@KatrinaR47 / Katrina Reichert / Katrina Seqmet Reichert / Christoph Reichert / Roseriot - Autistic, unemployed, lesbian obsessed, suicide baiting (ex-) politician & shemale sex worker


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To kickstart the autistic journey of a trainwreck that is Katrina´s life, a pic of him. Now if anyone thinks this looks like a guy in a wig, you´re mistaken and transphobic. /s

It´s the pic of a true and honest (lesbian) woman.

Katrina aka Christoph was first discovered and mentioned by @Chan the Wizard in the Mark Boyd thread, a bearded loveshy who has deluded himself to the point of genuinely believing himself to be a woman. Mark´s and Christoph´s world view, and those of women especially, is similar. Obviously you have to have a penis to be one.

Shitty drawing is shitty drawing.

However, nothing speaks feminity more but posing with toy guns (the first looks like he was at some con?).

His own and very fake Vanity Fair cover coz when Chris-Chan could do it, Katrina can do it too. Call me Katrina ... nawh, I think I stick with Christoph from now on. He is such a cow that he doxed his "deadname" in his own blog.

Christoph was, maybe still is, involved in the German Piratenpartei (pirates).


Now I don´t know much about them, but them making waves in Germany, and in parts also in their neighboring countries some three, four years ago for their stance pro internet freedom, transparency in government and such. But as it is almost inevitable with such "grassroots movements" a la Occupy they were more successful with destroying themselves than anything else. Oddballs, outcasts and nutters like Christoph sure have done their good deeds. I haven´t found much about his involvement, but him being sort of leading several tranny groups within the party aka possibly simply yelling transmisogny at everyone and everything. His "official" picture says, "you can trust me, I´m not going to turn out to be a creeper." Or something like that. <--- I wish I was kidding about that pic, but I have indeed nicked it from his official party page. It´s so ... professional.

Christoph reminds me quite a bit of Leighanna Rose, insofar that he is incredible argumentive and often jumps into conversations about all things trans. Not that he has much to offer in terms of arguments, even he says his job is educating about trans rights. Yeap, yelling at random strangers at Twitter 24/7 is a serious job. Which leads of course to the question what is his job?

"unemployed for health reasons" at the age of 33 aka too fucked up in the head to be considered employable, which I can honestly believe.

His main source of income seems to be sex-work, which he mentioned several times to be the case, so spreading his legs for tranny chasers a la Kengle might indeed pay off enough to pay rent, food or whatever needs he might have. I did not find a GoFundMe, YouCaring or Patreon page, so e-begging he does probably not. He might live off of a German equivalent of SSDI ?, since Christoph is quite touchy about the German job center, and seems to have been cut off from benefits several times over the years. You´ll get free (virtual) cookies if you can guess the reason why.

Christoph is unemployable because he is trans. Did you really think there could be any other reason? The joke is on you. :lol:

To give him credit where credit is due (or maybe not), Christoph in a former life (apparently) studied to become a teacher. What happened exactly I have no idea, but he fucked it up and Germany lost certainly a dedicated young teacher who totally would not have indoctrinated impressionable young minds about cis-fascism and transphobia.

Someone posted this fairly amusing picture which mocks his failed attempt to become a teacher. Richard Jones says hi.

From what I can tell reading his blog Christoph had his "coming out" about eight years ago, at around the age of 26, which might or might be a coincidence with (forcefully?) abandoning his studies.

He is on HRT since 2012, not that you could tell looking at his picture. One tweet about his HRT adventure stood out to me coz comparing your tranny titties to those of 13 year old girls is totally not creepy at all, right?

One of the most remarkable things about Christoph that he has a serious hard on for lesbians that it borders on obsession. There must be several thousands of tweets (in German and English) where he brings up the topic. Clearly every lesbian who doesn´t want his "girl cock" is cis-fascist and transphobic. Not only is he chasing pussy like there is no tomorrow, but...

And yeah, Christoph absolutely loves to talk about his penis.

