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Why did Jon visit the gynecologist?

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Is jonathon the first Troon Gunt?

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I've written before about how having someone committed to a facility due to mental illness is difficult in Canada, and holding them for over 48 hours is very very difficult.. again, this is one of those frequent times that using an American paradigm to speculate on what might happen to JYYS just doesn't work..

I don't feel like typing, so I'll just quote from


On top of that there are matters regarding the Canadian Charter of Rights that have not been fully resolved.

Then there's the additional matter of needing someone to petition either a physician or the court to get the involuntary hold. Unless that person is a family member or caregiver, it won't happen.

In a very brief search, there have been no non-criminal related successful psychiatric holds in BC that have not been initiated by a caregiver/family member.

File this one under Fantasy Outcome... Unless JJYS kills someone and succeeded at convincing a judge or jury that he was suffering from a mental disorder that rendered him incapable of appreciating the nature and quality of the act he was committing.
There is a judicial avenue for a Fitness and NCRMD assessment with a court-ordered detention for 30-days at the nearest criminal psych unit. That would be predicated on his being on trial for a crime or alleged offence in which his competence is clearly in question, to the extent of my knowledge of the BC judiciary.

His lawyer likely wouldn't raise it, so it would fall to Crown or the court's Parens for such a request. If he were to be charged on something and he got the right Crown, we'd been in for curds and whey. Or so I heard.


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He claimed he could get himself a gun easily enough on the mean streets of Langley and use it ("Sara" and, maybe, the child) so why is he trying to sound so alarmed/horrified? Howler if he "campaigns" for gun control...sweet irony of a violent predator condemning violence.

For someone so scared of armed transphobes and the likes roaming the area supposedly gunning for him he seemed to be quick off the mark to be part of the action...remember this is the blob that wouldn't leave his flat unless accompanied by a police escort during a fire due to fearing for his life once outside yet here he is almost orgasmic whilst filming away.

Will he be offering free legal advice to the shooter I wonder.

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Humans rights tribunals makes my nethers tingle.
Twitter is locked. It's been a while since he's done this.

He received a reply from the RCMP about his weird 14 page long complaint and then privates his twitter. Either the social media guru knows how to gain twitter followers from a private twitter, or he received something in the mail about him PUBLICLY TARGETING a member of the RCMP (and the whole RCMP in general) on said platform.

He will appear from his secluded twitter hiatus with his +100k china-bought followers with a very squeaky clean twitter timeline in a little while.

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