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Well I would argue that a successful lawsuit against her would further vindicate Vic, but I don't think he would get much beyond that. Now, I would love to see her financially ruined for the rest of her life, but I don't think Vic would do that, partially because there wouldn't be much (if anything) in the way of a return on his monetary investment and partially because any successful lawsuit that happens after Funi and MoRon wouldn't be the same PR victory that MoRon and Funi would be.
He's unlikely to get any money out of her even if he successfully proved she caused damages to him. She also wants the attention of being involved in the court case and the pleasure of begging for more money from beta cucks so she's really not worth the effort. She's not important enough to be sued because she's little more than a shitty human being.

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The fucking queso.
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That's not stated as an opinion, it's stated as a defamatory statement you long armed moron.
The "creep" is the person who decided it was time to ruin Vic's career with what's evidently nothingburgers. And lied a few times about the events that happened.

Nevermind admitting that you were curious about digging up stuff from Vic in the 80s and early 90s.
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That's not stated as an opinion, it's stated as a defamatory statement you long armed moron.
If you present the context of the video as “look at him controlling and taking advantage of this girl that doesn’t know any better away from her parents!” And the the girl in the video comes out and says “everything you just said is the exact opposite of what happened”, the yes you are lying,, Mars! Fucking hell.

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I'd hit it.

The best part is that she could be making breakfast AND give me a hand job at the same time.
lmao...first off, we could pump an extra 600lbs into Amberlynn and your pants would be saluting like it was Patton walking down 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW on a victory march--I'm more curious of what you wouldn't hit as it actually weddle down people more.


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Alright, everyone, this is just a head's up. We're at the point when we should go gather up more information about MarzGurl since UmbralForma mentioned something about her in three different parts of California in the same area as Los Angeles such as Inglewood (from the letter to her from BHBH), Long Beach (her Twitter bio) and Gardena (recently found on her husband's Facebook profile). Once we get the right info we're looking for such as where she currently lives and other things like that, we would add it into the Doxemon thread. More importantly, the info about her will be complete!
  1. https://kiwifarms.net/threads/weeb-wars-animegate-kickvic-vickicksback.53670/page-1868#post-4974837
  2. https://kiwifarms.net/threads/weeb-wars-animegate-kickvic-vickicksback.53670/page-1868#post-4974860
  3. https://kiwifarms.net/threads/weeb-wars-animegate-kickvic-vickicksback.53670/page-1871#post-4975194
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