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  1. Good evening, Farmers. Today I bring you a cow who has made herself quite well known in the chronic illness community on instagram. Long story short--Kadeelyn is a girl who has been faking almost every severe illness possible, faking being inpatient for her 'eating disorder', and goes to the hospital at the drop of a hat (read: like twice a week). Oh, and she's also clearly overweight, so there's that, too.

    Kadee has claimed to have had: anorexia, bulimia, OSFED, schizophrenia, BPD, anxiety, psychosis, an ankle broken in 6 places, cervical cancer, alcohol addiction, brain surgery, constant seizures, clots in her lungs and blood, bowel surgery, cancer, kidney problems, heart surgery, heart attacks, ptsd, and that's just naming a few. She's 20 and overweight and frequently goes through cycles of being ~*POSITIVE*~ and "kicking her ED'S BUTT!!!", then going back and saying she was really binging and purging, then going into the hospital for whatever ailment, and then cycling back to the start with positivity again. On top of everything else she claims to be a rape and assault victim and have recently been in a store during a robbery, which was debunked and her posts then deleted.

    Like with her schizophrenia, she will post about her new ailment, tard cum it for a little while, and then pretend it never happened and never mention it again. She's been caught faking cancer, faking in-patient hospitalizations, and faking a broken ankle (I'll get to that in a bit).

    Kadee was brought to my attention due to her recent involvement in the chronic illness community, at which point I looked her up and saw that she had an entire thread on lolcow. She produces tard cum daily and is highly active on instagram, so I thought I'd share her here.

    Let's break it down a little, shall we?

    People have suspected that Kadee was lying about her inpatient hospitalizations for a while now. On lolcow farms, someone who allegedly knew/knows her posted that Kadee tried to check into the same inpatient facility she was after learning that the poster had been hospitalized for an eating disorder and Kadee told her she was put on a waitlist because she was 'too severe' . The poster notes that this couldn't be true because they themselves were about 6 months from death when they were admitting, leading the poster to imply that Kadee had actually been rejected from hospitalization because she did not have an eating disorder.

    Supposedly, she was in a residential facility for months in 2015, but it was discovered that this was a group home and not an ED center.
    1466627560109.jpeg 1466627586784.jpeg
    The website of the place and description of it is located here.

    She claims other times and on other accounts (some linked below) that she was inpatient for anorexia, but people have suspected that she was using photos from previous non-ED hospitalizations. Which brings me to my next point:
    As you can see from her instagram, Kadee goes to the hospital at least once a week. I don't know what kind of insurance her or, let's be real here, her parents have, but it must be a good one with all her hospital visits. Just yesterday she posted that she was in the hospital yet again for what seemed to be a stomach ache, tagging it with #invisibleillness and #chronicillness and was sent home with...antiacids and 'pain medication' after making so much drama out of it.
    22d61f7edca4406e0c1cd411ba1fd8ef.png adae8fa872e3ae094cd89f847b40653e.png
    She was also in the hospital a couple weeks ago with a broken ankle, in which she said was broken in six places. She has since deleted everything pertaining to this hospital visit and her broken ankle, but I've got screenshots from lolcow at my disposal.
    1466120924448.jpg 1466187349259.png 8e947a36df7a83ce16e344a92dbaba7a.png 8c0f3ea8110ea07b3d9a789f777c8913.png
    For anyone unaware, when you have a broken ankle you A- need something covering it/keeping it in place and B- you cannot get in and out of a bath properly. She deleted most of the stuff about her ankle since she got caught in her lie, and has since taken to saying that she has a chronic/invisible illness and has started invading that community, as well.
    So, the biggest thing about Kadee that I learned and also the thing that brought her to Lolcow's attention in the first place would be her alleged 'eating disorder'. Kadee is clearly extremely overweight and while it is possible for an overweight person to have an eating disorder, Kadee does not. She frequently brags about how little food she has, and then proceeds to do things such as eating an entire pint of ice cream to reward herself for not 'restricting' food. Her 'restricting' seems to just be skipping one or two meals every few days.

    (I'd advise you pay attention to the timestamps on these/how many days ago they were posted.)
    864db742f2724c339296a026b85f062e.png 590c3f6e328863a3229bcce1dab406f8.png 415aba7bc9d1f012d4c37d9b80acef7e.png cfcc654bd6a484755f956aaf9bfda67e.png b1666a0b8a5266cedbd7e8202ff2fbfa.png
    She once tried a paleo diet, but then stopped it after only a couple days.
    358f395e072bb8f8fd64ceec1e17582f.png 409b17367649c7d56e8f63bc2f7d071c.png
    Kadee frequently goes through traumatizing events whenever she feels as though she isn't getting enough attention. These can range from getting attacked on the street to, most recently, witnessing a store being held up, which was then debunked and some of her posts about it deleted.
    1466798774465.jpeg 1466802847376.jpeg
    Courtesy to lolcow. Here's the article.

