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Kanadajin3The Canadian Japanese Idol.

Discussion in 'Beauty Parlour' started by HickoryDickory, Feb 22, 2015.

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  1. Signed up to post about her accent.

    She honestly sounds like either a Toronto white girl trying to ape the Japanese ESL accent or a Newfie trying to hide it. I'm actually waiting for her to bust out saying something like trying to tell 3:30pm "tree tirty pee-eeeem" like every Newfie I've ever known. Or possibly someone living on the Ontario side of the Ontario/Quebec border.
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  2. Shit has nobody posted the blackface pic yet? [​IMG]
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    DildoGaggins Triggered

  3. Oh man, that blackface photo...

    Someone called her out on it, she claimed they photoshopped it. The a year[s?] later she said she did it for a week as a "social experiment".
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  4. UGHHH she did that for a WEEK. Good thing she was in Japan where people are polite. How long do you think she would have gotten away with that in the US? Half a day?
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    RobertPaulson They're gonna have to open up my pecs again.

  5. Oh dear. This kind of thing is why people get irritated with her.
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  7. First off, why the fuck is she using Larry the Cable Guy in a J-Vlog?

    I'm wondering if she's partially deaf. There was one girl I knew who could only partially hear until she had surgery at around 7, and so she always sounded like she had an accent when really she just never learned how words were supposed to sound.
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    swingbatta Whale, whale, whale, what have we here.

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