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Why did Jon visit the gynecologist?

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Iron Hamster

Calculated chaos
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LOL at Johnathan even trying to pretend that he gives a shit about his local community.
Guess he shouldn't have adopted it for attention. Time for him to 'man up' as the saying goes.

Our lesbian warrior princess, friend, daughter & tech blogger, human rights advocate, model, social justice warrior, marketer just can't stop thinking about kids.

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Edit: Aaaaand, of course, ban the terves!
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So dangerous for actual women to gather to talk about safe spaces for women. Why must trans always butt in??
LOL! He's all butthurt they told him to fuck off and not show his face.
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Short Stack
Might not be far from the truth....I see JYs fascination with young girls periods & wanting to help them also includes acquiring trophies...I can see him with a collection,,,,,I can also see him checking waste baskets in womens rooms for the same....& then like Bill....He "changes" his rags after hes bled on them.
I leave nothing out of the realm of possibilities for this freak.

Surprised Mr Yaniv isn't sperging about people buying up all the pads and tampons due to panic and not leaving them for the poor trannies who actually NEED them for their twice a week "periods".
Give him time, money is scarce atm. He'll be insisting that he and his ilk should be a priority for medical attention, him being a frequent user and all...the normies & immigrants to the back of the queue thank you very much.

Odessa Norwood
ARCHIVE PLEASE...He's gonna sue Kari View attachment 1191124

Here you go



ARCHIVE PLEASE...He's gonna sue Kari View attachment 1191124
Kari Simpson could get her own lolcow page. She's been a particularly menacing part of the social-conservative movement here for decades. The Supreme Court of Canada found it was "fair comment" to liken her to Hitler, the KKK, and George Wallace (ironically, a case Yaniv might try to cite against Amy Hamm).

Way more experienced, powerful and determined LGBT activists have tried for years to end Kari's hateful vitriol, with varying degrees of success. She's been mostly marginalized now and rarely leaves her demon-cave. Jessticles doesn't have a chance against that flame-headed banshee.

Having said that, Yaniv v Simpson would be a hilarious farce.

ARCHIVE PLEASE...He's gonna sue Kari View attachment 1191124
Just another added to the growing list. Seems he can't let a day go by without starting a lawsuit or two. Some sort of OCD.

"for a few things"........... sitting on the edge of my chair with bated breath waiting to hear how jonny lad is going to change the landscape.
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