    Kadee is a 21 year old malingering girl who fakes almost every single 'well-known' illness for sympathy and attention. She constantly invades the communities of people actually with these illnesses with her attention-grabbing posts. She is unemployed and lives with her parents. She does everything she can to shine the spotlight on her and she produces tard cum almost every day with her constant posting.

    Instagram (current)
    Instagram (old)
    Tumblr (old)
    Another Tumblr
    Edit: Found her current tumblr!

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    Johnny 13 gun

    Johnny 13 gun And only 47 Lamborghinis in my Lamborghini account
  2. Why on earth would anyone want a chronic illness?
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  3. Asspats.
    People like that are so selfish they don't care the real suffering any of these disorders cause.
    Hell I'd put good money she's never even had a proper hang over.
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    Bassomatic Scribe of the loveshies
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  4. I will never understand how someone can "claim" they had cancer and when they are called on thier bullshit, sweept it under the rug and pretend it never happened
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    Ol'_Slag Cocaine and Thai hookers!
  5. Those sweet-sweet pity points! But at the rate she's going she'll have those kidney problems when the 'beetus kicks in.
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  6. Looks like a proto-Slaton that has just reached ambulatory pig stage.
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    millais melting pot of french shit
  7. It wouldn't surprise me if, sometime in the future, she ends up getting busted for insurance fraud.
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  8. Sweet sweet oppression points.

    For a practical reason? A scam.
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    Coldgrip Fucking Bully
  9. Faking an eating disorder? That's just fucking low. Why can't she just diagnose herself with autism or something like a normal attention whore?
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  10. She could at least try to make herself look bad from the illnesses
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    Johnny 13 gun

    Johnny 13 gun And only 47 Lamborghinis in my Lamborghini account
  11. Oh my god, I love this girl. She's come to the attention of other online illness groups and I firmly believe every "you go girl, you can beat whatever the hell you say you have this week!" comment is from various farmers across several forums, making her feel believed to see what she will come up with next.

    It's not too power-levelly to state that I know first hand that her broken ankle was one of the stupider of her lies because if you break your ankle in just two places, it's gonna swell like a son of a bitch and any orthopedist worth a damn is going to recommend surgery. Broken in six places and you're gonna need total reconstruction surgery. Because of surgery you won't have a permanent cast but you aren't traipsing about on it in a boot putting full weight on it days later and you sure as hell aren't walking the dog 48 hours later. At best you are lying down, leg propped up, watching Netflix and putting off going to pee; more likely you can't pay much attention to anything and are watching the clock to see when you can take your next hydrocodone.

    Her parents must fall under one of three categories: they have no idea what she does online, they are insane themselves, or they are so numb at the shame of having a kid this pathological that they just don't know what to do. Kadee posted recently about burying her razors in a sort of funeral to self-harm because she used to be a cutter and her mother telling her how proud she was of how far she has come. All I could think is that I hope she buried them deep enough that dogs or squirrels can't get to them.

    It doesn't seem like malingerers get too much play here on KF but it delights me to see my "personal" cow getting milked.
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  13. efd83d0ada41ac9a804f12162305ac80.png
    im laughing so fucking hard right now
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    Johnny 13 gun

    Johnny 13 gun And only 47 Lamborghinis in my Lamborghini account
  14. As well as all the reasons cited above... attention. Probably the only genuine issues she has are Factitious Disorder and obesity. She seems to need to lie and the lies are pretty bananas. Let's look at the past 14 days or so: colon surgery, broken foot, witness to an armed robbery (inside the pharmacy when it happened), diagnosed with bulimia, dying of flu, hospitalised for mystery stomach pains (indigestion!). That's on top of being a hambeast-sized "anorexic" who drinks Ensures to keep her calories up.

    I only recently found but already love this chick. I'm so happy this thread is a thing.
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  15. im guessing a burrito..
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  16. When I was 12 I thought stillborns and periods were the same thing. She probably just still thinks that
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  17. Things we ALL saw coming.

    If 1/7th of the ailments she had were true, she'd be able to collect disability and have the tax payers make sure she lives a simple yet comfortable life.

    I'm a bit excited to see what she cooks up next. A tummy ache from a big mac? guise I have hantavirus!
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  18. Does she chimp at all?
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  19. I get the feeling she's more just an attention whore than a real hypochondriac. I also doubt she actually goes to the hospital as much as she claims to do. If you were showing up every other day in the emergency room claiming illnesses that weren't actually there, the only treatment a doctor would recommend is therapy.
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