‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ To End In 2021 With Season 20 - 2020 doesn't look so bad anymore

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Tootsie Bear

Jun 24, 2014
Dear God, Thank you. I remember when they were promoting this show before it debuted and how much they mentioned OJ I was sick to my stomach. It's like, pop singers at least have something relevant but the Kardashian only had the connection to the OJ Simpson case and I didn't understand how they got their own show because of that. But then I remembered the daughter of Jon Gotti got herself a show too.


Aug 30, 2020
Yup. No winding back that clock. If anything they will be even more influential now that their entire prescence will be on social media and paid-for articles in the daily mail.

They've influenced an entire generation of girls and women to look as fake as possible, and now they'll live happily the rest of their lives selling makeup and sausage casing marketed as corsets.

Orpington Chan

You and he were... Buddies?
Aug 17, 2019
I mean say what you want about the Kardashian's as people and their show, but they have a talent for getting black guys off that runs in the family.

Agent Abe Caprine

Sells lemon tree insurance
Dec 16, 2019
Only interesting things I've seen about them are Kim's visits to Armenia. Pretty hard to make going to a little known part of the world completely uninteresting.


May 25, 2018
Still have never watched a single episode. And I can't even name all of the Kardashians. There's Kim and Chloe ... And that's literally all I know.

For all of these years, it really hasn't been that hard to avoid them. I would see headlines about the Kardashians, and then skip on over to more important things to see in the news.


Cactus Juice Connoisseur
Aug 20, 2015
this is more likely because of the kardashians not being paid enough rather than the network not wanting it anymore. the kardashians were at the forefront of sponcon and social media fame. the same dipshits that whine about "famous for nothing" don't seem to realize that what they were famous for was their huge online presence. even if they don't manage to get a new show off the ground on some streaming platform for billions of dollars, their presence in the online sector plus the millions gotten from it and the fact that the kardashian grandkids are now getting to social media age means we'll be hearing from them for at least another decade. can't wait to hear about North West's feud with Blue Ivy or their wedding in the 2030s.

its like 99% of Cable right now, it only exists because when it comes to channels its either use it or lose it, and networks would rather lose millions than give up that spot. if they changed that dumb rule we'd be back down to 12 channels and still somehow paying $70 for it.
When the show debuted, the Internet was still not so widespread. People only cared when Kim put out a dumbass sex tape.

Dom Cruise

True & Honest Fan
Jun 18, 2019
I mean say what you want about the Kardashian's as people and their show, but they have a talent for getting black guys off that runs in the family.

I lol'd pretty good when I actually watched that sex tape and saw Kim sucking and taking that black cock.

Never cared enough about the Kardashians to have a strong opinion about them. I always felt the anger and vitriol towards them was overblown. In the grand scheme of things, here are celebs out there doing way more shadier shit.

I used to get really angry about the Kardashians and Reality TV back in the day but now ever since the rise of Woke and SJWs I wonder why I bothered to care about it at all, it all seems tame now.

Yes, Reality TV is stupid, but it's also a mostly self contained thing that's easy to ignore and doesn't really impact much of anything else, contrast that with SJWism which like a literal virus spreads and infects and tries to seize absolute control of literally everything under the sun.

I'm a gamer and a nerd, reality TV had nothing to do with any of that, but SJWism certainly does.

Of course I do wonder if reality TV was part of a general dumbing down of society that helped lead to the rise of Woke, I guess that's a debate one can have, but reality TV just seems so overshadowed and easily ignored compared with everything else that is going now, 2012 me that used to get so incensed about reality TV literally hadn't seen nothing yet.