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Mar 20, 2014
ED is normally an unreliable source. I sincerely hope that such is the case here as well. At least with some of the more disturbing stuff.


I used to have a couple of images but apparently threw them away. For one thing, she posted drawings her son had made at about age 6 of his mother's rapists. Because his mother had told a 6 year old about her being sexual tortured. The images were abstract but violent. I saved them because I had never seen anything quite like them before.

The other was a shot of her ass in see-through panties, with her son clearly depicted in a mirror taking the picture.

And here's a poem about what can only be described as sexualized breast feeding.

My sexy German one-piece could cause a feisty Fraulein to sneeze
Size H cup with an abundance of LOVE in creamy milk-tight jugs
Lactating Momma with twin piston's aimed and readied to please
All those hungry puppies, giving her lusty looks and warming hugs

Fourteen years later, at the ripening age of ever blossoming fifty-one
Size 34F with a little more evidence of gravity and no stretch marks
Dancing on Youtube for strangers, for zero money and expressive fun
Just cause there's no fin, doesn't mean I don't see blood-thirsty sharks

My son is 15 and he gave up Momna's suga at the tender age of seven
He loved these babies as breast any male would ever wish to worship
Maternal bond so strong that we were as connected as stars in heaven
Never the heart does stray, when attached with lip and nary a tender slip

Some things in life never really change; just keep getting better and better
When a woman is given two succulent sweetheart's, she must make use
Breasts are made for feeding and nurturing of wondrous offering of wettest
Yet, real men, still dream of the cream, and if offered, would never refuse!

ETA: Oh hey I found it!

How old would he have been in 2003? The title of this is...



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Apr 17, 2014
I believe she had a thread some time ago but there hasn't been any recent shenanigans to talk about. Still, what a fucked up woman. I mean I had some overprotective parents but this is borderline pedophilia.
Borderline pedophilia?
More like pedophilia comorbid with borderline personality disorder.



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Jun 6, 2013
For those of you who find her even mildly attractive and want something that comes close to nudes for your fapping pleasure, well you're shit out of luck. There are only bikini pics out there. I know this because, erm...well...uh...I am the mighty Broseph Stalin! But seriously though, just do a quick google search and go to images if you really want to see that shit.

This is as close as you're going to get to fappery-material:



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Nov 28, 2014
InternetAristocrat actually did a video on her ages ago. I remember my jaw practically dropping to the floor when I watched it. Of course, I recommend it to every single person in this thread.

This woman is SICK. That poor, poor kid. He's going to be fucked up for life. Hopefully when he turns 18, he'll slam the door in her face and never turn back. Nobody deserves to have a mother like that.

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Feb 4, 2014
Updated the original post with Cosmos' video for those who don't want to comb through the ever-so-long list of replies from nearly 2 pages of replies.

Alright, so after combing through YouTube I managed to find some more videos about Katherine. Mind you, these are old videos from her "glory days", but I figured I'd post them just to show how downright insane she is and for the sake of documenting this particular lolcow. From what I've gathered the YT account for the 3 vids after the one of her dying mother was supposed to be her way of showing off that she knew how to dick around with webcam filters. I'm warning you right now that this is like staring into the eyes of the elder gods. You may survive, but your mind will never be the same.

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Aug 20, 2014
This is as close as you're going to get to fappery-material:

Why DON't I have a horrifying nor a deviant rating to properly rate shit this horrid is beyond me. Everyone else does... And I need it now more than ever. This is just awful and deserves so much hate, simply because this woman is ugly, both physically and mentally.

Apr 30, 2014


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Oct 1, 2014

Broseph Stalin

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Feb 4, 2014

Kaelin managed to escape the clutches of his mother. He now fucks bitches and goes to raves. He has little contact with her. He is a normal kid finally.

Link below is an interview of her in her homeless camp.

I'm glad to see it all turned out good for him in the end. He actually looks relatively healthy in those photos, like he's been horkin' down steak at least twice a week!

Also he looks swoll as fuck in that pic.

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