Kara Edwards / karaedwards - Voice Actor, Willing to Lie in An Affidavit

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Far Queue

After the recent storm on Twitter surrounding her affidavit and inconsistencies surrounding it, I think it's about time she earned her own thread. Between her affidavit in which she spins a story so fraught with dread and fright that you have to wonder if she's trying to upstage Monica's own sordid tale of her assault at the hands of Victor Mignogna. Shortly after MoRonica's TCPA became available, people began finding inconsistencies in Kara's account of events and began questioning her on Twitter. This resulted in over 200 tweets (archive) being archived over a several day period, perhaps even outstripping Ron Toye in terms of volume.

Kara seems to have slipped under the radar to a certain extent, and it's hard to fault anyone given the complete inability for this case to slow down or new characters to stop interjecting themselves into this matter. But Kara, as we'll soon discuss was a bit of a late comer. So limited was her early involvement, that the main article in the Weeb Wars thread (link) bears no mention of Kara's name at all.

However, in light of recent events, it has become clear that Kara is a much large player in all of this, and it's likely that she will continue to be as this case moves forward. Many of us have caught small bits and pieces of Kara's part in all of this, but it has typically been scattered across posts with dozens of pages between, or even throughout different threads, making the narrative difficult to follow. This thread seeks to remedy that by compiling all of that information into a single place and to chronicle Kara's involvement in this story as it continues to develop.

Because I am in the process of creating a detailed write up of Kara's involvement in all of this and I expect it to be quite long and contain a large number of tweets or excerpts from other sources (as well as some of my own commentary on various aspects of this story), I will be using spoiler tags to break things into different sections. This should improve both readability as well as navigation and make it easier to incorporate future developments involving Kara into this post.

We've already had her dox (tip of the hat to @ShortRound) which can be found in full (link) in the main Weeb Wars thread. You can visit that post for additional details or proof, but I'll repeat some of the basic summary information here.

Kara Janet Edwards


1814 McAdams AVE
Dallas, Texas 75224

DOB: February 2, 1977
Twitter: https://twitter.com/karaedwards
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/karaedwardsvo
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/karavoice

Before we get into the events of this past week, let's go back to when everything when down, January 16, 2019. On this day, Kara said— nothing. Unless Kara managed to tweet about Vic without someone managing to archive those tweets prior to her deleting them, she had absolutely no comments on Twitter for all of January (1/21 - 1/30 archive, 1/15 - 1/21 archive) and it wasn't until February 5th when she would first comment on the situation in response to a tweet from Monica Rial.


(link) (archive)

A few days later, Kara would contact Funimation HR (specifically Trina Simon) with her account of of the various encounters between herself and Vic Mignogna since they first met in 2008.


Affidavit of Kara Edwards - p. 307 Rial and Toye's TCPA Motion

It strikes me as odd how someone like Kara who would later go on to claim an extensive history or harassment or mistreatment at the hands of Vic could go almost 3 weeks without making any comment on the situation at all, while people were seemingly crawling out of the woodwork to dogpile on Vic and heap accusations on him. Although Kara would later go on to state that she had told many people about these events, apparently zero of them were Funimation HR or any of the other voice actors or individuals who would have filed complaints against Vic that would serve as part of Tammi Denbow's investigation.


(link) (archive)

Kara would make additional posts in response to the controversy over the next two days, coming out in support of victims and telling Monica that her strength (this in response to Monica's "IT HAPPENED TO ME" tweet) would inspire others to come out with stories. It certainly seemed to inspire Kara, because the very next day it appeared as though she had a story of her own to tell. However, she just wasn't quite ready to share it with anyone publicly just quite yet.


(link) (archive)


(link) (archive)


(link) (archive)

It should be noted that at this time there were already approximately one dozen conventions that had canceled Vic's invitations, ANN had released their smear piece (archive) featuring images of supposedly scandalous interactions between Vic and fans (which would later feature several retractions after the actual parties involved spoke out), and Funimation had even already fired Vic, though they would not confirm this to the press until approximately one week later on February 5th. Event Rooster Teeth had publicly ended their professional relationship with Vic Mignogna by that point (archive). When everyone else seemed to be rushing in with accusations, for some reason Kara was holding back.

As we've already seen and will soon discuss in greater detail, Kara shared her story privately via email with Trina Simon on February 8th, but on Twitter she remained relatively quiet. She never called out Vic by name as so many others had, and perhaps this is what allowed her to largely pass beneath our notice for so long, but the implication was still certainly there. She would make scattered replies in support of victims or to other things such as Jamie Marchi's GoFundMe campaign for SCESA (link) which evaded reaching its target goal just as Jamie herself would soon go on to evade service. There was one other interesting tweet in that same time frame that stands out much more now than it might have at the time. Methinks the lady doth protest too much.


(link) (archive)


(link) (archive)


(link) (archive)


(link) (archive)

There would be a few mentions, but still not direct public accusation. Kara would even manage to attend Kameha Con in early April. Unlike Monica she apparently did not fear for her safety, but she did take the time to tell everyone that part of her sales would be donated to a local charity that provides support to victims of sexual assault. This might be the part where you think that Kara has a big heart, but if she's ever done something like this before or since she's made absolutely no mention of it on Twitter. This calls to mind the world "calculated" far more easily than it does the word "compassionate." For a charity so near and dear to her heart, it's particularly peculiar (say that five times fast) that this is the only time she's ever talked about it on Twitter (archive).


