Inactive Kadeeliveslife / Kadee Konstantino - 200+ lb 'anorexic' malingering instagrammer who had every severe illness known to man; Heroin Addict


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IMO she should get longer than this.
Agreed. I'm surprised by the sentencing, but tbf there is a opiod crisis and she is a small fish.

If someone else can post the an article (since I cant) her sister has a ton of quotes in the article.
I disagree. Kadee was an adult, a habitual abuser of drugs, and had a massive bank of health information to draw on. Admittedly she used it badly, but it was there. If this were the first (and only) time she took heroin, then absolutely the dealer should be held accountable to the full extent of the law. It's even very possible that Kadee deliberately overdosed, not because she wanted to die, but because an OD would put her in an ambulance, taking her to her favourite place in the whole world: ER.

Absolutely the dealer should be charged with supplying drugs and manslaughter, but Kadee was not a vulnerable or naive victim, ruthlessly manipulated into addiction. Kadee used, preyed upon, and manipulated others, arguably to an extent that would put a high ranking drug lord to shame.

Kadee was a shameless predator, and her narcissism ultimately led to an inevitable ending. People like her are the reason why open coffin funerals exist: to convince their victims that this time, they really are dead.

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Jesus, I didn't realise it was heroin, I thought it was accidental prescription drug overdose.

She had bigger demons than malingering it would seem.
Lots of prescription opiod abusers turn to heroin when they get cut off by doctors. That and heroin is cheaper then buying prescriptions on the street.


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Someone’s on Kadee’s Instagram, she just accepted my follow request. Unless she’s instagramming from beyond the grave.
If she was, she'd first write a post about how being dead is the worst disability ever, because the government won't even let her collect welfare for it. That and how NG tubes don't work when you have no insides.