Kanye West kind of sucks - Change my mind.


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He's a good producer and MC, just overrated (or unjustly hated on) by most people. I like his work, but don't love it...except Gold Digger. That's a gem.
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Kanye is a genius, OP probably also thinks Pharell is a shitty pop star and didn't produce most of the best rap of the 2000s (that wasn't Kanye)
I don't see your point. I like Pharell, and have since his early shit. Kanye is no Pharell.

He's a good producer and MC, just overrated (or unjustly hated on) by most people. I like his work, but don't love it...except Gold Digger. That's a gem.
Gold digger's alright sure, but like ALL of Kanye's decent songs, it's a rehash of a better one.
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He's an amazing producer, a great rapper, but a terrible singer. Not even autotune can save it.
I guess Kanye has been one of the few musicians that actually supports Drumph... But in the past, he's been an obvious douche... And in my opinion, the vast majority of the "good" songs he's put out have been shitty de-makes of otherwise good songs. He really doesn't seem to have that much talent to me in the first place. If you disagree, please change my mind with a link to an actually good song he's done. Or don't, I don't really care.
I don't get it either. But then again I don't listen to popular music anymore. Admittedly the only Kanye song I know is a comedy red neck version of such a fucking ho which is just funny.
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Kanye happens to be a very talented producer and rapper, and as such has channeled his energy into making highly respected and acclaimed hip hop music. The way he chooses to portray himself to the public is his own business, and he's not obligated in the slightest to portray his mental issues in any particular way. Not only that, but the way he talks about mental illness could very well be helping him progress, and could help people see their issues in a different light. There is no one standardized treatment for mental illness; everyone who is affected has a slightly different way of coping. The fact that Kanye is able to use it as a part of his public persona is irrelevant.

Also, can you blame him for being cynical? He is possibly the most scrutinized and mocked musician in the world (in some cases with good reason, to be fair). It must be difficult to deal with constant pressure and ridicule from all angles, and this could also be a way of dealing with that.
Full disclosure: I haven't listened to a whole lot of Kanye's stuff, and the only thing I like that I've heard is the first track off of the album Yeezus. I just ran through a number of other tracks and I honestly can't find one that I like.

A lot of music is subjective, and there are definitely stylistic choices. His music does sound like he doesn't really understand a lot about dynamic compression and how to do it properly.

Part of me wants to believe that this one of those stylistic choices but its an odd one. His music falls into the uncanny valley of "lofi" production sound mixed with contemporary and modern production techniques. Perhaps it's an acquired taste.

I've been on a "Godspeed You! Black Emperor" kick and while a completely different genre, that stuff is immaculately produced. This stuff not so much. Maybe I'll return to it in the future but for now I can't say I'm a fan.

Edit: Oh I kind of liked that "Jesus Walks" track he did a long time ago. I didn't realize that was the same guy.
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I can't. His sampling technique, while capable of producing some catchy tracks, is juvenile and simplistic, relying on two-bar loops overlaid with backup musicians and keyboard presets beefing up the notes that somebody else wrote. Although his sampling often recontextualizes classic songs, it's rarely more than adequate when compared to greats in the game and without michael jackson he'd be lost. His drum programming is stilted, blocky and nearly always has the same flow. His entirely synthesized songs are sonically thin and belie a flimsy understanding of synthesis reliant on presets and sound packs. It goes without saying that he can't DJ or scratch and most of the sonic innovations brought about in different albums were just him being a culture vulture, picking apart scenes like industrial and noise for his Yeezus album (for example).

His rapping has improved significantly over the years but IMO hasn't ever touched the heights of masters like Nas or Kane. He's really grown into his character, howevs, and displays far greater competence now than he did back when.

He's good, better than most when you consider the whole package.

Overrated, tho. I feel like he popped in at a time when audiences had been trained to expect less and less from hip hop while simultaneously remembering how good it once was, to the point where the vague allusions to 90's golden age vibes that people got from tracks like 'through the wire' really helped make Ye's career a success. It was nostalgia for an old sound that put him into orbit.

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Kanye: Wearing the MAGA cap makes me feel like I have SUPERPOWERS! That was a paraphrase of a real line that Darkscythe featured in that video.
He also says bipolar is a superpowrr. I can't believe Kanye West said a troll line. BTW did you guys hear Kanye said Bush hates blacks, my fellow up to date broskis?


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Haven't really listened to Kanye myself, but I only know a single song of his because of Saints Row ("Power", if you don't know which one), and it's really catchy. Maybe I'll try listening to some of his tracks later.

And people who say his wife is a ho are wrong. She's not a ho, she's a HObbit.


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Just listen to College Dropout or Late Registration. If you don't like those you probably wont like his other stuff. The chances of not liking them are, however, pretty slim.

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Late and gay - but I don't think most really could convince you. I like his music for the most part, but a fair portion of it is just mediocre or downright not very moving, albeit original. He reminds me of a one-man Radiohead: very popular, several great tunes, but a catalog rife with tracks that just don't connect.


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I love Ye cause he wears his heart on his sleeve and he speaks some real shit about his personal life. Also he's probably legit autistic.


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