Careercow Kanye West - Arrogant Rapper With a God Complex Who Likes His Asshole Fingered


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I support a Kanye thread but he's not a lolcow. He's a hugely successful musician and industry tastemaker. Would you call John Lennon or Elvis lolcows for their publicity driven antics?
Elvis took so many pills he shat himself to death on his toilet and John Lennon stuck an unused menses pad on his forehead during a drunken scuffle with a waitress. Just because they were successful in their music careers doesn't mean they were functioning mentally at a level all adults should by their ages. If they were alive now, they'd definitely be lolcows.

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I mean, to be fair, he's treating the Grammy with about the same level of prestige and dignity that it deserves. No real loss there.
This. Everything else about him aside, him telling off record labels and taking the literal piss out of a meaningless participation trophy with far too much value placed on it by name is equal parts true and thoroughly based.