Christoph is a lesbian himself, you see, nevermind that he fucks and gets fucked by everyone. He is not gay or bisexual, nope sire, he ain´t. It´s more sad than anything else how far reaching his delusion about it goes tbh, still also so incredibly ridiculous. I don´t think even the most hardcore Rat Kings we have covered so far on the Farms are going that far as Christoph does.

He has a very strange view of anything female and anything feminine in natal women triggers a shitstorm of autism and he will call you names at best, or report and harass you (with a little help from his friends and followers) into oblivion. It sure thing is a deliberate strategy to shut down anything he doesn´t like, and as likely simply autism kicking in.

When trannies collide who is a real tranny, and who is not.

You cannot deny him his female brain and soul.

Also, labels matter. It doesn´t matter who you are, but what you call yourself, clearly.

You´re still with me? Alright, I know it´s long, and I´m sure everyone has figured it out that Christoph is a very well spoken and pleasant guy to be around. Like, let´s say, if you want to discuss what he does in his job of educating about trans rights, you might think harassing a grieving father (those of Leelah Alcorn) is not something he does. Well...

Or wishing death on Gators.

If anyone is interested in Christoph´s masturbation habits, twice a day up until 12 times a day, "to keep normal brain operations running". <--- you can thank me later for the visuals.

Archived a rather long discussion with two other dudes, sorry, women about it.


Now that´s not everything in Christoph´s life. Christoph is also a professional suicide baiter, and the most achievement he ever reached in this is having called the cops and medicals on him for getting triggered hard on Wikipedia about "cis fascist propaganda". Which he confirms in a tweet himself, even he´s playing it cool with stating he was simply an exceptional individual. Sadly the tweet, and the Wikipedia logs, are in German only. He is also perma banned from it,

"Löst mit Selbstmorddrohung einen Polizeieinsatz aus und macht sich anschließend über die Helfer lustig"
(triggered with a suicide threat a police operation and later mocked the medicals)

A quick translation I made of one of his blogposts into English. A whinefest of why Christoph didn´t attend a demonstration on International Women´s Day

Last year, I really wanted to participate in a demonstration on the occasion of International Women's Day, but at the moment when I wanted to leave the house fear of trans hostility among my comrades-in-arms beat me like a sledgehammer to the chest and I was shivering at home.

(And I'm not really used to being afraid of anything, except maybe insects.)

This year I really wanted to go ( "I won´t be defeated!") and be active.

But just in the last few days I´ve read a lot of rubbish by feminists again!

"Abortion is indeed a women's issue." (Say, trans men can no longer get pregnant? STFU.)

"Menstruation is indeed a women's issue." (So if I do not bleed regularly into panties I'm not a woman? GTFO.)

And always this constant genital fixation that feminism actually wanted to fight against. (I AM A WOMAN EVEN WITHOUT A VAGINA, DAMNIT!)

Since years I´m fighting my ass off at the front to fight for a better world.

I have literally scars from the (local) fight against violent men.

I have captured in this struggle a pretty nasty burnout.

And, because of rapidly deteriorating mental health, I don´t get anything else done but educate about feminism via the internet. I´m like a magnet to misogynists, trans haters and other sexists of every color.

I´m tired of, as it seems to me, that the vast majority of feminists still do not want to understand that transwomen need to be included.

And I since I don´t have the spoons anymore to educate my own people about things they should know in their sleep about feminism, my participation in the International Women´s Day this year consists of a really bad mood and statements like this.

Dear ciswomen,

Stop throwing us under the bus!

