Trainwreck Kanadajin3 / Miranda Ann "Mira" Constable - The Canadian Japanese Idol.


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After @Ryker posted an ED article in the PixiTeri thread, I wanted to learn more about the fall-out of Mira and co. I have Sharla and a few other J-vloggers (Japanese vloggers) on my subs list and noticed that Mira wasn't doing any collabs with them anymore. Never bothered to look in to it, until now...

Mira is a Canadian J-vlogger that likes to believe that she knows more about Japan and its culture than the locals. She is a high school drop-out that can barely speak English (let alone Japanese) and has worked as an English tutor and at a hostess club. Before she arrived in Japan, she married a Japanese man and followed him there... Once he wanted to move back West for work, she divorced him. It is up in the air about her Visa, but people are speculating that she only has a few months left on it or that she's married another guy just to get a marriage Visa. (Something she states that she absolutely abhors!)

Misc bits:

-- Says her job is YouTube, but it is clearly not enough monies to cover the size of her apartment and brand fashions.
-- Believes that she is a Japanese Idol and must wear a mask so not to be piled on by her loyal fans.
-- Adds sexual innuendo to her screenshots, and even videos of herself bathing for fan service.
-- Has a Housewife in Japan series even though she insists that she is no longer married... And, well, she clearly isn't Japanese. These videos also consist of innuendos and geared towards gaijin fetishists.

The Housewife in Japan series I find to be the creepiest... :'(

The biggest incident happened last summer when it was found out that Mira had been using sockpuppets to try and ruin Rachel's reputation after she did a review on a Chinese knock-offs line. Mira is the ultimate fashion horse and couldn't let this stand! No. No. No.

The accounts of the fail sockpuppeting and spiteful behavior are documented in Rachel & Jun's video.

Mira's condescending response.


If you're catching up,
check out this post with everything you could ever want.

I want to revive this thread because Mira is a trainwreck worth watching and i think a lot of people would enjoy her shennanigans.
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One would wonder if this Canadian J-vlogger tried to become an idol only to be rejected. Then again, one would wonder if she tried. Outside of that, she better find a bachelor because she probably doesn't have enough time left to stay in Japan.


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and this folk is what happen when someone get stuck in their naruto phase, she must not be having many views for 2 things

1)she is using the wrong site, if you want to be a hit in japan you must first play in their territory aka niconicodouga
2) there are better, TRUE and HONEST japanese girls in the internet, there are even streamers, i remember one day wasting like 5 hours seeing a girl eating dinner and playing with alpacas plushies


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I'm still trying to figure out what her actual native language is. Because she keeps pretending it's English and I'd sooner believe she was a native Japanese speaker.
From all accounts she's from a small place outside of Toronto, but it's on the ED article that she said it was too small to be on a map and they had to hunt for food. It wouldn't be out of the question for her to pick up a native dialect.


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God I remember the whole thing with the drama involving her making sockpuppets to harass her fellow youtubers...I think she was going through some psychotic episode at the time because she uploaded a video of her old boyfriend (or fiancee I forgot) verbally and occasionally physically abusing her. Most everyone was horrified that she would even do that and she quickly deleted it.

When she was on her sockputteting rampage she did this:

Fellow J-vlogger Unrested made some good videos on Mira(kanadajin3) as well.


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From all accounts she's from a small place outside of Toronto, but it's on the ED article that she said it was too small to be on a map and they had to hunt for food. It wouldn't be out of the question for her to pick up a native dialect.
I used to live in Ontario, it's definitely not just some rural Ontario dialect. It's also not like Aboriginal languages of the region or French. She's like Ukrainian or something.

It's really easy to see here:

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Her accent is nothing like a Ukrainian accent. The way she pronounces some words reminds me of Germans who have been in the US for a very long time, but her accent isn't European. I agree that she sounds like she has a flat regional accent.

The thing about her demands that you don't offend people in Japan is:

a) she exaggerates everything
b) according to the Japanese people I know, Japanese who are not xenophobic understand gaijin don't necessarily know the rules and are very understanding and accommodating when people make etiquette errors. If you live and work there expectations are a bit higher, but generally the harsh judgement is reserved for people who either dislike gaijin (and thus nothing you do will be good enough) or from people in more rural areas where gaijin are uncommon.

Generally when Japanese people come over here (Australia) they will ask a million questions about how things are done and want to be corrected when they make mistakes. It's the same when foreigners go to Japan, generally people want to learn and generally they are only too happy to help correct any mistakes and fill you in on the correct thing to do. It's only if you're really obnoxious and don't try to learn that people will lose respect for you.

This is based on years of friendship with Japanese exchange students and teachers so it's not universal, of course, but I'm pretty sure they know more about what Japanese people think of gaijin than Kanadajin does.
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I don't hear the Ukrainian? It still sounds like a flat native tone, to me. (Not implying that she's native, just picked up the dialect from living in a smaller community. Jeebus knows I have a similar issue, and I'm native.) It could also just be a mish-mash. (:_(

Yeah I guess I misspoke, I don't think she has a Ukrainian accent per se, but she reminds me of the almost-there-but-not-quite English that the Eastern European kids would speak when I lived around there. Namely, she doesn't aspirate her stops right, she doesn't do tense/lax vowels properly and she's got some weird "syllable-timed" prosody thing going. (She's also super white and has an odd face, which also reminds me of that group.)