Trainwreck Kanadajin3 / Miranda Ann "Mira" Constable - The Canadian Japanese Idol Turned Saudi Arabia Stan


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Mira confirmed to be posting from Canada despite claiming to be in Japan


The only person who fell for Nulls April fools
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There's a party in my pants and you're invited.
Is she the Canadian who moved to japan so that she could do fuckin' creepy loli porn then her visa expired so she had to come back to her hometown


Apathetic at best.
Is she the Canadian who moved to japan so that she could do fuckin' creepy loli porn then her visa expired so she had to come back to her hometown
I feel like you mean Yuka Chan ( who isn't doing that great either). Miranda I think wanted to be a Japanese house wife.


On second thought this applies to so many failed western "idols". Lmao.
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A Sign

Can you imagine the cover-up if she did try to be a porn actress?(and god forbid she had to do some lesbian stuff) Though tkyosam, and random brown guys won't have been the only men who give her anal or she sucked off.

No sons for Husband yet? No daughters to marry off to creepy old men? Do your duty as a Muslim woman Mira!

How much longer are you going to pretend that you are in Japan? Isn't lying Haram?

She probably justifies it as taqiyya in some crackpot scheme to help bring about the glorious nippon caliphate, which would somehow result in her getting a visa to stay in japan permanently and a paid trip to saudi arabia. After all she is stupider than a bag of rocks

Tasty Tatty
Anything to not be considered some uneducated basic white bitch, right Mira? Even if it means joining a religion that considers your kind (white women) whores who deserve to be raped.

Her accent is aaaaaaall over the place. Not sure her target audience is gonna be able to understand her.

Not that "Saudi niquabiis in Japan" is a target audience.
No, but islamic women who have convinced themselves that their male relatives keeping them at home and only allowing them out with more male vigilance is being treated like "queens" will watch anything that panders to their own delusion.

"Revert" story?
Does she mean convert, or is this some kind of thing?

No she means 'revert.' Muslims are narcissistic and controlling enough to claim everybody is born a muslim but get corrupted or whatever by all the non muslim stuff where they happen to live. So if you become a muslim you're technically 'reverting' cause you were 'born one' rather than converting

Pope Fucker

Vatican Bussy
everybody is born a muslim

Oh really? Now we'll have to baptize embryos in utero and make women give birth in pools of holy water. If the babies still come out muslim, we're going to go a step further and only fuck inside of churches. No terrorist newborns on my watch.

"Working and paying taxes"

She really tried it by mentioning the other stuff but it's obvious she's an attention seeking tard that doesn't want to contribute anything to society.

And if she's so conservative, why didn't she turn into a tradwife? Seriously, why didn't she marry a white man and become a stay at home mom? Aren't they traditional enough for her? It's almost funny that she complains about liberalism even though she went muslim because she's just like every brain dead liberal that supports islam.

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