‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ To End In 2021 With Season 20 - 2020 doesn't look so bad anymore

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^ Just how I like it
Aug 8, 2020
Still have never watched a single episode. And I can't even name all of the Kardashians. There's Kim and Chloe ... And that's literally all I know.
There's the one with the really fat ass, the other with the inflated lips, that's all I know ... don't give a fuck what their names are, or if they live or die. Fuck 'em all.


What up, my nigga?/!!!!
Nov 30, 2018
I lol'd pretty good when I actually watched that sex tape and saw Kim sucking and taking that black cock.

I used to get really angry about the Kardashians and Reality TV back in the day but now ever since the rise of Woke and SJWs I wonder why I bothered to care about it at all, it all seems tame now.

Yes, Reality TV is stupid, but it's also a mostly self contained thing that's easy to ignore and doesn't really impact much of anything else, contrast that with SJWism which like a literal virus spreads and infects and tries to seize absolute control of literally everything under the sun.

I'm a gamer and a nerd, reality TV had nothing to do with any of that, but SJWism certainly does.

Of course I do wonder if reality TV was part of a general dumbing down of society that helped lead to the rise of Woke, I guess that's a debate one can have, but reality TV just seems so overshadowed and easily ignored compared with everything else that is going now, 2012 me that used to get so incensed about reality TV literally hadn't seen nothing yet.

Society has always had some level of mindless entertainment. Most people don't take reality tv that seriously. It's just escapist entertainment. Are you dumb because you dedicated your free time to play video games or watching anime as oppose to reading Nietzsche? There's a sweet irony of people deriding others for being interested in the lives of the Kardashians on a website whose origins are the results of people interested in the ongoings of an autistic Sonic fanboy

Pina Colada

Year of the Tiger Bikini
True & Honest Fan
Dec 30, 2014
And nothing of value was lost- I've gotten used to ignoring them for years. Kourtney's alright in my books, though.

Quantum Diabetes

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Dec 26, 2019
What season did they upgrade to the Thighmaster megazord?
I noticed that they weren't using the Lipobeast spanxarmor suits anymore but I had track and field practice and had to quit watching.