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Why did Jon visit the gynecologist?

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He’s looking for any kind of kindling for his next lawsuit. I’ll bet anything.
If he files against Popeyes claiming an allergic reaction put his life in danger, I bet it will be a hot 30 seconds before the leaked medical record showing no seafish allery is sent to Popeye's legal dept.

I don't know what this is about but it probably belongs here.
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Hahahah picking a fight with Marc Emery is not going to end well. He is a pot activist who spent years in a US federal prison for his cause. I doubt Jessticles is going even register on his radar. He has a reputation for a salty mouth too.

On another note, could cannabis abuse somehow make him even lazier and less productive than he already is?

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I don't know what this is about but it probably belongs here.
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I saw that last night and couldn't believe it. Marc was a business partner of a friend of mine so I've met him numerous times at social gatherings and I've never liked that guy. I'm glad he's fighting against trannies but he has a dark side. The dude has a strong preference for young teenage girls and met his ex wife (Jodie) when she was 15 or 16 and he was in his 40's. Jodie was put through the ringer by Marc, but she's also a loser who sucked and fucked her way into the public eye. If people knew half the shit that happened back in the Cannabis Culture office he would be in prison for rape. I hate him so much, but I also appreciate a lot of what he's done.

edit: forgive me for posting a trash Vice article but it does cover much of the concern related to Marc's proclivities. I can say, from being in that circle at the time, much of what is written by Vice is true.... although they only scratch the surface in that article. JY and Marc are essentially attracted to the same type of person: underage females.
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Remember New York Fries & he was gonna sue them because they dizcrimunated against his tranny ass
Desperation has set in...Who all has he filed suits against in the past month?
TOL, his neighbors, the waxers etc.
Phishing at suing Popeyes.
& now a traffic accident? From what I read on the Mix it was slow speed.
Light turns green...JY starts to pull off then hits the brakes & gets rear ended.
That one's as old as the hills.

What is his court date for tomorrow?


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