(link) (archive)


(link) (archive)

After that, Kara had very little to say on Twitter and time crept on. It wouldn't be until July 19th when the contents of Rial and Toye's TCPA motion and as a result the affidavit of Kara Edwards. However, before we discuss the outcry against Kara that began just one week ago, we should stop and examine the allegations that she's raised against Vic in the various statements that she's made.

Although Kara was keeping a very low public profile, it eventually became clear that behind the scenes she had been speaking out. As we saw from her earlier email, Kara had contacted Funimation HR on February 8th. Incidentally this was over a week after he had been officially terminated via phone by Tammi Denbow and another executive at Sony. Although Funimation had yet to make a public statement confirming that Vic had been terminated, the had confirmed to Anime News Network three days prior that he had been replaced in his role for one of their shows that had just began streaming in early January (archive). Below are the allegations that Kara would levy against Vic in her email to Funimation.


Before delving in to that further though, I think there are two important points to be raised. First, who are the several people that have been in contact with Kara and what correspondence did they have with her in regards to this manner? It might be unfortunate for a certain group of people if they were seen to be acting in concert. The second is that "I've typed out a statement with the things I can remember— though new memories keep popping up the more I speak to various witnesses that were there for our interactions." is some of the most unfortunate phrasing in existence and seriously calls into question much of what you relate. Are your statements a reflection of your own memories or something that has been tainted by suggestions of the several people who had seemingly been urging you to go forward with this?

To Whom It May Concern,

In 2008, I attended a convention in North Carolina called Animazement. There, I met a voice actor named Vic Mignogna. It was a friendly interaction and we did several panels together. During one panel, he grabbed my leg during a funny moment- he then slid his hand high up my thigh, which I thought was just in jest. At a later panel- he seductively grabbed me in a “tango” dance move. I thought it was all a show for the fans- so I laughed it off. In hindsight, I realize those were his first “moves”. On the final night of the convention, we walked to our hotel rooms (which were next door to each other) together. He hugged me, which seemed normal at first- but the hug became more intimate and lasted a long time. I became very uncomfortable. I was finally able to pull away and I went inside my room. After a few minutes, I heard a light knock on the door in between the two hotel rooms. After several light knocks, they began to get louder and louder. I was frozen, as I knew it was Vic knocking on the door. Then they stopped. My hotel phone rang. It was Vic. He asked me to unlock the door and let him in, “It’ll be our little secret”. I reminded him that I was married and made a few light hearted jokes to ease the situation. I wished him a good night. A few minutes later, the knocks began again. He began calling to me through the door, “Let me in, Kara. You know you want this.” I ran into the bathroom and turned on the shower. I sat on the bathroom floor for almost an hour with the shower running. The next morning I flew home.

A couple of years later, I attended a convention called ShadowCon in Florida. At this point, I had run into Vic a few times at Funimation- and despite hugs that lasted too long and a few leering stares, I wasn’t too concerned for my safety. Almost immediately, Vic found a way to corner me, alone. He asked me to swing by his hotel room on our way to a panel to get something he forgot. There wasn’t anything. He sat on the sofa in the room and motioned for me to sit in the chair nearby. He wanted to see how I was doing since he knew I was going through a divorce. We talked casually, then he put his hand on my leg and began rubbing my thigh. I stood up and said we needed to go. He walked around in front of me- blocking me from the door. He got on his knees in front of me and grabbed my legs- rubbing my back thighs. He said, “Let me be sweet to you.” I was frozen momentarily but said again that we needed to go. He became more insistent, standing up and pressing his face to mine- whispering, “let me be sweet to you.” I broke away and left the room. I immediately reported this to the head of guest relations- Mary Reese. She said she’d stay with me personally so I couldn’t be cornered again- which she did. During this convention, I observed Vic yelling at con staff, creating constant scenes at every turn. When it came time for our autographs- he insisted I be moved to a different room, ensuring all of the fans would go to him and not me. I saw this as “punishment” for my actions and told Mary I feared for my career- as Vic was very powerful.

I can’t remember the dates/locations of these events- but I do remember the events. At one con, I met Vic’s fiancé, Michelle. She was very rude to me. Vic made it a point to tell me, “She’s so jealous of you. She knows how attracted I am to you.” I was so uncomfortable and made a point to speak to Michelle many times over the weekend, trying to assure her I had absolutely no interest in Vic. The next con I saw Vic at, he was again hitting on me. Trying to push him away while still being “kind” (as us southern women are taught to do) I said, “Vic- I know your fiancé”. He responded, “Come on, you don’t know her that well.” This was our usual interaction- him coming on to me and me trying to push him off.

A bit later, Vic contacted me to see if I was interested in joining his Star Trek series as a one time guest. I auditioned and was cast in the role of Dr. McKenna. When he was in town, we met for dinner to talk about the part. I was careful to keep professional boundaries- which clearly annoyed Vic. A short time later, Vic called to say he had recast the role and was giving the part to his fiancé Michelle. He told me she was so jealous of me, that she wouldn’t allow me to work with him.

My final interaction with Vic was last year, when he cast me in a small part in an anime he was directing. When I got in the booth, he made a point to shower praise on me to the engineer. It was very awkward, and reminded me of the many times over the years he made me feel uncomfortable or afraid.

I absolutely believe the allegations against Vic. I believe them because of my own experiences with vic’s sexual harassments and come-ons. I do not ever want to see Vic Mignogna again and will not attend any convention or work for any company that hires him moving forward.

Furthermore, I’ve told these stories to dozens of people over the years. Actors, producers, con chairs, engineers- and I’ve never been heard. I’m thankful that people are finally listening, but I’m gutted to realize how many of us had to be victimized to get here.

I hope appropriated action is taken, immediately.

