. Dick shrinking from HRT is a real thing although it's mostly due to the fact that you stop getting horny, which means you stop getting erections. It wouldn't happen to Yaniv because he clearly jerks himself off around the clock.

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