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Youtube has been recommending Tinypenis's videos to me quite a lot lately. You'd think he was Alt Right Playbook or something.

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Carl really loves his fans.
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This is why I knew the Discord was never gonna work or was ever legit. Karl hates his fanbase and makes no secret of it, with basically all of his public interactions being curt at best and often incredibly rude.

I genuinely think the previous Discords weren't nuked because of racist memes or whatever, Karl just immediately realized that now the fans would talk to him and he wouldn't be able to contain it so he flew into a fit and took the servers down.

Fairly sure the only reason this Discord exists is just so that he can do video calls with his staffers and they had the idea of having idiots pay for Nitro to boost the server and get higher quality calls, all in a way that meant no interaction anyway.


Bored now.


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Karl reacting to some YouTube sperglord Robin Hypelord complaining about the comments being removed

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Karl’s video

Update to this post. The guy Karl is reacting to is named Robin Gilliver and recently made news for trying to poison his parents


Poisoning charge after man 'gave parents fly killer'
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The front entrance of Llandudno Magistrates Court

Image captionLlandudno Magistrates Court heard Robin Gilliver gave fly killer to his parents
A man accused of trying to poison his parents with fly killer has appeared in court.
Robin Gilliver, 25, of Connor Crescent, Wrexham, gave poison to Melanie and Philip Gilliver at his home, Llandudno Magistrates Court heard.
He is charged with two counts of administering poison or other noxious substances with intent to injure, annoy or aggrieve on Sunday 12 July.
Mr Gilliver was remanded in custody. No bail application was made.
He will appear before Mold Crown Court in August.


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As crazy as it seems, it doesn't hurt to ignore it and look at the details. Karl did research on this guy. Not only did he find out the guys identity (which would be absurd if he was dumb enough to libel the guy by misidentifying him.) He Also found some secret cannibal discord server from the guy. This reveals as we already know, that Karl definitely keeps tabs on critics, and will and does anything to silence them (reporting the video by the bug killer assassin to youtube for harassment.) Sure a sperg's a sperg. But honestly this is a great moment on video for us to learn from. Other then the usually twitter dm sperg fest.

Also be sure, Karl is definitely here, with us...
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Karls a lying smudge of smegma, if socialblade is at all accurate. £1.3k at least a month.
Socialblade is never accurate!
It doesn't account ad-blockers or skipped ads and average viewtime so on. It just takes the channel views and calculates a theoretical amount of money.
Every view is counted as a view who's monetized (no ad-block, no skipping of ads, no average video viewtime brought into account). TBH, this a absolutely unreliable way to calculate ones income from YouTube, even YouTube analytics are better than that and they suck beaucoup ass too.
I would even go as far and say that tools like socialblade are responsible for all these idiots coming to YouTube and dreaming of making it big, spoken in monetary terms, because they're not reading the small print and taking everything on socialblade as gospel.
If I would have to make an estimate, Smallwood most likely would earn more monthly with a regular 9 to 5 job than with YouTube, but it's definitely not at least 1.3k £ what he makes on YouTube, it's way less than that given how many people use ad-blockers these days. Also noteworthy is that the CPM is calculated only by cpm's from socialblade partners, which means the average YouTuber is way below a cpm of 0.25USD and a cpm of 4 USD is just laughably unrealistic for anone outside the top earning YouTubers.


To be brutally frank, everytime you hear a YouTuber crying about "muh YouTube monies are bad" it's all bullshit, it's just that people using more and more ad-blockers because they're sick and tired of greedy clickbaiting cunts which have 6 ads in a 15 minute video. That's the real reason why they all have Sponsor, Patreon, Subscribestar and so on.
There are top earners at YouTube like PewDiePie and all the other bigshots, no doubt about it, but most YouTubers are barely scraping the bottom of the barrel.

Edit: What I have forgot to mention, even if he would make 1.3k £ a month, that's revenue not income and given the taxes in the UK, well you get the picture.
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