Kara Edwards

Her claim of telling dozens of people over the years, seems to match up with her tweet from just the previous day (archive) and sheds more light on this. Dozens of people: actors, producers, convention chairs, and even engineers, but at no point does she actually name one outside of Mary Reese at ShadoCon. She also mentions that she will not attend any conventions that Mignogna attends, but as we have already seen she had not only agreed to attend Kamehacon (which had announced Mignogna's invitation and later re-invitation) but also followed through with attending, despite Vic being present. Perhaps that's because she seemingly had to fight quite hard for an invitation to Kameha Con and couldn't pass up the opportunity, but we'll explore that in more depth later.


(link) (archive)

But Funimation wasn't the only person that Kara had contacted. Her stories also featured quite prominently in an io9 article (archive) by Beth Elderkin, who we should pause to note has been welcomed to the party (archive). Many Kiwis had speculated at the time that Kara Edwards was behind one of the stories in the article, but many were convinced that she was Gretchen based off the story of unsolicited tickling matching up quite closely with an event that had been captured on video (link) where Vic and Kara are sitting next to each other on a panel at Animazement 2008. However, Kara was actually Rachel who had a much different story to tell, which is included below:

Several people in the anime industry, speaking under the condition of anonymity, shared with io9 their experiences with the voice actor. Rachel (not her real name) recounted with io9 two experiences she says she had with Mignogna. She said the first one, which Mignogna has denied, happened at a convention in 2008. She said a relatively friendly weekend turned uncomfortable when, outside their adjacent hotel room doors, Mignogna grabbed her in a tight embrace and wouldn’t let go, even as she tried to pull away. Like Charlotte, she knew he was in a relationship. She then went into her room, which shared a door with his. That’s when the knocking started.

“I heard a slow knocking on the door that was between our two rooms. I knew it was him so I ignored it. And just after two minutes, the hotel room phone rings. And I answered it, and it was Vic. I remember he said, ‘Open the door, nobody has to know,’’” she said.
She said he continued to knock on the door, and the phone rang at least one more time, until she stepped into the bathroom and turned on the shower—sitting on the bathroom floor for up to an hour, shaking.

The second situation happened at a separate convention a couple of years later. Rachel said she had agreed to stop by his room briefly. She said he invited her to sit down on the couch in the front room of the suite, and after a brief conversation she claims he knelt in front of her and began rubbing the backs of her thighs, and said: “Let me be sweet to you.”

Rachel told io9 she then got up to leave—only for Mignogna to stand up, embrace her tightly, and press his face against hers. She tried to get out of his embrace but says he wouldn’t loosen his hold. She kept giving him reasons why he should stop, like reminding him he had a girlfriend, but he kept repeating the same line—“Let me be sweet to you”—over and over, at least five or six times, she said. Rachel says she eventually got out of his embrace and left the hotel room, and later told the con’s guest services manager about the incident (the manager confirmed to io9 that they had been told).
Mignogna acknowledged this event happened, including that he rubbed the backs of Rachel’s thighs, but said the encounter was consensual. He also said that, to his recollection, they had shared a bottle of wine, were “probably” in her room, and had kissed before she pulled away and asked that they stop, which he says he immediately agreed to and left her room. Rachel responded by denying they ever kissed and that she doesn’t recall drinking wine with him. Both she and the guest services manager separately stated she had been in Mignogna’s room.

Rachel says she did not report the incident to hotel management or to the police because she feared Mignogna would attempt to negatively impact her career. “He’s very well known in the industry—very, very powerful in our industry,” she said.

According to the guest services manager and Rachel, in apparent retaliation after his sexual advances were rebuffed, Mignogna requested that Rachel be moved to another room for their previously scheduled joint autograph signing session (Mignogna denied doing this). Rachel said she spent the two-hour session alone, as most fans were there to see him.

Unlike the wild yarn spun by Monica Rial where the story seemed to shift with each retelling, Kara provides a fairly consistent account of events. There are some minor differences though that might be worth pointing out:
  • In her email to Funimation, Kara alleges Vic saying "It'll be our little secret" on the telephone. In the i09 article she remembers him saying, "Open the door, nobody has to know."
  • In her email to Funimation, after the alleged phone call Vic calls to her through the door between their adjoining rooms. In the i09 article she only mentions the knocking, but also alleges that he called a second time on the phone.
  • In the io9 article, Vic is reported as saying "Let me be sweet to you," both before and after Kara states that she attempted to leave. In her email to Funimation, Vic is only described as saying this after she leaves.
  • Similarly, in the io9 article, Kara states that she gave Vic several reasons to stop, but does not mention doing this in her email to Funimation where she states that she broke away and left the room.
  • In her email to Funimation, Kara states she immediately reported this to to Mary Reese, the head of guest relations. The io9 article on the other hand indicates that this occurred "later". It should be noted that Mary Reese would later swear an affidavit (see ¶ 9 in Affidavit of Mary Reese - pg. 326 of Rial and Toye's TCPA motion) that it was the next morning that Kara confided in her.
These are small differences, some of which may exist solely to how Beth Elderkin wrote up her story. However, journalist extraordinaire Nick Rekieta seemed to have gotten ahold of email correspondence between Elderkin and Mignogna, whom Beth reached out to for statement on the article, even though she didn't bother to include most of what he had to say in her article. Below is a screenshot taken of Nick's April 19th stream (link) where he discussed the io9 article among other topics. We can at least see how Elderkin relates Kara's story to Vic. It should be noted that Vic does recall an event similar to this, and even asks if the person in question is Kara Edwards (though that was redacted at the time). However, the first incident that is purported to have occurred at Animazement 2008 is denied outright by Vic and in the second Vic has a very different version of events.



