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Prior to starting all this bullshit against Mignogna, the most attention she ever got was from Change the Channel. It was paltry, fleeting, and more than a little embarrassing considering the worst parts involved her good friend being a sex predator, but it was still the most attention she ever got.
Imagine the only clout you ever had coming from having a dead child rapist as a friend, and then stabbing all your other friends in the back about some woke bullshit.

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BlarmzGurl confirmed to be an uneducated dumb retarded millennial who spends too much time on the interwebs. Not even a fan of The Bible and she couldn't even get it right.

She left out the part where everyone will blindly follow the Anti-Christ. In addition to the Anti-Christ being deceptive and cunning, have the world grovel at his feet, the very day he appears to "offer solutions" to the world during a major time of crisis, everyone flocks around him in unison. NOT A SINGLE BIT OF OPPOSITION will be raised. All media will love him. Last time we checked, a massive dump of TDS occurred on the day Blurmph got inaugurated and networks chimped and painted him as some monster. That's an automatic Anti-Christ disqualification. This is all in Revelations if she actually took the time to read a single page instead of wasting air.

She sounds just like the retards who screamed W. Bush and Obama were the Anti-Christ(s) back then. This is just embarrassingly hilarious how out of touch and uneducated she is.

A drinking lawyer more educated than a long armed white ape said:
How embarrassing!

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About a week ago, someone who claimed to have worked on TBF and the AT4W movie dropped some tidbits in Lupa's thread. MarzGurl is only mentioned in passing, but if the poster is telling the truth...well, it says a lot about MarzGurl's choice in friends.

Here's a link to the thread: https://kiwifarms.net/threads/allison-pregler-obscurus-lupa-movie-nights.52224/page-118

I wasn't on Kickassia, so I don't know, but some of that rings true and some of it doesn't. I did work on To Boldly Flee, and there were cast members who were complete professionals like Lindsay Ellis, Brad Jones and Todd. Matthew Buck was a joy to work with, he was very upbeat and loved talking about movies, and the crew all liked him.

Doug is not a delusional director "who thinks he's Spielberg." He knows what kinds of movies these are and just loves making fun internet content. As a director he never lost his temper and he always kept his energy up. He was great at communicating with us crew members, which is why every professional crew member and actor either stuck with him and the company, or at least doesn't go on a crusade against them.

The other cast members were like wrangling children at a daycare center, which is more accurate than you think. I have worked on multiple productions from small internet movies to television series, and I've never seen a bigger group of pre-madonnas. In the cast room where the actors would stay when they weren't on camera, they kept getting so loud, that the only way to make sure they were keeping their voices low as not to ruin takes, we had to place a baby monitor in their room. I mean a literal baby monitor, so they could hear when the director yelled action.

It got very disturbing when we could hear on the baby monitor cast members talk horrible things about their fellow actors whenever one would leave the room. Particularly Allison Pregler and her group, who wasted no time making fun of Matthew Buck's voice when he left to use the restroom. Allison was one of the hardest to work with, as every piece of direction was like pulling teeth. She caused a scene when she had to come back to the set for a pick up shot (which is normal on a movie shoot) and she committed the one sin crew members hate. If you're an actor, you never ever complain about having to come back for a pick up shot in front of a crew that works 100x harder and has been there longer than you.

That Kickassia thread seems accurate towards Linkara. The TBF shoot would drag on and on because Linkara would change every one of his lines in the script. The cast hated him for this. "That's not what Mechakara would say" became a running joke among the cast, who would mock him whenever he left the room. It was sad to see in that document that those same cast members were complaining that "Doug didn't even know Mechakara" when they themselves would contantly trash Linkara for being a diva and slowing down the shoot.

It was a cut throat set, it was like stories you hear about narcissistic actors stabbing each other in the back, but rarely do you actually see it like this. It's been rumored that people like Sad Panda and Allison were trying to get Blockbuster Buster fired because they thought his content "made them look bad and was dated." This is true, I saw it happen, and it happened more than once. People like Doug and Rob Walker stuck up for Eric, and to Linkara's credit, he stuck up for him too.

