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I would love to see the deleted scenes of all this going on Keeping up with the Kardashians.
Kim: everything is fine, I got it all under control.
Kanye: *is in the background, recording himself pissing on his Grammy*.
The only reality show needed is one that follows celebrities to their mental health episodes.

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You’d think a man with as much money as Kanye could afford a nicer toilet.
It looks like one of those low-flow toilets, and there's absolutely NOTHING nice about them

We have two of them at the house, one up and one down. The one down has a wider bowl but the water is so close to your ass, you have to wipe extra or take a shower afterwards because of the constant splashback. The one upstairs needs to be cleaned more than the one downstairs because the water is so low and the flush is so quick, it barely cleans the rest of the inside of the bowl. Also changing the cover of the one upstairs is more of a pain in the ass because you have to get down on your knees (or lay on the floor) and reach BEHIND the bowl to unscrew the screws rather than unscrew it easily from the bottom like every other toilet bowl.

For the record, the toilets came with the house, and a chink bitch was the previous owner before we bought it, so take that for what it's worth.

Every man who even touches a Kardashian is destined to dive down into the depths of lunacy. Bruce Jenner, Scott Disick (fuck that annoying cunt faggot btw), and Kanye.

I swear, it has to be some kind of divine punishment for Robert Kardashian getting OJ off scot-free for his murder of Nicole Brown. Serves them right. Hope that curse elevates to fucking Kennedy levels of disaster someday.