Special thanks to @Nontransferable who was able to locate full copies of this information.


(link) (archive)

Finally, the pieces of the puzzle would come together when Rial and Toye filed their TCPA motion which contained an affidavit from Kara Edwards (see p. 298 of Rial and Toye's TCPA motion). At this point all doubt was removed as to who was behind parts of the io9 article and just what her involvement had been in all of this. Before diving in to what Kara claims in her affidavit, we should discuss one curiosity. It should be noted that Kara's affidavit is signed July 16th, which is a mere three days before the TCPA motion for Rial and Toye was filed. Coupled with Kara's previous and largely hands-off approach to addressing this publicly, we might find it easy to believe that she had no real intention of getting dragged into this as much as she has been. It also seems plausible to imagine that Kara may have even been pressured by a certain group of people into participating to the extent that she has. But we'll discuss all of this more in a motives section that will come after the account of Kara's story has been brought up to the present moment.


Here's the beginning of Kara's account of the 2008 events sworn in her affidavit. So far there aren't any glaring differences between what she has stated here and earlier accounts of events. However, the affidavit picks up immediately with what was alleged to have transpired (recall that Vic outright denies that these events occurred at all) on Sunday evening and completely omits information about leg grabbing or seductive dancing that are present in her Feburary 8th email to Funimation HR.


Here we have some additional details, such as Kara calling her husband before Vic allegedly began knocking on the door connecting their rooms. What Vic is alleged to have said on the phone matches the quote used in the io9 article, which was different from that in the February 8th email. In the affidavit Kara claims to hang up the phone after reminding Vic that she was married, whereas the earlier email also states she made some lighthearted jokes in an attempt to ease the situation. However, in this account at the end of ¶ 6 she indicates that the next morning she related this event to several other people. In her email to Funimation HR, this is not included and Kara merely states that the next morning, she flew home.

The following paragraph is entirely new information that isn't necessarily mentioned in other accounts. However, Kara's February 8th email does contain an account of meeting Vic while he was with Michele at other events, though she states that she recalls neither the dates or locations.


Here Kara starts by stating that she was under the impression that Vic was not interested in her. However, in her email to Funimation HR she mentions that prior to this convention she had run into Vic on multiple occasions at Funimation and received hugs which she felt were uncomfortably long as well as "leering" stares, though she admitted she was not concerned for her safety. In ¶ 10 we receive a slight change in that Vic is alleged to have rubbed her buttocks in addition to her thighs. The remainder of the account is similar to what is described in the io9 article, but the information provided in ¶ 11 is entirely new, or at best only alluded to in a vague way in previous accounts. But what's most interesting is that she does not state telling anyone about this, despite claiming that she immediately reported this event to Mary Reese, the head of guest relations, in her February 9th email.

Despite these events (and the ones she alleges to have taken place two years prior), the following day Kara is having dinner with Mignogna. The events in this paragraph (which continues below) are not mentioned in previous accounts.


So despite the events from two years ago, as well as those on the previous evening, Kara decides go off alone with Vic in an act that could only be described as the type of stupidity displayed by a young woman in a slasher flick leading up to her murder. The events of Saturday are completely absent from Edwards's original email to Funimation HR.

In this account we learn that it wasn't until Sunday morning (as opposed to immediately in the February 8th email) that Kara spoke with Mary Reese regarding Vic's alleged behavior. This is consistent with statements provided by Mary Reese in her own affidavit (Affidavit of Mary Reese ¶ 9 - p. 326 of Rial and Toye's TCPA motion) and may well be the "later" described in the io9 article.


In her affidavit Karen states that she has had several volunteers confide in her about the horrors wrought by Vic Mignogna on helpless convention staff, but in her February 8th email she claims to have observed these things. At first glance ¶ 18 has an implication that she related these events to others immediately, but one could also interpret this as only occurring much later. However, if it were immediate, it does call to question why the hell no one did anything about Vic Mignogna for all of these years. Everyone seems to claim that his behavior is an open secret or that they related their dreadful accounts to other voice actors, but then will also go on to claim that that they felt as though they were the only one or weren't aware that others had been assaulted as well.

There is a moderately well known phenomenon referred to as the birthday paradox (link) where it is shown that if you take 23 random strangers and put them in a room together, there is an odds-even chance that two of them will share a birthday. In much the same way, it is statistically impossible for Vic to have actually done everything of which he's been accused, everyone who allegedly suffered this abuse to have spoken out about it, but everyone to only suddenly come to this realization that it was so pervasive and that it didn't just happen to them over a decade later. Perhaps if this happened to random strangers across the country, but a group as small and tight-knit as the voice acting community? This is where you mash 'X' to doubt.

Finally, ¶ 20 contains Kara's account surrounding her audition and casting for Star Trek Continues. Completely absent from this is any indication that they met in person and discussed this over dinner (which perhaps you realized you'd sound batshit insane to agree to go to given your alleged prior experiences with Vic) as is present in Kara's initial email to Funimation HR. Further recall that in Vic's response to Beth Elderkin's interview for the io9 article that Vic states that it was Kara who suggested that they get together for dinner.


Here Kara expounds on details that she had provided in her email to Funimation HR and additionally relates the sending of that email. It is interesting that she claims that only after sending this email that she learned that Vic had been fired. This should strike those paying attention as odd because Kara replied to a tweet chain from Monica which does not outright state, but heavily implies, that Vic has been fired.


