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Regarding all the licence removal, Industry Canada (The regulatory body for Canadian Amateur Radio) Knows exactly what he's up to. A fairly recent ruling in Canada basically means everything he says is considered free speech. And whilst he is also breaking several other technical regulations, Industry Canada is fairly complacent and and will probably do nothing. The guy was/is supposedly in a bit of trouble for using/trying to get (not clear) veteran plates without actually being a veteran. I think there's a photo of his house somewhere, that he posted. I'll attach it. What's interesting is the large dish antennae, We barely use the things in amateur radio normally, the only thing I can think of that he's using these for is Moonbounce or 10Ghz Communication, which suggests that the guy is reasonably technically competent, which makes his behaviour a bit more bizarre. . From what I've read, the guy was a lawyer. I've heard talk about a head injury from several people, but I'm not sure.

Edit: Eh, I'll just link the photo
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From what I've looked into, this frequency 14.313 is pretty much a dumpster fire. It sounds like the ham radio equivalent to shitposting and this Karol Madera is the king of shitposting.
So it's like the radio equivalent of a 4chan containment board. It's easier to just let these loons do whatever on their shitposting frequency rather than strictly enforce the law, even though they're basically breaking it.


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Oh my. My autistic-ham radio-side is pleased with this. I think I have ran to this. The profanity, the way he stretches the words and used pauses between sentences does ring a bell (tough the last two are common habits). What time does he transmits normally? Does he follow the normal message protocol before starting his broadcast and does he just start transmitting nonsense?
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First we got shaner and his train autism now a ham radio cow? Ancient autism is delicious.
Shaner would probably still be shitting up the ham radio scene, but the FCC fines he was slapped with seem to have scared him off. Someone from the Farms put in a FOIA request for Shaner's FCC violations; should be hearing more on that soon.


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No idea on time. If you go to, pick an american station and listen on 14.313, upper sideband. Explaining here how to use it would be long winded and pointless. There's probably a shed load of tutorials on youtube. Most of these guys use pre-recorded tapes looping endlessly, really not OK, but still done. Jamming is fairly common, and music is not unheard of (A really, really crap idea). Yeah, 14.313 is sort of like 4chan, I suppose. Also, I'm only 50 pages through the 327 page thread, what did Shaner do?


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Also, I'm only 50 pages through the 327 page thread, what did Shaner do?
Besides being a shitty person he stole some parts of a historic train after getting kicked out of a rebuild project. Or that is what I understood. Hes been banned from many railstations/railroads and thinks there is a conspiracy against him. He uses sockpupet accounts constantly on Facebook and his senilie brain can't keep up the fake account characters straight. You are in for a entertaining ride!


Bouncing autism off the Ionosphere.
Got the gist of it so far, the FCC bit sounded interesting though. Do we know his call-sign or CB handle, we could ask the HAM radio community about him, some keep recordings and many extensive logs. Perhaps we could ask dear Karol?
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Man old guys can get pissed off.

There used to be this message board for people on the radio, it was called Red and Nater. It turned into a civil war of trolling with professional broadcasters from around the midwest accusing one another of things such as having a gloryhole in their basement, accepting money to shill for political parties and people accusing others of assaulting children in a Nick Bate sort of manner. I trolled a radio message board for my home state for three years until I got bored with it. You get old men talking about politics and you see that autism can become onset with age. Chris has nothing on 60 year old men sperging about Reagan.

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VE7KFM Karol Madera (who is not me, FYI), has been on the shit-list of a handful of amateur radio operators that currently congregate on 14.313 for nearly 15 years now. Some of them were on-air (and online) troublemakers prior to that. KZ8O Mike Guernsey (now facing a $22,000.00 fine from the FCC mostly for his VE7KFM-related buffoonery), for instance, has received more disciplinary "warnings" from the FCC than, I think, any FCC-licensed amateur radio operator in history. K3VR Brian L. Crow, also facing a 5-figure fine from the FCC, had never been heard of before he one day decided to begin a one-man jihad against another amateur, K1MAN Glenn Baxter (who has since lost his license).

Karol and some other Polish-speaking amateurs congregated on 14.273 for several years before KZ8O started harassing them for the "crime" of speaking Polish on air. This evolved over several years into K3VR accusing Karol (and others) of being "terrorists", "pedophiles" and even murderers. Not because they actually were, but because they expressed some opinion about American foreign policy K3VR didn't agree with, or operated on-air in a way K3VR didn't like or communicated with operators K3VR had a problem with. And because K3VR has delusions of being an FCC-deputized radio cop, he would gleefully "maliciously interfere" with these operators as they engaged in lawful communications. He was gleeful about it on amateur radio forums like Eham and QRZ, too. He encouraged others to do the same, and even told them that the FCC wouldn't punish them if they followed his example.


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So for the non-radio spergs, how exactly do you troll people on HAM radio? All I can think of is talking over other people or playing something annoying, like an airhorn or Taylor Swift, non stop. I can't imagine the FCC slapping someone with a $22,000 fine for that, though.If someone was interfering with your channel, couldn't you just all move to another?
Also, how does one get a license, and what does one have to do to lose it?

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