Let's Sperg Kaiserreich: Legacy of the Weltkreig - Let's try not to destroy America edition


Sonichu OC is best OC
Anybody play the original Darkest Hour version? Never played Hoi4 but the thought of the AI controlling my armies is sounds kinda lame. It also just seems kinda easy...
I actually have not yet tried darkest hour since the earliest if releases. Any new goodies to look forward to? At work so cannot download currently


I played it quite a bit back before KR blew up in HOI4 and the fanbase became mega autistic. Do they still update it for Darkest Hour?
I heard that the original Darkest Hour dev doesn't like the current Kaiserreich. Also, who wants to bet that this art is traced? I think it was traced from photographs which is honestly worse because it gives an impression that one has even less art skills than normal art tracers. Also to mention, the spergery within the Kaiserreich community is entertaining to say the least.

Overall, fun mod with a shitty fan base.
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