(link) (archive)

But that's not the most interesting part of this page in her affidavit. For that we need to look to ¶ 23 where Kara says that she's turned down three convention invitations already this year because she did not want to attend if Vic would be there. First we should recall that she already earlier attended Kameha Con in Aprile despite Mignogna being in attendance, so one has to wonder how much of an issue she really has. Second, as of the time of this writing (and quite probably the date on which Kara swore her affidavit) there were only eight conventions to which Vic still had an invitation through the remainder of the year (archive). It should also be noted that Kara Edwards hasn't attended more than three conventions since 2012, yet this year she is scheduled for six (archive). Someone has certainly become popular as of late. Contrast this with last fall.


(link) (archive)

The observant reader may be beginning to sense a possible motive here. However, we'll save that for a future section. Suffice to say that Kara Edwards turning down three convention invitations when previously she seemed desperate for one should activate the skeptic senses of even the smoothest of brains.


Kara finishes with a shoutout to the farms and laments the harassment that she has received due to her public information being collected. Your god-damn birthday is on IMDB (link) and someone on Twitter telling you to shut-up doesn't constitute harassment. For anyone paying attention, @ShortRound only dropped her dox (incidentally the first he dropped, and may he drop many more) on July 10th, less than one week before she gave this deposition and well before she would face the brunt of Twitter beginning that weekend when everyone on the internet with at least half a brain collectively called "bullshit" on her story.


(link) (archive)

And just like that, it began. The particular video that's being referenced is the one below. If for some reason the timestamps aren't working, you can skip to 0:40 to get to the part where the point of interest begins.

If you recall back to the Kara's February 8th email, she stated "At a later panel- he seductively grabbed me in a 'tango' dance move." but it's quite clear from the video that she not only initiated the dance, but seemed to have no problems at all during the dance or at any other time in the panel. If Kara gravely offended by her tango with Vic, Kyle Hebert may want to watch out because later in the video (approximately 4:20) Kara begins dancing behind his chair and he plays at waving money at her as though she were a stripper. A second video (link) of this event from a different angle also exists and includes some additional footage of playful interactions between Kara and Vic.


(link) (archive)

Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain! This is already off to a wonderful start. Obviously it's not possible to cover every single interaction, particularly when the blows begin to land so rapidly, but there are still plenty of highlights.


(link) (archive)

And though Kara fought valiantly to head off her attackers, she was locked in battle with a hydra and her efforts futile.


(link) (archive)

For reference, the video in that tweet is one that was taken less than four months later at Nan Desu Kan 2008 (link). The video shows Kara seated next to Vic at a panel, not appearing to be particularly stressed. Keep in mind that just a little over three months prior Kara had spent an hour shaking on the shower floor in her hotel bathroom. Maybe she was contractually obligated to be on that panel as a Funimation employee, but certainly she could have sat farther away from Vic. And she would have done something about it if not for that pesky statute of limitations and her and everyone else's complete and utter lack of understanding of the law.


(link) (archive)

There's an awful lot of repetition. If you read the whole thread for yourself you'll find several dozen permutations of the tweet below. It should be noted that she basically stopped going to conventions all together, attending only 14 conventions between 2011 and 2018 (archive). In case you managed to forget like she did, only three months prior she had attended a convention, Kameha Con, with Vic Mignogna. Strange that she had no problems attending conventions with Vic when she signed up to go or staying when the convention re-invited Vic to the convention.


(link) (archive)

It's also worth baring in mind that this account of events is largely focused around Kara and doesn't seek to explore the tardking growing around her and spreading out in a dozen different directions. But if one day of this shit show wasn't enough, the conversation spilled over into the next day as well.


(link) (archive)

And then the next day after that.

(link) (archive)

By now some additional videos had surfaced, once again showing Kara seemingly unfazed to be around Vic (link). The video below is from a panel that took place on Saturday. Perhaps people read Kara's affidavit because this was the day after she claimed that Vic attempted to trap her in his hotel room after rubbing her thighs and buttocks, and while pressing his face next to hers whispered multiple times, "Let me be sweet to you," a phrase that Kara described as so creepy and disturbing that she would never forget it. But not so creepy and disturbing that she would sit next to Vic on a panel and then hug him (13:45 if the timestamp doesn't work). Although it's completely unrelated to anything, I would be remiss not to mention Batman interrupting the panel at 4:27 in the video.

Can't anyone see that she's trying to start a conversation?


(link) (archive) (response archive)

It doesn't take too long for someone to notice something oddly suspicious in that Kara if following her alleged abuser after all of these years still. Social media isn't the only thing you're not good at Kara.


(link) (archive)

We also get a bit of an explanation as to why Kara hadn't said anything at the beginning of this. It's terribly unfortunate that Kara can't seem to find those tweets now. Now show probably knows how H.W. felt after invading Iraq.


(link) (archive)

Eventually Kara realized that the only way to win is not to play. Whether this 48 hour time window was something she had decided ahead of time or a story that she invented only after the fact we'll never know.


(link) (archive)

There is still some back and forth and responses to tweets for the rest of the day, but true to her word for a change, Kara stopped tweeting about it. Except for the one tweet the next morning just to get the last word in. And then a few more after that. Fortunately for Kara though, the storm had subsided and she'd leave it alone after that.


(link) (archive)


(link) (archive)


(link) (archive)

Well, almost. Begin day four of the incident!


(link) (archive)


(link) (archive)


(link) (archive)

Day 5:


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I think we've all had just about enough.

At this point there's ample reason to believe that Kara has been rather loose with the truth. However, it should be called to recollection that unlike Monica Rial's story which is by all appearances a complete and utter fabrication, Vic admits to having some form of intimate contact with Kara Edwards in 2010 while they were at ShadoCon together. But what might drive Kara to take a consensual encounter and drum it up into the wild series of accusations it has since become.

