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Dec 28, 2014
Why is he trying to hide from his Puerto Rican heritage and create the whitest name with a fake British accent? I understand the wanting to be a pretty, true an shiniest lady because he has autogynephilia but what's with the other stuff.

He's denying his minority status and oppression points in the sjw hierarchy/stack ranking.

Internalized racism.


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Oct 24, 2015



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Jun 27, 2014
So Miguel decided to sperg out about ME:Andromeda, and it's fucking hilarious:

Katherine Cross said:
As the BioWare Montreal team move away from the divisive title, it’s worth asking, too, what kind of community game developers have fostered around their games where they look at an incident like ME:A’s launch and wonder “am I next on the chopping block?” Morose metaphors abound; there’s real fear of the video game community’s unchecked, omnidirectional rage -- a rage so great that they seek to be capable of killing the very things they claim to love, hurting the very people who create them along the way.

Waypoint’s Patrick Klepek argues that this comes from the very love that players have for the franchise, a love so deep that it becomes distorted into malevolence when reality inevitably fails to live up to the image of perfection one so adores. That’s certainly part of it -- we in the press have played our role in fostering that -- and studios have a responsibility to ask themselves whether the price of cultivating a fervent fandom is to train the next hate mob who threatens your devs’ families.

Perhaps companies could stand to be more proactive and do something beyond posting a weak-kneed reminder to their fans that “attacking individuals, regardless of their involvement in the project, is never acceptable” after the latest abusive episode. But it’s hard to say, especially from this far on the outside, where to go from here.

The people who worked on ME:A were hard done by both their company and their fans. Thus a perfectly good series that should’ve had a long life ahead of it now lies fallow. Is the point of creating a passionate community the fostering of a fan-base who will buy your games and help you make them better? Or to create a group that can stop those games from being made altogether?

How fucking dare customers respond with their wallets. You aren't enlightened enough to have a say in your media choices.

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Apr 10, 2016
Is Mikey trying to create a new protected class? "Game developers deserve better?" I mean, if their building caught fire during working hours and they were jumping out of windows and shit, then, yeah, they'd deserve better. Or if their payroll checks were bouncing. But encountering antisocial autists on the internet?

Fuck off.