That's all for now, I hope it gives you a slight taste of the reality of these shoots.
Like I said, I didn't work on Kickassia, so if Phelous said anything like that on that set, I wouldn't know. I never saw him say anything like that about Doug on TBF. He was easy to work with. He didn't say much on set, but he was great at getting his lines down in one take, and he never complained to us. However, he was there when others tried to get Eric fired, but he looked uncomfortable to be part of that.

Doug has the thickest skin of any YouTuber I've met. He genuinely just wants to make fun videos and make people happy. Not just his audience, but all of his friends and the people around him. Comments and attack videos never get under his skin, he just likes to focus on his work.

Now as for Linkara, I'm glad you brought this up, because I was also a crew member on the Atop the Fourth Wall movie. I was going to save this for another time, but you gave me a good segway. Everything in that inaccurate thread about Doug being an "ego maniac who thinks is Spielberg" does not at all describe Doug, but it does describe Linkara. Linkara was an awful director to work for, and he was so far out of his element and in over his head that his Assistant Director Jess had to take over directing duties.

He would tell the crew that he wanted make up or a costume one way, and then when it was delivered, at the last minute he would say "maybe I want this instead, can you make it in 5 minutes?" That's a big no no. There was an incident when he screamed at hotel staff because one of the actors rooms wasn't ready in time, and he also gritted his teeth and lectured Marzgurl when she was having trouble with a line.

The worst was at the cast and crew wrap party when he humiliated his wife in front of everyone. Viga had gotten into an argument with one of Linkara's friends, and it near came to blows in a restaurant. The friend left, and he and Viga proceeded to argue in the parking lot. Everyone wanted to let it go, but in front of the table, Linkara stood up and put the entire blame of the incident on his wife who looked completely embarrassed.

Now as for the other cast members, it was a much smaller cast than TBF, so there wasn't as much wrangling. Nash, Joe and Brad were extremely professional, and Allison wasn't quite as hard to work with as on TBF, but you could see the seeds being planted in what would turn into Change the Channel.

Being on the set of both of these movies, you could tell who was good at manipulation. It's easy to see how Allison and Marzgurl got people on their side. I'll put it like this, they would trash talk Person A behind their back, but if Person B left, and Person A returned they would say "do you know what Person B said about you." They blame their own shit talking on other people.

Accusing someone of "abuse" or "assault" is their last ditch effort in getting a group to turn on someone. At the time, Allison hated Tony Goldmark because he called her toxic, so she was always trashing him on set. When no one seemed to care, she pondered whether Tony was a "pedophile" because he's "a trust fund kid who reviews theme parks." This is why some of us on the crew would wonder if they would take this kind of character assassination to a much larger scale, and they did.
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Oh geez. Armzy acts as though she spoke out as a victim. The horror of seeing two people being flirty in an elevator and then maybe going to someone's room after... or maybe not. The absolute trauma. Clearly, her story took an excessive amount of courage to tell. What a stunning and brave individual. What a load of shit. You deserved all that criticism for injecting yourself into a situation that had nothing to do with you. You had no personal experiences. Instead you just made up a scenario where you felt uncomfortable on someone else's behalf like the 90% of stories that came up anyway. Quit treating yourself like a hero facing adversity. It's pathetic.

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About a week ago, someone who claimed to have worked on TBF and the AT4W movie dropped some tidbits in Lupa's thread. MarzGurl is only mentioned in passing, but if the poster is telling the truth...well, it says a lot about MarzGurl's choice in friends.

Here's a link to the thread: https://kiwifarms.net/threads/allison-pregler-obscurus-lupa-movie-nights.52224/page-118

Gotta say, reading this; it certainly does explain why out of everyone who worked at Channel Awesome (excluding Doug since he is Channel Awesome): Ellis, Todd, and CinemaSnob were the only ones who were successful at going independent on YT (Linkara got successful because he does comics, which is still a niche thing on YT relatively speaking and so he's still got a core fanbase despite what he is offline). A shame about Buck, as it appears his channel is on literal life support.