With Monica it seemed to be simple jealousy. She just wanted a box cover. But what was it that Kara wanted? Those readers with keen memories might recall Kara still attending Kameha Con, even though Vic would be there and even though Kara stated she would never attend any conventions that Vic was also attending on top of the three that she had to turn down. The simple truth of the matter is that Kara doesn't get a lot of convention invites. In fact, there are only 25 that she's listed as having attended by one website that tracks such things.


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And it isn't as though this was something that Kara did by choice. No, Cinderella wanted to go to the ball.


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Even when Kara did get invites, sometimes it didn't always work out as she would have hoped.


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In fact, Kara was becoming quite upset over all of this.


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But what if Kara had an opportunity to to get in tight with a group of people who attended far more, and far larger conventions, perhaps even as many conventions in a single year as she had attended in her entire career? A group of people who might speak with the top brass at those conventions so that she could finally get those invitations she'd been pining for.


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One wonders what price such a group of people might ask or what they could possibly want in return. Only an email and perhaps an interview with agenda-driven journalist writing a hatchet job, and all of this will be done and buried before the blood has even dried? And not only that Kara, but you'll also have a story to sell, a new way to market yourself.


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Sell that product, Kara.

While Kara was being pilloried on Twitter over the contents of her affidavit, one message that she repeated multiple times was that it wasn't just her who could confirm these events. She reported these incidents to the head of head of guest relations who could testify to that fact. Who is this person you might ask. The wench cries Mary.


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Mary Reese was also an affiant in Rial and Toye's TCPA motion (see pp. 323 - 328) who had also somehow escaped attention from the farms, perhaps largely for the same reasons that Kara herself had in that she wasn't active on social media or drawing a lot of attention to herself otherwise. In fact, by the time anyone had even though to look into Ms. Reese at all, she had already protected her Twitter account, not that it would really do her any good. Anyone attempting to be fair might argue that perhaps Mary was merely a very private individual and that her account had always been protected, were it not for earlier archive of one of Kara Edwards's tweets catching a reply from an unprotected Mary. Oh no dear reader, Mary feared the reaper.


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It took approximately 47 minutes from a simple inquiry into whether or not Mary had been doxed (full dox would later be dropped in this post by @JosephTX) yet until the details were confirmed. There was nothing particularly interesting about Mary at first glance. A traffic ticket and a house that should be captioned "Just Florida Things" were perhaps of mild interest, but the truly juicy morsels were yet to be discovered.

In her own affidavit, Mary Reese would claim to meet both Vic Mignogna (see Affidavit of Mary Reese ¶ 3) and Kara Edwards (see ¶ 8) for the first time. In her affidavit Mary would accuse Mignogna of many things including making advances on young women, expressing "diva type" behavior, pushing merchandise on and upselling fans, pulling hair, and generally being horrible to work with among other things. However, Mary also corroborates Kara's story by stating that Kara had in fact reported Vic's alleged behavior to her on Sunday morning.


(Affidavit of Mary Reese - p. 326 Rial and Toye's TCPA Motion)

But it wasn't just the events of the proceeding Saturday and Friday evenings that Kara told Mary about. It was also the events that Kara alleges took place over two years prior at Animazement. If you've began to get your stories as confused as Kara, we should recall that harrowing incident was the one in which Kara supposedly ended up shaking on the bathroom floor for an hour.


(Affidavit of Kara Edwards - p. 301 Rial and Toye's TCPA Motion)

Mary's affidavit goes on to corroborate other things which Kara mentions in her own affidavit such as Kara being moved to a different room for autograph signing (see Affidavit of Kara Edwards ¶¶ 15-16 and Affidavit of Mary Reese ¶¶ 11-12) but also includes one detail that Kara never mentions where she recounts a story of Vic (who even had the audacity to ask her to take a picture of his heinous acts) pulling Kara's hair and jerking her head back (Affidavit of Mary Reese ¶ 13). At no point in her affidavit or her email to Funimation HR does Kara Edwards ever mention that Vic Mignogna pulled her hair. Maybe Mary has Kara confused for someone else, like Jamie Marchi.


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Or maybe she discussed it with Monica Rial. After all, both Monica and Kara Edwards were attendees at Metrocon this year which took place in Tampa Florida from July 11 - 14 (link) (archive). Both Mary Reese and Kara Edwards would swear their affidavits two days later on Tuesday, July 16th.


Now while all of that might look highly suspicious, possibly almost conspiratorial, it doesn't necessarily disprove any of their statements. For that we need to go back almost ten years. Back to November 9, 2010 when Mary Reese posted several photos to her Facebook account two days after ShadoCon 2010.


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As mentioned previously, Mary actually mentions this incident in her affidavit. From the caption of her Facebook post it would appear to be Vic and Kara engaged in some playful activity similar to their onstage tango at Animazement 2008. Mary would describe it differently stating in her affidavit (see Affidavit of Mary Reese ¶ 13) she witnessed Vic "grab Kara Edwards by the back of the head, pull her hair and her head back forcibly. Mignogna was flirting with Kara and pulled her back suggesting that they pose as if they were on the cover of a romance novel." She would also state that Kara was leaning back as far as she could to avoid being kissed by Vic.

This picture unfortunately seemingly suggests an entirely different set of events. It does not appear as though Vic Mignogna is pulling anyone's hair and is at most cradling Kara's head while holding her in a dip pose. While Vic doesn't have the long flowing Fabio-esque hair, nor Kara the voluptuous and ample bosom that are a common trope of romance novel covers, the pose does seem to be styled after them. Although Mary thought this to be flirtatious, Kara apparently didn't take it that way at all.