Confirmed Rat King connections (tweeted also twice at @NoraReed)

For good measure:

https://twitter.com/KatrinaR47/with_replies (the main source of autism)

http://wiki.piratenpartei.de/Benutzerin:KatrinaR (in German only)

http://tagesprolet.blogspot.com/ (in German only)
http://archive.md/aDXrF (achived two years ago already)

skype: saitentaenzer (ironically that´s the male form; female = saitentaenzerin)


Christoph´s escort pages (kudos to @pozilei for finding those)

http://www.kaufmich.com/Roseriot (in German only)

https://www.poppen.de/roseriot (in German only)

phone: +49 176 92699788

DOB: Dec 26, 1982
currently living in Düsseldorf, Germany
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Holy shit! Good digging @Ambivalenz. Inb4 noodz.
There is more, much more but I had to cut it off at some point. There are about 100 k of tweets full of autism and salt to be sure.

Christoph had also his own trolls for a while, who were making fake accounts with his name and pics. He managed to get a handful of accounts suspended, so there is only indirect evidence of that. iE in a tweet to Nora Reed off all people Christoph said he reported several hundreds of accounts for "harassment". ^^

He does have his own circle jerk of white knights too, who are glad to help him to mass report anyone he doesn´t like. And he is not subtle about it.

There is also a German forum I discovered who were mocking him, and his behavior - with some varying degree of success (he is a bit too much for them lol) - which nevertheless gave some good ideas at what to look for with this guy. The most shit is in German language, though, and yeah, still to have really look into that.
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He even has those autistic man hands, where the index finger is shorter than the 3rd finger, like CWC & ADF, so much for all that stuff about the female soul. Another stunning and brave victim claimed by autism and lack of knowledge in regard to societal structures.

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"We´re all humans." ---> "Nope, that´s gaslighting."

Nice of Christoph to get in ground floor on policing a barely retweeted/liked fellow trans. Could have had a positive discourse but I guess if someone doesn't follow your exact world view they are the just a shitter.

Crystal just seems like one of the many young, lost people with gender issues trying to be positive. Good going in showing them they are just completely wrong.
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Well, I'll give him that...this made me laugh

but probably not in the way he intended it....

PS: Didn't see these links to some escort/hook-up sites in OP. I'm pretty sure it's them

Oh yes, that´s definitely Christoph. Everything fits, age (33), city (Düsseldorf), even the mentioned zodiac sign (capricorn) and all his kinks (lesbian) are in those posts. Good find. Same writing style too, from arrogant to full blown obnoxious. A mentioned screen name somewhere along the road was "rosenrot", but this one is too generic, still similar enough to "roseriot".
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Oh yes, that´s definitely Christoph. Everything fits, age (33), city (Düsseldorf), even the mentioned zodiac sign (capricorn) and all his kinks (lesbian) are in those posts. Good find. Same writing style too, from arrogant to full blown obnoxious. A mentioned screen name somewhere along the road was "rosenrot", but this one is too generic, still similar enough to "roseriot".
Came across this tweet in his media/pic section https://twitter.com/KatrinaR47/status/745171087625904128 (https://archive.md/gjnUS) where he used roseriot and went from there. Maybe you, or someone else, can dig up more.


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This is the first time I've ever seen someone call themselves "shemale" unironically.

How much do you want to bet he treats HRT the same way NekoArc does (i.e. on-and-off)?
I made a quick search when shemale is a slur, and when it is not, according to Christoph anyway.

Christoph retweeted this today, and I have no idea anymore. I can´t do the mental gymnastics to follow what this other nutter is up to, but it goes conform to what Christoph stated in his own blog. He has never been a man, always a woman. That´s why he is on HRT I suppose.



The whole tweet chain is a complete mess. Dunno if this is getting more common with the Twitter/Tumblr trannies? That they don´t have to transition to be trans because they are trans because they are woman, apparently.


gnome related slander
I made a quick search when shemale is a slur, and when it is not, according to Christoph anyway.

I guess he too lives in the SJ land where everyone is fucking psychic. All of the transnonbinarySJ crowd seem to think everybody should magically know what their preferred pronouns are (even if they're a 6'5, bearded, hairy fat guy - you should be able to tell that they're a lady today), which terms they're 'reclaiming' (slut, fat, cripple, shemale) or are triggered by...
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