Careercow Kanye West - Arrogant Rapper With a God Complex Who Likes His Asshole Fingered

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Since everyone and their brother is getting a fucking shitposting thread, despite the "lolcows aren't celebrities" rule, I figured why the fuck not?

Kanye West is a rapper of debatable talent with a history of arrogant behavior and strange statements. He has stated that the Bible should be revised to include him in it, his greatest regret is that he'll never be able to see himself perform live, and there was also that time he interrupted a VMA acceptance speech:

Most recently, he's been going on an epic sperg out on Twitter against his ex Amber Rose and her new boyfriend/husband (I'm not sure which), meth addict Wiz Khalifa. Also, he apparently likes getting fingers up his ass.
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Show me the way cuz they're tryna break me down
saving it rn
EDIT: Def-Jam Records shit

Rocafella Records shit, fuck Kanyeezy for making me do this. Fuck you Kanye. Fuck you and your big-ass image dump on twitter. If you say you fucking forgot something and then post a billion pages again I will fucking murder your ass.
EDIT: Kanye for on page 2, grab it if you don't want to download 2 zips


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street guy

Show me the way cuz they're tryna break me down
Okay, apparently he posted the number of some dude from Forbes. In copyable form: +1 (917) 532-4792.
also who the fuck is baby putin. by the way Kanye apparently namedropped his godfather Irving and his best friend Robert
By the way who the fuck is Hitboy? i aint ever heard of him gimmie a wikipedia page
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This post looked non-retarded enough to post:
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