(Affidavit of Kara Edwards - p. 300 Rial and Toye's TCPA Motion)

But that's hard the most ridiculous part of the lies surrounding this photo. What should really arouse your curiosity is that it was posted by Mary Reese at all. If we are to believe the sworn statements in the affidavits of both Mary Reese and Kara Edwards then only two days prior to this picture being posted, Kara had just spent the morning recounting multiple sexual assaults at the hands of Vic Mignogna as well as threats by Mignogna to ruin Kara's career. Perhaps you could argue that Mary was being somewhat sarcastic. After all she also adds in her caption of that photo "Looks more like a Twilight clip ..." which might carry some sinister undertones. Give a clear lack of sparkle on Vic, surely that must be it.

Mary also describes another incident concerning Vic that evening in her affidavit.


(Affidavit of Mary Reese - p. 327 Rial and Toye's TCPA Motion)

We'll ignore any possible confusion that this seemingly creates as to when Vic was allegedly assaulting Kara Edwards that same evening while this was occurring, but it would seem that Mary Reese was worried about negroes and jazz music Vic Mignogna and piano playing corrupting young white women. A fan recorded video (thanks to @OldAmishRenegade who discovered this) of this event paints a different picture (archive). In the video below (time code 0:49) we can see Vic playing to and singing with a sizeable crowd of fans, male and female alike. At approxiately 3:19 in the video Vic begins a duet with a male fan,

We might be able to conclude from this that Mary is being overly colorful in her recounting of events which occurred almost a decade ago, but have we conclusively shown that Mary is definitely as full of shit as others like Monica Rial have turned out to be? After all, even though we have that captioned photograph of Vic and Kara that doesn't make terribly much sense for Mary to have posted, perhaps a sliver of doubt remains in your mind. If only there were some other picture which might allow us to reach a more definitive conclusion. Fortunately, there is.


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Once again, here we have a picture posted to Facebook by Mary Reese only two days after Kara Edwards must have tearfully explained to Mary what a retched and horrible man Vic Mignogna is and how he had sexually assaulted her only two days prior as well as the time he had attempted to at a convention in 2008 as well. In her affidavit Mary reports how she was a first hand witness to Vic's attempt to enact petty revenge over Kara's spurning of his unwanted advances by having her signing event moved to a different room. And yet here we see Mary posting another photo of Vic, but this time we have a much more accurate description of what transpired.

Vic decided to entertain the crowd. They enjoyed it a lot. Mary "snuck over" and took a photo. I know that when someone spends Sunday morning telling me about how they've been sexually assaulted and threatened by someone, I can hardly wait to make posts on Facebook tagging the alleged perpetrator of these acts and describing them in a pleasant manner. But what really seals the deal is the smiley face at the end of the post. Unless Mary is secretly Ron Toye, we must question what state of mind would possess a woman to smile at someone who almost raped one of her friends. Bitches Juries love smiley faces.

Status: The fifth chapter related to the affidavit of Mary Reese and how she connects to Kara has been completed.
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I'll have to double check, but I think Kara's story about Vic kneeling down and rubbing her legs was in the ANN article. I think Vic confirmed it happened in his answers to the questions they gave him, but said it was entirely consensual.

Rondo Richter Belmont

Edwards is nothing more than a liar and even if she had the faintest thing of truth to her thot mouth, she (Like the rest of the Exceptional VAS in Texas) is still deplorable and equally responsible for letting an alleged predator near others for quite some time.

Doesn't matter how many times she or the other dipshits go "B-B-Buh Vic was too powerful!" when you know people are in potential danger, and resign to do nothing it makes you a bystander.

Honestly, if this cunt thinks that lying for Monica's bloated fatass will have Monica try and speak to Sabat to get roles for her then she's sorely mistaken:If this went to court and the Three Stooges won over Vic, Kara will be left hanging because she fulfilled her purpose;sorry Kara, in a true mean girl fashion you tried to fit in with the "popular clique" who won't pay you up front if they were to win miraculously.

If you or any KickVic clowns are reading this, perjury is a crime and you're a washout voice actress who will end up like Mandy Winn Lee did.

EDIT:Wrong thread, sorry for the unintentional sperging this was supposed to go in Kara's thread.

Far Queue

I'm currently working on the second part of the article (which is partially complete as of this post) and wouldn't mind some help tracking down one particular piece of information that I feel is relevant. It was recently brought to my attention again by a post (link) from @Nontransferable in another thread. I was able to track down the source for those as a stream from Nick several months ago (link with timestamp) but he doesn't show the entire document, which includes Vic's response to the questions concerning the story by Kara Edwards. I suspect that it might be on a different (probably earlier) stream because there's a tweet from Beth Elderkin earlier that day complaining about the interview with Vic being leaked to Nick.


(link) (archive)

Rather than trying to track that minor detail down myself, I'd prefer if I could instead focus on getting the remainder of that section put together. A special thanks to @Nontransferable who was able to track down the full set of images.

Edit: Another question I have is about quoted text inside of a spoiler. In the Preview for the post, mousing over it will allow it to expand, but the actual post doesn't seem to offer that. I used quoted text to avoid putting even more screenshots into the post. I suppose I could switch to nested spoiler tags if that will work better.
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I'm currently working on the second part of the article (which is partially complete as of this post) and wouldn't mind some help tracking down one particular piece of information that I feel is relevant. It was recently brought to my attention again by a post (link) from @Nontransferable in another thread. I was able to track down the source for those as a stream from Nick several months ago (link with timestamp) but he doesn't show the entire document, which includes Vic's response to the questions concerning the story by Kara Edwards. I suspect that it might be on a different (probably earlier) stream because there's a tweet from Beth Elderkin earlier that day complaining about the interview with Vic being leaked to Nick.

