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Apr 17, 2014

Kaelin managed to escape the clutches of his mother. He now fucks bitches and goes to raves. He has little contact with her. He is a normal kid finally.

Link below is an interview of her in her homeless camp.
I think it's interesting that his mom absolturely spammed his facebook, liking everything and commenting over and over then feb14 he cuts his hair, then aug13 he's got a girlfriend and mom doesn't give him so much as a like after that. God he got normal fast I'd have deleted all my mom's psychotic sockpupeting t's got to be embarrassing.

These idoits on youtube started trolling my mommy, calling her, emailing her, and even threatening to take me away and kill her....!
They have our address, our zip code and everything.
There is a topic on reddit and on 4chan.
They also created a video

tongue sharing MOMENT!

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Jun 14, 2013
The look on that man's face at the very beginning just says, "God fucking damn, what did I get myself into?"
So that guy was her client or something and she was working as a prostitute??
Ive been watching these videos pretty much non stop since last night and I cant believe how weird this is. ED says theres a zip of the other weirder videos but the link is broken.

Broseph Stalin

Smoke a Fed for St. Herkster
Feb 4, 2014
Seeing as how I'll more than likely be up all night, I'll start mining for some info on her videos. They're bound to be out there somewhere. As for whether this guy is a client or not, well...I'm going to go with "yes" because he just looks just so disappointed in that video.

Jun 18, 2015
Dear Katherine deserves more attention than she gets. She still labours away, writing astonishingly bad poems about her son, such as this one from 12 October, where she brags about being a positive role model:

I raised my Son to be a Warrior of the Light
We read poetry of the Goddess, every night

Empowerment is being able to keenly discern
With positive role modeling i taught him to learn

As a baby he taught me how to finally ..breathe
Still suckled my ample breast after he did teeth

Showed him we are all equal and worth loving
On the playground he understood not; shoving

Once he painted a bright, green money tree
Colored lots of moolah for for for both of us; We

Always believed that there was plenty to share
Filled his tummy with top nutrition, no shelf bare

Ours is not a typical life a Child is raised upon
Which is why he was stolen away, twice .. along

I am grateful i brought my Son up with Pure Love
Ascended Masters always look forward; rise above!

Katherine Marion

Jun 18, 2015
I am grateful for my loving Son's beautiful heart and wondrous wellness
I am grateful for raising my amazing child and receiving his pure love
I am grateful for all i am still learning as a divine and blessed Mother
I am grateful for making loving choices with my open heart and mind
I am grateful for a dozen books of gratitude my son wrote, as a child
I am grateful for homeschooling my son and raising him with magic
I am grateful for the Angels that look over my sacred son and I
I am grateful for the marvelous Mothering i received from mine own
I am grateful for the affection my Grandma and Great Aunt gave me
I am grateful for the fascinating Man who was my Father and loved me
I am grateful for the gentle Woman who gave me life, kindness and love
I am grateful for my Son being a love child made of all that is precious
I am grateful for giving my Child the gift of super nutrition and health
I am grateful i took risks, chances and went out on a ledge for love
I am grateful i went to every length to recover my son from the govt
I am grateful i put away a very 'bad guy' for over 34 years, behind bars
I am grateful for sharing my love on paper,online, no matter what price ..
I am grateful for believing in myself and the power that love bestows
I am grateful for my family instilling self confidence within holy me
I am grateful for the wonderful soul's who see the Goddess within me
I am grateful for sharing my heart and opening up to infinite possibilities
I am grateful for the self respect i hold in highest esteem for myself
I am grateful for being such a positive role model for so very many ..
I am grateful for my boy holding my in highest reverence - God, i do
I am grateful for all my beloved family that i lost and miss so very dearly
I am grateful for the conversations i have recently shared with Kind Kaelin
I am grateful for the warmth i share with so many on a daily basis
I am grateful for the near to 90 year old man who took me in, 3 wks ago
I am grateful i was brave enough to live in a garden for the past 6 mo's
I am grateful for our darling dogs who bring me so much peace and joy
I am grateful that even though i have lost all, i am wealthy of healing heart
I am grateful i have big dreams and every one.. is coming true for me
I am grateful for positive people i meet along life's often lonely way
I am grateful for healthiest values, healing coping skills and more .. hope
I am grateful for my faith in humanity and the love i hold within me
I am grateful for my deepest innate understanding and expressing such ..
I am grateful for the hugs and touch and i once shared and shall, again
I am grateful for the immense ieerngetic ntensity of my emotional range
I am grateful for beginning to exercise, again, after 3 weeks not at the gym
I am grateful for how we can change our life; supernaturally with light
I am grateful for my ability to transform on a regular daily basis
I am grateful for the spiritual levels i have reached and still am ..
I am grateful for my hobbies, healing abilities and affinity for goodness
I am grateful for divine gifts dropping into my life, as manna from heaven
I am grateful for trusting my highest self as my own best friend
I am grateful for the powerful base i have co-created with my prodigal Son
I am grateful for the purity of my loving heartbeat and all i am being ... !

Katherine Marion

Simply a stream .. of love - i needed to share
Mainly to make myself .. feel better.



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Dec 12, 2015
@Broseph Stalin she can apparently still do this, I'm sure you're pleased to know..

Seems like she's still homeless from how I read this..
Dear real, caring compassionate friends,

Tres difficile ..
Please help me @ [removed]
Serious support, only
Very much appreciated.
I do not have a computer - on a borrowed desktop right now
Must leave ..
Looking forward,
I am available at 10 am PST ( Vancouver, B.C. Canada )
no earlier
must sleep heart fibrillations.. right now

PTNR 2.0

[showering intensifies]
Dec 7, 2015
She's definitely crazy but there's a lot of lying and scamming involved, too. I've been in contact with her over the past couple of weeks and A) as of 4 days ago (our last contact) she's not homeless (she's living with some 80+ year old and using his phone; she admits to this) and B) she's definitely a scammer - I posed as someone seeking alternative medical therapy. Naturally, her first question was how much money I had, just like any legit medical practitioner would; when I decided to pretend to be a trustfund kid, she jacked her price up to several hundred thousand dollars.

I asked her what treatment would entail and as a part of her alternative therapy, she wanted to include breastfeeding(!) to "restore my natural immunity holistically" and assured me that she could initiate lactation easily. :cryblood:

No real weenery on my part. I just posed as pretty much any other potential client would (albeit a rich one) so I don't doubt she's used the same spiel on others.

I'll post screenshots soon once I wrap everything up. In the meantime, I have a voicemail I could post but I'll have to edit it pretty heavily since she drops the 80 year old she's sponging off of's dox in it.

TL;DR crazy hippie scammer wants me to pay her 300k to drink her boob juice now that her son isn't around for her to pedoperv on anymore.

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