Lolcow Katherine “Sigma” Clairmont - Jason Mewes look-a-like tranny who hates everything.

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Rabbit Bones

He Rapes To Make That Money For His Family
True & Honest Fan

Meet Katherine, an unemployed 25 year old tranny from Guelph, Ontario.​

Katherine has had a pretty stressful life, in no small part because of her former heroine/meth addiction and a contested divorce from her wife, Adauriel Forrester (Real name Chris Forrester). These two bony beauties spent their days doing weird shit involving math, which mostly seemed to center around Katherines best friend, a plant named Sigma. This may or may not have been fueled by a mutual drug addiction (Katherine was definitely on drugs the whole time, but I haven't found evidence on Chris, apart from looking like a zoned out skeleton) Unfortunately, nothing pure ever lasts, and Chris kicked poor Katherine out after a violent episode (that may have started because Chris was jealous of the plant).

Katherine bounced in and out of jail a few times, making tons of posts about how she went on bad dates and wanted to kill herself (This post (1,2) is my favorite. Ann is amazing) Around the beginning of 2016, Katherine started methadone and got off the heroine and meth (she kept jail hopping though). And to her credit, she's managed to say off drugs so far. Unfortunately, she's replaced being a junkie with being a bitter, hateful shrew.

She gets angry when people are happy, when people don't 'suffer', cis people, and she's demanded that people filter out their happy posts, because they were directly harmful to her (1,2). Sometimes she hates trannies, hates trannies some more, and hates being trans. Recently, she's really gotten on the BLM=racist bandwagon. She's hitting all the key notes, including... Reverse racism, I'm not white just because I'm white, my ancestors had it hard too, and you're part of the problem. She's constantly miserable, and she's started posting about killing herself again recently, along with money problem complaints.

Interestingly, as of a few days ago, she claims to be reconnected with her soulmate. I think that person is Chris. If it is Chris, I'm expecting a lot of insanity.
Phone number: +1 519-546-8327

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