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It wouldn’t surprise me if Kelly’s bad mood was due to the series of posts from fatgorlflow, who she follows religiously, where Corissa endorsed Universal Standard - the company that didn’t want Kelly as a model. Kelly had previous written a five paragraph Karen rant where she said they’re not inclusive, they’d better expect actual fats to not buy their products etc., so seeing a fellow HAES advocate gush about their products is just the thing that would make Kelly seethingly bitter, since she is incredibly petty and never forgets any perceived slight against her. Wonder if that’s what the vague posting about advocacy against oppressive systems was about.

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"When you criticize my liberation..."

But you're not liberated, Kelly. None of you internet fatties are, no matter how vociferously you claim otherwise.

You're a prisoner of your fatness. You can barely move, and have no stamina; you have to be hooked to a machine so you don't suffocate in your sleep due to your fatness; you require BG monitoring and regular injections of insulin in order to postpone your inevitable death from a preventable--and manageable--medical condition that is directly linked to your fatness. You're trapped in the medical system, ever-increasingly dependent upon it for the rest of your miserable life, and you're never going to get out.

That's not liberation; that's hell. You are a slave to your fatness, and the physical limits it imposes upon you, but you're so dependent upon your drug of choice (food), and so deep in denial, you call your shackles "liberation." And you expect the rest of us to believe it--LOL, NO. The only "liberation" you will get is in death.

"...I hear your fear and your own desire to be free."

Fatties claiming that those of us who don't buy this "fat liberation" garbage are somehow afraid of it are no different than the bitter, unpleasant, bullying women who claim that men won't date them because they're "intimidated." Nope; in both cases you're delusional assholes who are so far up your own asses there is just no reasoning with you, which is why you keep getting rejected, shunned, and laughed at.


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No! We have seen enough of your naked body!
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This is one of the most single horrifying tweets from her. Due to her exhibitionism, I could definitely see her doing a naked dance in the woods and filming it. It’s already hard enough seeing her naked body as a photo, it would be traumatic to see it in video. It would probably end up like that Two Girls One Cup video, but even grosser.

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Too bad that's not how it works.
It is only taken out of your online account/sent to collections after multiple paper attempts via physical mail to pay your bill.
Considering how the cost of healthcare is such a hot button liberal issue, it’s a little hilarious that Kelly didn’t check her privilege before casually tweeting that she was paying an ER bill... which are the bills that people complain are ruinously expensive. Also, would definitely like to know what Kelly was doing at the ER and how it had nothing to do with her being extremely overweight.

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Posts like this prove Kelly still values conventional attractiveness and her ugliness activism is just her way of trying to pretend she doesn't.

Actually we haven't seen that many n00ds lately, I wonder if she has a cycle.

Also, would definitely like to know what Kelly was doing at the ER and how it had nothing to do with her being extremely overweight.
She's probably tweeted about it somewhere.