Karl Damon Smallwood / @KarlSmallwood / Karlswood / FactFiend.com / Big Wangers INC. - That time an Ex-Cracked writer got PTSD from his YouTube comments

Alright so a lot has happened

r/BannedfromFactFiend hasn’t seemingly been privated because of a troll comment (see below). The place was filled with in-fighting and drama anyway but I wish I was on desktop to archive it.

It got privated because Karl got assmad at this joke: View attachment 929853

This isn’t serious accusation Karl, that’s should be obvious that someone’s mocking you for being obsessed with baselessly calling other people bigots as a shield. You literally think not wanting animals to be raped makes you a nazi.

Also, you’re that fragile that your standards of harassment are tagging you in a leddit post. Just close the screen or walk your eyes away, fucking moids smh

Edit: We got a mention.View attachment 929879View attachment 929880

There’s a thread rn which I think encapsulates his Smallwood energy:

Oh lord, he is doing some SEETHE. This level of internet mad and you know that comment hit too close to the mark. I wonder what it will actually turn out to be?

Some drunk college regret/retrorape? Groped some chick a few years ago? Sexually grooming a 14 year old fan with dick picks and weird fetishes? Used his status to coerce sex at a convention?”

Edit 2: Literally all of his recent post history is seething lmao

View attachment 929909View attachment 929910View attachment 929910View attachment 929912View attachment 929913View attachment 929913View attachment 929914View attachment 929915View attachment 929916

Edit 3: took some screens of his twitter rant you can find below. They’re not uploaded because they’re a bit messy https://youtu.be/TNXzVo2q9jE
He’s does collabs with this channel. Comments are open
He has one thread that has 40 posts since July and the majority of the posts are "he's really thin-skinned". What a fag.

I'm going with sex-positive tumblr blog. It's the best way to share dick pics in a safe space.
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Carl Smallwang


It's almost like when you take away your fans voices, they don't like it.
And are going to make you fix it.
How many times did he tell everyone to fuck off again?
How many times did he say he would never kow-tow to us unwashed peasants?
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Bored now.
Hes the ultimate edgelord little fuck nugget internet hard man child isnt he?

"Fuck YouTube"
Fuck your source of income? The reason you can pay bills? The reason you can drink yourself stupid whenever you like?
Grow the fuck up ffs.


I swear it's not cause of my monthly views dwindling I DON'T CARE ABOUT THEM. Nothing to see here, drop a shekel and move along goy.
Carl doesn't care about numbers.jpg


Bored now.
I don't watch it anymore.
He's like a little Manlet behaving like a prepubescent school child and giggling at rude words in the 'dicktionary'.

Doctor Placebo

Somebody asked for brains?
I don't watch it anymore.
He's like a little Manlet behaving like a prepubescent school child and giggling at rude words in the 'dicktionary'.
Why would someone who's last name is Tinypenis (no doubt changed to fit him) find words like "dick" funny? I always assumed he is the way he is because people mocking his name all the time growing up gave him a complex. I figured he'd be the sort who would give you a five minute lecture about how dick jokes are toxic masculinity rape culture.

Our guy back at it again.
This started for a RedBubble commision of Rey with a lighsaber and the legend "girls can't use lightsabers".
View attachment 1086068
Has Tinypenis gotten hit with the consoomer meme yet? Because he should have been bombarded with it over this. Then again, I guess he's blocked anyone who would call out his bullshit.

Carl Smallwang

Just saying that if you ever had had a chance encounter with Karl.
You always know there's another side to the story.
I also find it interesting how he finds the need to cry about every little interaction that rubs him the wrongs way.
This even counts private forums where he isn't even a party to the conversation.
The guy known for sending brigades of loyal fans to shut down dissent anywhere else.
screenshots in tweet.
How dare my fans reach out to me, and get upset when I treat them like a dick.
Screenshot in tweet.
Karl doesn't like it when you post screenshots of his conversations online, the irony...
Guy will hunt for any dissent. and probably views this thread everyday.
With all this guys success, he pisses it away in slap fights with fans he decided to treat like dog shit.
Acting indignant when they decide to tell him the truth.
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The Dude

Bro, don't even bro, bro.
True & Honest Fan
Kinda had a feeling that Karl would turn out to be a fragile, ungrateful, insecure, entitled piss-baby with an unwarranted sense of self-importance and an unjustified sense of superiority. I discovered Fact Fiend a few weeks back and enjoyed their videos. Stupid trivia is something that I enjoy. I mean, you can tell Karl is smugly full of himself, but in kind of a charming way when he's on camera. But as the videos go on the cracks start to show. He can't help but spill his woke spaghetti all over the place, harp about "Orange Man bad", and strut around like he's the smartest motherfucker on Earth. So of course it's no surprise that he can't accept any criticism. If Karl really wants to just be left alone then maybe he should consider, I dunno, getting off YouTube and out of the public eye? Oh, right, he's a narcissist who enjoys parading around and showing everyone how "smart" he is.

Carl Smallwang

Responding to a legit concern with a screenshot of your Youtube sub-count has got to fit the very definition of internet famous...

Classic shit right here ^
The Tweet he is replying to is in response to someone asking what has
happened to Brad. The former co-host of fact fiend.
Brad Rawlinson
There has been suspicions that he had been trying to push
him out of Big Wangers INC. Spending a year and a half of downplaying his role.
And making jabs at him on camera.
He hasn't been in any recent content apparently.
Meaning it maybe already a reality that Brad has been phased out,
and replaced with a team of yes men.

Classic NPC responses to Petes tweet BTW.
Karl the constant "victim" of harassment doesn't miss his chance to bring his own mob.


I wondered what happened to this guy. I was subbed for a few months last year then tapped out when Karl started really ramping up being a dickhead to people.

Willing to bet that Brad leaving the camera for BTS editing work (ie stuff that involves the bare minimum contact with Karl) was mostly Karl's fault.
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