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I got about as far as the video thumbnails before deciding I'd need a puke bucket before continuing with the videos. What the fuck was that lasagna. Wht were those meatballs. Why are the british this way?
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Her son kinda looks like The Quartering.
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I've had a look trough her zuckbook and found some gems

Care for some Spanish cuisine?


Esteemed food-critic Matal Andres is not convinced
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That's one filthy fucking stove she's got. What even is that? Bangers and scrambled eggs? Why is she cooking eggs in a pot? What's in the bowl? She's getting my kitchentism all up in a dander.
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I had an alcoholic stay at my house for awhile, and this is eerily reminiscent of their cooking. It was fucking terrifying, they cut and burned themselves, and made the worst food, burned things, dropped food on the stove bottom when trying to get it out, etc. You could not dissuade them from cooking though, they were at the stubborn toddler stage of being completely hammered & were convinced that they made really good food. They also had the shakes, and alternated between laughing and yelling. I am positive that kay is in danger of her breath igniting when she turns on the stove. This is 100% her problem, though it seems like they try pretty hard to hide it.


Beautiful AND cute
the family dog is dead :(
rip ziggy
(to anyone wondering, that's her son's channel)
'eres your suppa, mate.

Honestly that dog did not deserve to go that way. :(

I dont want to say they were shit pet owners because I honestly believe they had good intentions, when I saw that video of that guy and his dog, I dunno. I do believe that kid, the dog was legitimately a friend and family to him. I believe despite his situation he thought he was doing right by the dog. Nobody needs to have their dog die.

Rest in peace Ziggy.


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\>the vet made the choice to put 'em down
\>news disclosed on the phone
The United Kingdom is literally the worst.
That seems like asking for a disgruntled pet owner to bludgeon you in the parking lot for murdering Fido...


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Jesus, this woman makes Jack Scalfani look like Julia Child.
Kay is closer to Julia than Jack will ever be. She’s capable of humility and willing to learn new things (even if they’re basic things that shouldn’t have to be taught). Even though people make fun of her she keeps trying and is willing to laugh at herself or own up to fuck ups. Jack meanwhile is a pompous ass who thinks his year old brisket chili shits don’t stink and blames his mistakes on anyone/anything other than himself.

I wouldn’t want to sit in the same restaurant as Jack. I’d happily hang with Kay at a divey bar and let her chat my ear off over a couple beers.

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