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Rather than trying to track that minor detail down myself, I'd prefer if I could instead focus on getting the remainder of that section put together.

Edit: Another question I have is about quoted text inside of a spoiler. In the Preview for the post, mousing over it will allow it to expand, but the actual post doesn't seem to offer that. I used quoted text to avoid putting even more screenshots into the post. I suppose I could switch to nested spoiler tags if that will work better.

Beth Elderkin is such a fucking exceptional individual. Guess what Beth......when the defendants are claiming truth as an affirmative defense then they are gonna have to turn over ALL the info. Especially names of accusers. If you're pouting about identities being leaked then go cry to MoRon and Casey. They are the ones who INSISTED that people wanted their names out there and wanted EVERYTHING to be public instead of accepting Ty's offer of a confidentiality agreement.


Why is it always these no-name cunts on the kickvic side? So she didn't say anything because she was afraid of her career stopping? What career? Didn't help this talentless fuck at all did it?

Like what's you biggest role? Goten? You mean the only Saiyan (Half-Saiyan I guess.) no one gives a fuck about? The one that didn't get any character development since the mid 90s? (aka the end of the DB manga and anime.)

She's like an even more disappointing Monica Rial clone.

Rondo Richter Belmont

Why is it always these no-name cunts on the kickvic side? So she didn't say anything because she was afraid of her career stopping? What career? Didn't help this talentless fuck at all did it?

Like what's you biggest role? Goten? You mean the only Saiyan (Half-Saiyan I guess.) no one gives a fuck about? The one that didn't get any character development since the mid 90s? (aka the end of the DB manga and anime.)

She's like an even more disappointing Monica Rial clone.

Naw, Kara is like a more pathetic irrelevant cunt more than that Terri Dotty bitch and barely more famous than Amanda Winn Lee due to her role as Goten.

Not like means anything, if Laura Bailey can be replaced as Kid Trunks, same could be said for Kara.

That aside, Kara honestly just reeks of that one desperate person who craves attention and popularity who is friends with the main character in a work of fiction;you know? The one sniveling “friend” that readily will abandon the MC and stab anyone in the back, long as they get that sweet, sweet hit of superficial popularity while acknowledged by the “cool kids” for being a thirsty toady.

Kara is sucking up to Monica and hoping that if this goes to court with MoRon (Along with Blamey Harpy) winning over Vic she’ll pathetically tell Monica that she did exactly as the fat cow wanted with her hope that Monica will ask Daddy Sabat to give Kara a few pity roles in her deadass career.

Monica will throw that shit in her face, and Kara won’t see it coming.

Zero Day Defense

"Now come, Samurai. Put on a good show."
A thought occurs. Well, two.

1) What's with these people (Rial, Edwards) not telling their so-called "friend" (Specht) that her boyfriend/fiancé repeatedly tried to cheat on her with them, and then when they actually go and say that he did anything with them, it's not to her, but to the company that contracts them and to the public?

2) Why is Specht cooperating with people that are crappy enough to not have the courtesy to tell her that her fiancé tried to cheat on her with them?

ADD: Actually, one two more thoughts:

3) Were they seriously willing to allow their """friend""" to continue to associate with a supposed sexual predator? Like, were they just going to allow their """"""friend"""""" to be potentially be sexually assaulted herself?

4) Why would Specht cooperate with people that historically have never been concerned about her safety and well-being?
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getting tired of this whole internet thing
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Doesn't matter how many times she or the other dipshits go "B-B-Buh Vic was too powerful!" when you know people are in potential danger, and resign to do nothing it makes you a bystander.

Has anyone ever alleged a single instance of Vic using all this mysterious POWER in the anime industry? As far as I can tell, the biggest power-move he's made is get cons to give him a room for Sunday service at the last minute, and to bump Kara from their same-room signing. If you believe ManJaw (which you shouldn't), he couldn't even commandeer a spare projector on request, and had to "steal" it from our poor crippled asexual heroine.

There was some speculation that he beat out Sabat for the voice of Broly in the movie, but that sounded like it came from Japan instead of Vic. He's only directed a small number of official dubs, I think, but he doesn't seem to have any casting power in the industry since Funi swapped people out when they requested. The only thing he has control over was Star Trek Continues, and that's hardly a career-making vehicle.

What the hell were these people afraid of? That Vic would frown at them? That he wouldn't pose for their Instagram pictures, or share panels at cons?

Maybe that if they spoke up against Vic, someone would start up an outrage mob against them, get fans to white-knight, and spread rumors over social media and get slanderous accounts to get them fired from...



True & Honest Fan
Has anyone ever alleged a single instance of Vic using all this mysterious POWER in the anime industry? As far as I can tell, the biggest power-move he's made is get cons to give him a room for Sunday service at the last minute, and to bump Kara from their same-room signing. If you believe ManJaw (which you shouldn't), he couldn't even commandeer a spare projector on request, and had to "steal" it from our poor crippled asexual heroine.
He directed the entirety of Zodiac Wars (where he coincidentally cast his bestest of pals Daman Mills and Monica Rial, who would never betray him) and episodes 19 and 20 of Claymore. He also scripted the comedy reels for Madlax. That's it.

The only power Vic has in the industry is his ability and charisma.