Careercow Kanye West - Arrogant Rapper With a God Complex Who Likes His Asshole Fingered

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No, that was R Kelly.

Sorry, it's niggers. I just can't tell them apart. Especially if they're famous for both deviancy and shitty music that I never listen to unless forced to.

There have been exactly TWO good black musicians. Their names are Jimi Hendrix and Bob Marley, and both are long dead.

*edit* wtf you ppl have against the Left-handed Guitar God and Dreadlocked Rasta-man? Fuckin racists! :sighduck:
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Kanye has never been the same since his mom died. It's actually quite interesting how great Kanye's life story is. He started out as a painter with his mother's full support then he turned to rap and released his first mixtape that he recorded after a car accident when his jaw was wired shut.


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The man is a fucking lolcow, doesn't matter how much money, wealth, or power he has, he's a total fucking lolcow, and we will laugh at him.
It's actually one of the things I disagreed with Null on, the "No Celebrities" rule. Sure most celebs are a bit lolcowish from time to time, but when you go as far into the pasture as Kanye has it kinda creates an exception. There have been absolute fucking nobodies who got threads for way less and those threads end up dying out a week later because those people were flash in the pan and boring as fuck afterwards. Excluding all celebrities was denying us a viable source of lulz. Not to mention he outright decided Anita Sarkeesian was a celebrity while much more well known internet personalities had threads here.

And frankly, Kanye is more consistently entertaining with his egotistical, insane bullshit on his worst days than most lolcows are on their best.


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Off topic, but it is pretty interesting out of all the things that goes on in Kanye’s world, he’s still bringing up J. Cole up for some reason.

Cole also subliminally mentioned Kanye and Pusha T on his hit song, “MIDDLE CHILD”.

Source for those mentioned here:


He also tweeted that he wanted to talk to random billionaires like the CEO of Netflix, to the likes of Kendrick Lamar and Taylor Swift. Though, I don’t know if the latter is going to happen.

Didn't he say before that slavery was a choice?
If I recall, Kanye made the mistake of apologizing while not being able to fully articulate his words.
He mentioned being mentally enslaved to what society tells us to think, like being shamed into being a victim over something you never did or participated him. The media machine then proved him right, but he didn’t realize the real power of what happens when celebrity culture can make your words more powerful than they appear.

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I want Kanye 2024 just to see what happens. From a safe distance.
If he starts it early enough to get on all the ballots, instead of 1 week after major deadlines, he's a real threat to the Dems and a minor spoiler for the Republicans.

Better yet, Trump's organization will be newly freed up and ready to work for another celebrity candidate.


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I don't even know if he is truly bipolar and in needing of some heavy drugs and a psych evaluation or if he's doing it for the media. At this point it is hard to tell because with the amount of idiots shitting their opinions/content on a daily basis, you have to do some pretty stupid stuff to stay relevant.
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