Trainwreck Kanadajin3 / Miranda Ann "Mira" Constable - The Canadian Japanese Idol.


Absolutely AFABulous
She's apparently gone back and applied a blur over her face in her videos.
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Selections stolen from Lolcow Farm. I love how she's burning every bridge to the ground, except for Taliban-tier fundamentalism. It's going to be hilarious when this phase burns out. It's like watching a little kid melt down and rip up his whole book report because you pointed out a spelling error. Everything she does is so childish, it's not even teenager-tier, it's like she's 8 years old.
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It looks like she must have gone on a rant about women eating solo at restaurants.
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Gotta love Mira disrespecting Muslim women on Muslim Twitter as just "chicks with scarfs on their heads". Every time she locks horns with an Muslim over Islam the salt flows heavy. Telling someone that a woman wanting to drive on her own is akin to hiding things from her family. These women aren't trying to be secret agents Mira. They just want more independence.

Someone should ask Mira if she needs fake Saudi husband's permission to tweet.


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So what's Mira been up to?

Well, she had to google the word "vapid" and denies having BDP while describing herself as completely without a personality and clinging to whatever persona passes her fancy. Because it's completely normal to depend on other people to order for you in restaurants as a teen, think that a house full of furniture means your life will now be meaningful, and that it's totally normal to dump someone for becoming vegan, but weird to break up with someone if you like someone else (Rodi-San, you are not allowed to like your girlfriend more than Mira! That's not a good enough reason to refuse to dump her! Mira isn't even vegan and she wears a burka now!)
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KM can't just be a weeb visiting Japan like he's planned for a while - he has to be out to get Mira (who may not even live there anymore). For all her big talk about how her husband will beat up anyone who looks at her cross eyed, she sure seems uneasy about idea of running into her harmless former white knight.

I love how she pretends she isn't the one who outright scammed $45k from him, $15k of which was an unpaid loan. Her life is in danger because someone politely asked her to pay him back! He will very dangerously request a reasonable repayment schedule, which is basically murder!


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"English teacher" Mira is still trying to un-teach people the English language, and dumb down advanced level English composition writing to her own 4th grade level of understanding. Facepalm does not begin to describe the feeling of reading these interactions.
CTNb9FV.jpgスクリーンショット 2019-09-17 9.35.08.png

She's also pretending she's still in Japan by making videos... of her playing video game about being in Japan. She couldn't have more clearly run out of pre filmed content. She claims she refuses to make any more live Japan videos until she moves to Saudi Arabia. Yeah.
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I was cleaning my hard drive and found two old videos from the pre-Islamic era which I downloaded a while back when some of her old videos were re-uploaded on WBM, AKA the one where she went to Tokyo Rainbow Pride (very haram for a homophobe like her) and the one where she said she wasn't going to teach her future children English. Enjoy the vintage Mira.



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>The end of Kanadajin3

Yeah, no, Kanadajin3 ended a long time ago. It was replaced by "Wahhabistjin3" in 2017.

Also, who the fuck wants to watch her play games?
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Tasty Tatty
Click a random timestamp and "omg, arab coffee is much better than regular coffee"

what is even "regular" coffee, Mira. All coffee comes from somewhere.

That and the "my new thing I shill for is better than yours".

Maggots on a Train v2

new and improved account
There's the final confirmation that she's back in Canada. I suspect that she's been back as long as the potato chip pounder has been a feature.

simulated goat

Even a gynecologist can't tell the difference
Poor Mira always restarting her life.

Personally I can't wait until 2025 when she undoubtedly converts to Mormonism and moves to Utah.
But she doesn't have to move to Utah, there's a huge contingent of FLDS (the strict kind with multiple wives and frumpy dress codes for women) off in the boonies near Calgary. She'd fit right in.


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Mira dump. She bewails that people fetishize Saudi clothing and culture (looooool), still can't spell the words "stalker" or "slander", and doesn't understand what constitutes content misuse.
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>Normal people don't hate people
I take that she doesn't consider herself normal then?

Tasty Tatty
At least she's consistent. I'm gonna give her that. Many so-called hijabies put a fancy scarf around their heads while wearing very western clothing that I'm sure is considered haram. Mira wearing a niqab is something many of these "hijab is freedom!" whores would never do themselves.

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